How to Anchor Your I AM Presence

How to Anchor Your I AM Presence

Living in the present moment means to live in your heart. One cannot be present when one is run by one’s lower mind, which keeps human beings locked into the 3-D matrix of the ego-mind-prison. Drop and bow your head into your heart and watch the magic happen. A humble heart I AM.

Your heart is the only place of presence, of your I AM presence. Your heart is the universal connector. Time is indeed an illusion. Through presence one becomes boundless, limitless, infinite. In that space, all is possible, this is what is referred to as the 5th dimension, where all possibilities reside.

The heart space is also known as the space of all miracles. As one surrenders one’s mind to the heart space, everything opens and in that openness, that allowing frequency, in that surrender, all comes into soul alignment effortlessly.

In the space of presence there is no effort involved. All is happening in the flow. This is also the space of your soul, your higher self, which are other words to describe the I AM which does not dwell in time.

This is the power of those times on Earth as humanity goes through the Ascension awakening journey, as humanity ascends to the space of the heart, the 4th chakra. When one lives in that space, it automatically balances all other 12 chakras, below and above. Keeping the focus on the heart space is crucial to live a balanced, stable, healthy and grounded life as an ascended human being.

The breath is essential to being in the present. It will automatically bring you here and now.

The Power of Affirmations

Using affirmations will support you in being in the here and now. In a simple breathing exercise, allow yourself to take a deep breath in, holding for a few seconds, mentally saying to yourself, I am here and now or I am grounded in my heart. Feel the energetic shift and all of your energies coming back into your physical body. Anchor through the soles of your feet into the heart of Mother Earth. And there you are here and now. This is such a simple thing to do, yet one often forgets and can always use a kind reminder.

Be in the Present

Another easy tool to use to be in the present is to sit and be in a space of gratitude with your hands over your heart chakra. Having goals and ambition is great yet if one is always running after the next goal, one is missing the point of this human experience which is to enjoy what is. Things can always get better or be improved, yet by being in a space of gratitude for what is and what is already given, one magnetizes more good into one’s life vortex effortlessly. The universe-Creation is vibration. Vibrate gratitude and more good will spin into your vortex. Simple. Try it for yourself.

Follow Your Heart

Following your heart will always have you flowing in the moment and with presence, as the heart knows only the now. Follow your bliss, trust your intuition, do what makes your heart sing, trust and believe in yourself and you will look back at your life saying “Wow, I have had an amazing ride on Earth living in my heart as my soul!”

Trust the Divine Order

Another key is to apply patience and trust the divine timing and order of all things. For those of you who are visionaries you can often see things in the future and become frustrated when your Earth Reality has not caught up to those visions. Patience is essential. All shall come to pass in divine soul timing. Remembering that you might on a soul level be prompted to grow in certain aspect of self and of your Earth life before those visions can manifest. Your whole vibration needs to adjust to that vision of reality so you can actually enjoy that reality. Sometime what we wish for and what we are in truth capable of easily absorbing or experiencing are two different universes. It is very much like a marathon athlete. Before he or she can run to the finish line, training is required and appropriate.

Grounding or Earthing

Grounding or earthing is another tool you can practice daily. This is the tool by excellence as the Ascension Frequencies awaken within more and more humans on Planet Earth Gaia, the Higher Centers can get highly activated and at times over-activated. When we feel jittery, like wanting to jump up and down and not being able to sit in place. Simply sit on Mother Earth Gaia, breathing long and deep or lay on her body and surrender. Allow her energy field to balance you and transmute any lower energies through her unconditional love that is not of your I AM presence, your true Self.

Energy is energy, it is neither good or bad, it simply needs to be channeled properly. All is Energy, it is nothing personal. You have been given a human body temple and all the Know-How Teachings are available for All now. Know Thyself!

Listen to Your Intuition

Remember that your intuitive apparatus, your inner compass and knowing, is the greatest tool to navigate this Earth reality space-time-continuum. Learn to pay attention to the way you feel. Ask your body what it needs to feel balanced and anchored. It will always respond to you through hunches, sudden desires (certain foods or activities), synchronicities or divine messages through others and 3-D reality. Pay attention. Listen.

Know Thyself

This is when one goes deeper and deeper into self-mastery, into knowing thyself. The power of listening. The soul whispers and can only be heard within the space of inner silence, the space of the open heart. Through silent meditation practice, contemplation into places of nature where one can easily let go of Earth reality yet tune into higher and deeper dimensions within. Along the path one will be able to achieve this state of presence and deep listening whilst remaining fully present and embodied within one physical body temple. It is simply practice.

Try anchoring your energy by visualizing roots, golden roots coming from the root chakra going through the legs and soles of the feet, tapping and merging into the crystalline structure of Mother Earth Gaia and reaching to her Emerald heart, feeling anchored and grounded.

Another easy visualization to root yourself is to visualize your root chakra shining a bright Ruby Red. Your root chakra is your home chakra. Eating root chakra healing foods can also help you feel grounded and at home in your body.

Cold Water Anchoring

Putting cold water over your feet, ankles, wrists, top of your head and ears will also help you be present and anchored in your body. After meditation or any astral travel always make sure you come back to your home station – your body. The purpose of opening up the higher centers is to liberate you, yes, and to anchor those higher frequencies of love and light on Earth Gaia. Stay present and remain sovereign of your body-temple.

Remember the power of visualization. You are in command of your inner computer. As one walks the path of self-mastery and enlightenment, one simply remembers how to manage one’s energy. This is what it is about. Tuning out of the 3-D chaos-drama to only see-hear-feel the symphony of Souls dancing in divine order on the spiral of Eternity as one. And so be it!

Sacrifice as a Catalyst for Rebirth and Bliss in Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey

Sacrifice as a Catalyst for Rebirth and Bliss in Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey

Joseph Campbell is one of the most influential writers, philosophers, and professors in history. His work on mythology has taken native stories beyond their face value and deep into the human psyche, where they resonate with the core of who we are. 

Campbell’s life’s work brought countless people across the world in touch with the collective unconscious that underlies our every thought and motivates us to seek happiness. His phrase “follow your bliss” is now a household prompt, thanks to a series of interviews with celebrated journalist Bill Moyers in the early ‘90s. Gaia members can now experience this timeless discussion, listening to episodes discussing “The Hero’s Adventure”, “Sacrifice and Bliss”, and more.

Campbell’s teachings applied the lessons of heroes and metaphors of mythology to our own lives. “A myth is not a lie,” he famously said, despite this commonly misused definition. Rather, a myth is a story meant to turn the mind inward to reflect upon itself and reveal the essential truths of reality and our relationship to the transcendent. 

As Campbell explains in his series of interviews with Moyers, myth is often constructed as a hero’s journey — a pivotal course of events that slowly test the story’s protagonist and push them to the next step of unfoldment — toward transcendence. Each obstacle the hero experiences is a reflection of himself, as he is moved one step closer to sacrifice the egoic sense of self to the greater good, which is total consciousness.

When we study mythology, Campbell taught, we find the theme of sacrifice to be all-important. We must let go in order to receive what is already present. Campbell said, “A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.” The hero sacrifices his lower nature for his higher nature, and his safety for the one he rescues, or perhaps an object of desire for a noble cause. 

Campbell taught that sacrifice is a theme that runs through all things natural — death (the sacrifice of a living being) gives way to new life in an ever-continuing cycle. But death is often metaphorical and may be the death of a habit, a pattern of thinking, or an attachment to something. Or, he said, “When you make the sacrifice in marriage, you’re sacrificing not to each other but to unity in a relationship.”

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