What is the Cabal and How to Free Yourself for Full Ascension

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Sometimes called the Illuminati, the New World Order or even the Global Elite, “cabal” refers to secret factions working inside our governments with an agenda for world domination. To become aware of their entrainment, we must empower ourselves with awareness free from their crafted agendas.

As conscious beings who can see what is happening in the world around us, we are in place to call out and disempower their secrecy. And the best news buttercup, they don’t win! There is nothing to fear.

Truth will be our greatest boon. Cosmic order will prevail and we will achieve the ascension that has been 25,000 years in the making.


Secrecy needs darkness to survive. We may have heard the name, but what is the Cabal? If we’re unaware of their existence, we are powerless against their manipulation.

Secret societies are nothing new. From the Illuminati to the Free Masons, they have thrived behind closed doors, teaching countless generations beliefs and knowledge. Secrecy and power are their currency. Like the Hydra, they have many heads, many names, all with the same belief that power and domination is the role of the select few.


I call them agenda seekers. While most of us seek harmony, prosperity, love and stability, the Cabal instead desire to create a society of fear, weakness and hatred.

They have ensured the dumbing down of humanity through the media, schools that raise sheep rather than freethinkers, blocking access to our higher spiritual centers, and making us sick with processed food and pharmaceuticals. This may sound extreme, but it is well documented in Foster Gamble and the Thrive Movement.

They manipulate us and use our own creative capacity to control our thoughts, fears and reactions. When we take responsibility for ourselves, and look within we can take gain self-sovereignty.


The horrors of 9/11 shook our country, making us aware that we are not as safe as we had imagined. Analysis and documentation suggest that this wasn’t an act of terror, but instead a provocation of war executed by our own government. It was the most obvious false flag event in which their expected and desired outcome was their most fateful blunder.

Mark Passio did an illuminating video on the truth behind the Twin Towers. He claims:

“Ritualistically, symbolically [they] were destroying the sacred Feminine, were destroying care, were destroying Conscience, were destroying consciousness, were destroying truth.”

In their aim to annihilate truth, they actually kick started their own demise. But rather than concealing truth, it unveiled it. We saw, for the first time, an enemy from within. 9/11 marks the original catalyst for disclosure.


They want us to believe we are powerless, but our true potential within is greater than any external force, coercion or manipulation. They mold our realities with careful planning to anticipate our every fear, doubt, action and reaction.

When we remember our innate co-creative capacities, we remember that we are unstoppable! We are among the greatest superpowers in all the galaxies – a mix of sundry star codes and endless potential never before seen in the cosmos. Our magnificent potential is so vast even the galactics are in awe of what we may become. If we were to remember this, we would immediately be able to cease their nefarious agenda.

Their efforts must match our potential so they incessantly pump more – more tragedy, more fear, more devastation, more pollution, more debt, more programming.


The Cabal have orchestrated their efforts through various arms working to assure we do not become aware of our true mastery.

  1. MEDIA

The most insidious activity is covert media programming. From cartoons to pop music and even news and mainstream television, a fear agenda permeates all. This subconscious programming entrains us to be fearful, stressed, and sick.

Hollywood’s creative efforts often fit into a precise formulaic scripts Blockbuster movies are in place to program our reactions so that when a cataclysmic event does occur, they can predict our responses.


Genetically modified foods, sugar, and chemicals rather than living foods are all part of a long term plan to weaken and sicken us.

In adding fluoride to the drinking water, we are unknowingly pumped with chemicals which ensure we cannot reach the states of spiritual expansion. Fluoride blocks the pineal gland chakra (center of psychic vision) and inhibits the opening of our higher spiritual functions.


Mainstream education system does not encourage free thinking, instead creating followers. Children who do not comply in sitting quietly in their seats they are placed on drugs at a young age.

More damaging still is the fact that modern education is a complex brain washing system designed to teach the version of the world they want us to believe is real. William Tompkins, a former Naval insider, boldly states:

“Every school on the planet has been given lies. All education has been given lies about astronomy, mathematics, technical capabilities, [and] history.”

When we are falsely taught what the world is, we cannot see beyond the scope of what we have been programmed to believe.


The government uses scientific innovation, financed by the Cabal, as a means of power. When we recognize that every technological advance made in the last century is destructive to the environment, and disrupts the harmony of the natural world, we begin to glimpse their reaching of their control.

Nicola Tesla created brilliant inventions which would grant us all true freedom. His vision was so far reaching he created technologies that would connect and empower the world. His ideas posed a huge threat to the ways the Cabal maintain wealth and control.

Suppression of patents and great thinkers who create technologies to better our world are notoriously squashed so we are crippled in our ability to thrive and grow. If they control science and technology, they proliferate their agenda to suppress freedom of thought and spirit.


The Cabal has created an exploited society living in debt and forced to work jobs that drain our life force. We become slaves to the money (or lack thereof) and must rely on the establishment to save us in the form of loans, credit cards and fees. While the global elite amass larger amounts of wealth, the middle class is buried in greater debt to simply survive.


Religion is blocking our path to God while Science is closing our minds.

Belief systems limit our access to spirit and truth. Through science and religion, the cabal crafted a lens with which we view the world. This ensures we do not go beyond the current limitations of perception.

The main way they control us is by controlling our co-creative ability. They control our power of creative thinking, dreaming, and manifesting, diluting our ability to trust and know ourselves. In doing so they have made us believe we are not in control of our reality.

When we recognize that everything we think and feel is a cabal program, we lift the veil to take actions to awaken and restore our innate powers.

There will inevitably be a fall as darkness always gives way for more light. The wise Maynard James Keenan recently noted, the US is long overdue for a fall. We have been cradled in a bubble of lies and false security. For change to come, we will have to face the deceit we have been spoon-fed since birth. Stand with hearts alight to finally radiate in our truth harnessing the power within that has been awaiting ignition. Stay focused on the wonder, beauty and bliss. Through this remembrance, the light of our truth knows no bounds.


The dark forces fear the light… Terrified of us remembering our true power as humans. To stop us from becoming these magnificent forces of light as is our birthright, sundry agendas are in place to make us believe we are small and powerless.

Your power is to vibrate differently from them, to respond differently than they have programmed you. In the end they cannot do anything. Aubrey Marcus founder of Black Swan Yoga reminds us that those in power are weak, they only seek to maintain their position and will follow wherever the masses go to keep their status. This is important to remember of the Cabal. While they have an ultimate aim, they are fearful and only seek to stay in control.

When we can no longer trust the media, the government, the businesses and the religions, there is no place left to turn but within. Here we will find the greatest storehouse of our light.

We are the light. The frequencies of the heart are among the most powerful on the planet. The documented work of Heart Math Institute has illuminated the possibilities that exist within each of us to become forces of change.

Rather than waiting for the world to collapse:

We cannot fail and the more momentum we gain, the closer our ultimate destiny as living gods, co-creators of this world, becomes.

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