Take Back Your Life: 3 Ways to Create a Path with Passion


It’s been almost 10 years since my toes first stepped on a yoga mat. These toes are dramatically different than they were almost a decade ago. Well, I guess my toes may be the same, but I don’t think much else is. My mind, body and soul have been forever changed by the detours that yoga encouraged me to take.

When I finished college, I swore I was going to be a lawyer who wore fancy suits and changed the world with her ambition and power of persuasion. When I ended up as a higher education executive with a master’s degree in business, I swore I was going to help thousands of young adults discover their path and passion in life. When I left higher education, I thought I was going to run an independent marketing firm that focused on small business rebranding forever!

I NEVER thought I was going to be a yoga teacher. Those first steps on my yoga mat were out of desperation to heal me mentally and physically from the abuse I bestowed upon myself while working full-time and completing my MBA. I was searching for a change. I not only needed a change, I needed a new path: a path filled with life, love and passion!

So, how did I – and how can you – create a path with passion?

Tune in: Get on your mat and move Shortly after starting yoga, I dove in deep. I practiced every day and within two years, I completed a teacher-training program to gain more knowledge, not to actually teach. Yoga changed this type-A personality with a drive to strive that would not be stopped by physical or mental fatigue. I was so unaware of who I was or what I wanted that I created goals that had no soul. Then, I woke up: yoga helped me tune out the world and begin to tune into my passions.

Create goals with soul I was teaching yoga part-time while running my marketing firm and requests to teach kept piling in. As I would write newsletters for engineering firms and set up online data management programs, I slowly felt my soul collapsing again. However, this time I was armed with my yoga wisdom that encouraged me to self-reflect. I began to realize that while teaching yoga, I felt alive and in love with life. I realized that my detours brought me to a location I needed, not the location I originally desired.

Create a list goals that make you feel alive and in love with life. These goals are not about taking the steps you feel you should take; they are goals that make you feel energized and excited about the future.

Envision a path with passion Incorporate a morning meditation practice into your daily schedule where you visualize a healthy and happy future. See your path and see yourself on it. Know that your path is not unobtainable and you will get there.

I no longer dream of a position or status I want to obtain, but rather I envision a future filled with teaching yoga classes and retreats all over the world. My vision is now filled with life, energy and love. I wake up excited to live in this moment and let passion create my path.


Laurel Attanasio

Laurel Attanasio is filled with light, love and contagious energy. Through her fun-filled flow classes you will strengthen, lengthen and cleanse your body. She loves motivating her students to breathe fully, work harder and then relax completely. Laurel Attanasio is certified as a 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher, a Mat Pilates Teacher and a SUP Yoga Teacher. You will find her teaching classes locally in her hometown of Bethlehem, PA and workshops and retreats throughout the globe. To learn more about Laurel and where she is going, visit www.laurelattanasio.com.


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