Researchers Find Gut Microbiota and Mental Health Connection

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Groundbreaking new studies are revealing the connection between gut health and mental health.

Researchers have known about the connection between the bacteria that live in your gut and the brain for some time, but when it comes to how closely they’re connected science has just scratched the surface. Now in a systematic analysis published in the journal Clinical Psychology Review researchers looked at 26 studies that assessed the role gut biology plays in anxiety and depression.

The findings showed people with anxiety and depression had different levels and types of microbes in their gut, compared to people without anxiety and depression. The digestive tract of people with anxiety and depression contained more pro-inflammatory bacteria species and had less of the type of bacteria that help regulate the central nervous system.

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The Fountain of Youth May Be Found in This Anti-Aging Modality

As the saying goes, you’re only as young as you feel. Especially for our culture, which is obsessed with staying, or appearing younger than what the biological clock reads. From commercials featuring millennials seeking wrinkle-erasing injections, to the variety of diets, exercise fads, healthy food trends, and more, the reality is that most people face the prospect of aging with a sense of trepidation, if not outright dread.

But what if there were already anti-aging drugs and therapies in existence that could reverse one’s biological age? What if we could, in reality, drink from the fountain of youth? 

Much of the human body has the innate ability to regenerate, from hair follicles, nails, skin, bones, red blood cells, as well as organs such as the liver. There’s even proof that our brain cells have an elastic capacity otherwise known as neuroplasticity, which allows for a restructuring of neural pathways and cellular activity.

But does our body’s natural ability to rejuvenate extend to those cells which have a hand in longevity, and in aging in the healthiest fashion? According to research, the answer that is emerging is yes, with a degree of medical intervention, our bodies can reverse many of the signs and diseases associated with aging.

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