Wisdom Teachings
Season 14 . 6 Episodes

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series.

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S14:Ep1, Viewer Questions: Into the Heart of Wisdom Teachings (Preview)
Episode 1
40 mins
In this special episode of Wisdom Teachings, we take a break from our intensive exploration into the science of galactic geometry to bring you some important questions as posed by viewers. Three lucky guests join David Wilcock, on set, seeking deeper insights into subject matters which lay at the heart of the series.
Episode 2
36 mins
From the infinitesimal proportions of the quantum aether to galactic geometry, the universe is awash with the sacred geometry of the squared circle. This is reflected in cycles of catastrophes and ascension which the ancients passed on through esoteric symbols and architecture.
Episode 3
31 mins
Dr. Harold Aspden predicted it, it is a model in the Law of One, and now mainstream science is starting to see evidence of it – galaxies can spontaneously reproduce themselves. This is only one marvel that results from movement within our geometric universe.
Episode 4
33 mins
The massive effects of the universal geometry we have been studying show the impact of changes at the galactic level. But what about the effects here at home? John Searl’s work makes use of this geometry which could change our future.
Episode 5
38 mins
Once again a lucky selection of viewers joins David Wilcock on set to ply him with probing inquiries to reveal the soul of Wisdom Teachings.
Episode 6
31 mins
Explore the scientific proof of ascension, as seen in the laboratory with Searl Effect generators. Ascension, DNA activation and interplanetary climate change is made possible with nested spheres of energy emanating from the galaxy.