3 Benefits of Slowing Down

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Taking things slow does not come naturally to me. I am one of those people who is constantly multi-tasking; usually in the process of reading three to five books at a time, and can often be found on the phone, while blogging, baking, and getting ready for the gym. Sound familiar?

1. Slow Down and Connect to Strength

Over the last little while, I have really made a point to take things slow…er, and it has changed my life. I have been starting with simple things like my abs routine. Have you ever tried to do 20 very, very slow v-ups? Let me tell you, it gives a whole new meaning to core strength, but what is incredible about it is that I actually feel every muscle, and am learning to work through the discomfort as opposed to rushing through it, jaw clenched and only partially strengthening my core muscles.

2. Slow Down and Find Focus

Another area of my life that I have been taking slowly, is accomplishing tasks in the day. Rather than accomplishing fifty things partially spirited, I am focusing on one, two, or ten really key things, and bringing my all to them. Since I started this practice, I have noticed the quality of my work has improved tenfold, and I feel much more confident about what I am sharing energetically with the world.

3. Slow Down and Create Tranquility

More recently, I have been enjoying the art of spiritual bathing. Bathing is amazing, and I always admire people who take the time to soak in the tub. My best friend turned me onto spiritual bathing and it has helped me fall deeper in love with my spirit. My spiritual baths consist of putting things like tea bags, clay, seaweed, lavender, flower petals, crystal salt and even rocks in my bath, as well as some scented essential oils. This ritual – which I try to talk myself out of to save time – always brings me right to my center of peace and tranquility, so I have made it a necessary part of my day.

So, for those of you who are working toward self-love, compassion, tolerance, acceptance and true strength, perhaps taking things a little slower may be just what your intuition has been asking for.

How to Heal From Directed Attention Fatigue; Go Into Nature

focused attention fatigue

Our brains are overworked and overtired. We spend all day working and with technology at our fingertips, we never give our brains a break from directed intense focus. This can lead to attention fatigue, and it may be damaging your mental and physical health. But there may be an easy solution right outside your door.

When it comes to our brains there are different types of attention. Remember the last time you concentrated on a singular task, like taking a test or working on a complicated project? After a certain amount of time in that highly concentrated state, people often describe themselves as brain tired or even brain dead.

Our minds are like muscles, they can get overworked when concentrating for too long. This can lead to stress, weight gain, burnout, and anxiety. The good news is our brains can disconnect and recharge.

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