Take Back Your Life: 3 Ways to Create a Path with Passion

It's been almost 10 years since my toes first stepped on a yoga mat. These toes are dramatically different than they were almost a decade ago. Well, I guess my toes may be the same, but I don't think much else is. My mind, body and soul have been forever changed by the detours that yoga encouraged me to take. When I finished college, I swore I was going to be a lawyer who wore fancy suits and changed the world with her ambition and power of persuasion. When I ended up as a higher education executive with a master’s degree in business, I swore I was going to help thousands of young adults discover their path and passion in life. When I left higher education, I thought I was going to run an independent marketing firm that focused on small business rebranding forever! I NEVER thought I was going to be a yoga teacher. Those first steps on my yoga mat were out of desperation to heal me mentally and physically from the abuse I bestowed upon myself while working full-time and completing my MBA. I was searching for a change. I not only needed a change, I needed a new path: a path filled with life, love and passion! So, how did I - and how can you - create a path with passion? Tune in: Get on your mat and move Shortly after starting yoga, I dove in deep. I practiced every day and within two years, I completed a teacher-training program to gain more knowledge, not to actually teach. Yoga changed this type-A personality with a drive to strive that would not be stopped by physical or mental fatigue. I was so unaware of who I was or what I wanted that I created goals that had no soul. Then, I woke up: yoga helped me tune out the world and begin to tune into my passions. Create goals with soul I was teaching yoga part-time while running my marketing firm and requests to teach kept piling in. As I would write newsletters for engineering firms and set up online data management programs, I slowly felt my soul collapsing again. However, this time I was armed with my yoga wisdom that encouraged me to self-reflect. I began to realize that while teaching yoga, I felt alive and in love with life. I realized that my detours brought me to a location I needed, not the location I originally desired. Create a list goals that make you feel alive and in love with life. These goals are not about taking the steps you feel you should take; they are goals that make you feel energized and excited about the future. Envision a path with passion Incorporate a morning meditation practice into your daily schedule where you visualize a healthy and happy future. See your path and see yourself on it. Know that your path is not unobtainable and you will get there.
I no longer dream of a position or status I want to obtain, but rather I envision a future filled with teaching yoga classes and retreats all over the world. My vision is now filled with life, energy and love. I wake up excited to live in this moment and let passion create my path.

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