Sanskrit Purnam-Perfection


Purnam means perfection, wholeness and fullness; the full moon is called Purnima. Purnam is the unchanging perfection of the source of our life, the essence of our existence and the purity of our clear awareness. Purnam is always present in us, just as the moon is always fully present even though it appears to change. Our daily experiences are in continual change and flux, but the perfection of our being remains forever constant.

Awareness of our own perfection can be remembered during meditation when we rest in the awareness of our essence that never changes. Simply sit with your eyes closed, and watch. You will notice a variety of sense experiences and thoughts come and go in your mind. Keep your attention on the space between these thoughts where your mind is still and clear. This space is your own unchanging and perfect being.


Padma (Marla Stewart)

Padma guides people to find freedom from stress, confusion, and pain. Padma is known as one of Canada’s most respected teachers and is highly regarded for her extensive studies and vast knowledge of meditation and classical yogic studies, working with intelligent individuals in an evolving society.
Padma, Marla Stewart B.Sc., holds a science degree from McGill University, Canada. Certified to teach Advanced Studies and Meditation, Yogic Sciences and Hatha Yoga (1000-hour level) by the International Meditation Institute of India, she is a unique female educator specializing in a holistic, supportive, and feminine approach to mental, physical, and spiritual wellness.
Padma practiced and researched advanced meditation in the western Himalayas of India for a decade, where she learned to read and master original Sanskrit texts. Padma lived independently, meditating up to six hours a day, and learning the subtle arts of yoga. Padma’s lifestyle in the Himalayas was rustic and minimal. Her daily life included basic tasks such as boiling and filtering drinking water. She cooked and lived with no electric appliances, modern conveniences, or hot running water. She spent the years in meditation and study. Padma continues to return to India for meditation retreats.
Padma has hosted, written, and co-produced two nationally syndicated television series: “Padma Yoga: The Elemental Series” and “Living Yoga with Padma”. She has produced two educational DVDs and hosted a 12-part series on CBC radio. Her guided meditation recordings are heard on Air Canada flights. Padma is often featured in the national media, such as on the television series ‘Remedy Me’ and in Chatelaine magazine, December, 2009.
Padma owned and ran the Padma Yoga and Meditation Center in Vancouver, B.C., in 2002. Padma has taught yoga and meditation to professionals, government agencies, and major Hollywood celebrities.
Her western science and philosophical studies inform and expand her exceptional education in eastern practices. She is a unique bridge between the two worlds of wisdom and speaks with eloquence of their oneness.
Padma Meditation Teacher Training 108-hour Program will once again be offered in Vancouver this autumn. Workshops run from September 21 to November 23. Register early to reserve your place. Be one of Canada’s first certified meditation teachers!  See
Facebook: Padma Yoga TV
Twitter: @PadmaYogaTV


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