Wisdom Teachings
Season 13 . 17 Episodes

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series.

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S13:Ep1, The Octahedral Universe (Preview)
Episode 1
33 mins
As astrophysicists explore ever deeper into the cosmos, our vantage point from Earth provides us with a god's-eye view of the universe. With this view, we find formations along macro-scale geometric structure within an octahedral universe.
Episode 2
31 mins
We have seen that certain frequencies of sound move dust particles, suspended in a fluid, into geometric patterns. Interestingly enough, the universe moves super galaxies and nebulas in a very similar way. And we look to similar patterns formed in many crop circles.
Episode 3
29 mins
Our exploration into the geometry of the universe provides us with elegant answers which tie together the geometry of the alignment of super galaxies with their shapes. We are starting to see the same geometric patterns recurring within the very shapes of nebulas and galaxies as fractal iterations.
Episode 4
32 mins
It is a common belief that galaxies spin and form perfect spirals with their arms full of stars. But as you will soon see, as we examine the shapes of many galaxies, there is a pattern of straight-line geometry which governs their ongoing formations.
Episode 5
31 mins
By studying the works of Sir Edwin Hubble, Henrietta Swan Leavitt and Ejnar Hertzsprung, we begin to unravel the mysteries of how cosmic distances are calculated by astrophysicists. Their works are revealing, but somewhat flawed as they are missing an important part of the big picture.
Episode 6
30 mins
We go even deeper into the scientific theories of redshift and how it denotes apparent velocities of galaxies and other distant celestial objects. Over the years, this theory has become so engrained in modern astronomy that few dare to question it.
Episode 7
30 mins
The analysis peculiar galaxies and their neighboring quasars, by Dr. Halton Arp, brings to light the flaws in using redshift to determine the distance of far-away celestial objects. However, redshift does bring to light the multiple layers of reality in which our universe is built upon.
Episode 8
31 mins
David Wilcock explains how the work of Halton Arp may be central to the future of humanity’s scientific history, if his scientifically heterodox notions are ever accepted. Halton Arp’s life may not be in danger because of his theories, but he may be putting his livelihood in jeopardy.
Episode 9
29 mins
David Wilcock takes us deeper into the universe according to Halton Arp. As we contrast various parts of the standard model of cosmology with Arps models, we glean an insight into the mind of Halton Arp which may change your view of the intricate workings of the cosmos.
Episode 10
31 mins
Our exploration into the controversy of redshift gets even stranger. Dr. William Tifft found that redshift within galaxies and quasars takes on certain discrete values, rather than randomly distributed values as predicted by mainstream science.
Episode 11
30 mins
The work of Dr. William Tifft sent ripples of unrest throughout the astrophysics community, and many scientists banded together to disprove his notorious notions of redshift. They all failed. His discovery of six quantum energy states of redshift are akin to the energies of chakras within galaxies.
Episode 12
33 mins
Once furiously disproved, an old theory is now finding new favor with scientists struggling to explain how the universe really works. Thus the works of Dr. Harold Aspden, who studied a fluid-like substance of space-time known as aether, is once again rising into prominence.
Episode 13
30 mins
In order to understand the aether science of Dr. Harold Aspden, we need to build his model up using his terminology. This lets us peer into the edifice of the aether, which appears to have properties similar to liquid crystals.
Episode 14
30 mins
David Wilcock continues his exploration of Dr. Harold Aspden’s model of aether science, using his terminology. This time, we delve into the ghost world of the aether and uncover an overall definition of the aether.
Episode 15
29 mins
David Wilcock lays out ranges of space domains found throughout a new unified field theory which combines aether science with new theories on redshift. We are finally starting to see how the simple model of cubic aether solves everything in quantum physics.
Episode 16
29 mins
As we continue our exploration into the geometric model of the aether, an ancient symbol found in Alchemy and other mystical traditions becomes apparent: the squared circle. Within these sacred proportions we find the geometric relationship between the Earth and its moon.
Episode 17
46 mins
These secrets of the squared circle were passed on to the ruling elite of ancient civilizations and needed to be been passed down through the ages in plain sight. Thus, we see these divine proportions repeated in Stonehenge, Chartres Cathedral and the dimensions of the paper we use today.