Explore practices specific to summer, fall, winter, spring, and the transitions in between. Depending on where you are in the world, the four seasons can look and feel very different. Yoga and meditation practices curated for these different phases of the year can help you feel more connected to the natural ebb and flow of time, no matter where you are. Gaia has a variety of online yoga classes themed around the seasons and seasonal transitions. For summertime practices, yoga and meditation classes use postures and breathwork (pranayama) to balance out heat and humidity often associated with this time of year. During fall, considered a time of harvest, transition, and even grief, Gaia's online yoga classes help to integrate these themes into all styles of yoga and meditation practices. Winter season is known for cold weather and sensitive immune systems - come to Gaia to practice online yoga and meditation classes that generate heat and introspective classes that match the natural inclination to hibernate during winter months. Spring classes are all about renewal, planting seeds for the future, and shedding off what no longer serves us. There is a perfect online yoga and meditation practice for you at Gaia, no matter what season you are in, or where in the world you may be.

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