This 5-Step Method Allows You to Channel Healing Energy

This 5-Step Method Allows You to Channel Healing Energy

There are many named healing modalities, and by all means, use any that works for you. However, healing in its purest form has no name. Healing is a process of clarity, connection, and commitment.

Let’s unpack the 5 steps for channeling organic healing. 

  1. Harness your strongest intuitive lens
  2. Engage mindful intention
  3. Activate your energy field
  4. Locate the purest source of healing energy
  5. Saturate the location(s)

Harness Your Strongest Intuitive Lens

Seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing, olfactory, or gustatory? Clarity comes from knowing yourself and understanding the manner in which your intuitive system and mind operate. Recall the last time you engaged your intuitive system. How did the information come to you? Your mind’s eye, your body, a voice arising on either side of your head; or rising upward from your belly and chest area?  When you use your strongest intuitive pipeline, you’ll eventually develop all of your intuitive skills and lenses.

Engage Mindful Intentions

Now that you’re clear on how information comes to you, it’s time to clarify your intention. What needs healing — your emotions, your body, or a situation in life? Go inward and ask, “What part of me needs healing attention right now? Pay attention to the message that first comes to you, even if it’s not what you originally thought. Your body and Spirit have a different dimensional scope than your thinking brain.  Trust the process and sequence.

Activate Your Energy Field

Now, let’s get your energy field moving by gently creating an ebb and flow. The practice below will undulate your energy field, releasing and reabsorbing clarified energy. This practice engages your nervous system and establishes a necessary connection between your nervous system and your energy field, preparing your system for a solid healing connection.

Locate the Purest Form of Healing Energy

Whatever the healing source with which you connect, there must be a strong belief in it. If you often connect with spiritual guides or angels, remember they are part of the highest source as are you. Go to a higher Source.

Connect with your most trusted sense of a Godly, grace-filled source and merge with this source and living substance. Allow this source, light, and essence to move into your field. Feel the connection and the saturation of that which is most sacred to you.

Energy Release and Absorb Practice:

You can work with this practice while standing, sitting, or lying down:

  • To begin, breathe in and out. Relax and soften your mind.
  • Place your hands, one on either side of your ears, palms facing toward your ears about 4 inches away.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Slowly move your hands straight out to the side away from your ears.
  • Then move them back toward your ears to at least 1-2 inches away from your ears.
  • Repeat, moving your hands outward, then bringing them back in toward your ears.
  • Moving away from… releasing.
  • Moving toward… absorbing.

Find your own rhythm, balancing your breath and hand movements. Trust what you feel.

I encourage you to also practice this movement in front of your eyes:

  • Hold your palms in front of your eyes, 3-4 inches away. Your fingertips point toward each other, but don’t touch.
  • Slowly move your hands and arms out in front of your eyes, then gently move them to the side, as if you’re playing a slow, graceful peek-a-boo.
  • Slowly move your arms and hands back toward your closed eyes, palms facing toward your eyes, pausing 1-2 inches in front of your eyes.
  • Open your arms again away from your eyes and back again toward them. Release … absorb. Repeat as needed.

Try this practice in front of your chest, belly, and lower abdominal area. 

Saturate the Location(s)

You already know what part of your or your life needs healing. Let the connection you’ve made with Source continue now to saturate your body, mind, your field, or any specific location within your physical body or life. Feel, see, hear, and know this powerful healing essence flowing into your cells, your broken heart, and your work or home life issues. If you feel others coming around you, those who love you and walk with you in Spirit, try not to get distracted. Stay focused on the Source energy and the healing connection you’re channeling into your body and being. Hold the intention you’ve commanded and now clearly hold. 

Be healed now. 

When you feel complete, and if you haven’t already fallen asleep, give thanks and see yourself as healed and whole. Rest for a bit or get some fresh air in a quiet environment. Gently move back into your life.

May you be healed in all ways.

How to Activate Your DNA and Unlock Dormant Potential

How to Activate Your DNA and Unlock Dormant Potential

Have you ever felt as if you’re not living up to your full potential? Or have you felt that brief flash of genius you know is lying dormant within but don’t know how to access it regularly? Of course, you have. It’s something we’re all familiar with and likely experience on a regular basis. And according to the theory of DNA activation, there are ways to clear these energetic blockages and access your true potential.

The double helix DNA structure most of us are familiar with is encoded with copious amounts of information. In fact, DNA can be used to store more data than any artificial medium – so much so that all the data ever recorded by humans could fit into a container the size and weight of a few pickup trucks.

Though our DNA contains such large amounts of data, the vast majority of it is considered extraneous by geneticists who regularly study it. Some refer to this 97 percent of DNA as non-functioning or “junk DNA.”

What if this data isn’t junk but actually encoded with information whose function has yet to be discovered? And what if there are more than two strands of DNA, but instead, up to 12 potential strands lying dormant in a subtle energy spectrum? Wouldn’t you want to activate them?

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