Wisdom Teachings
Season 17 . 19 Episodes

David Wilcock, author of Source Field Investigations, exposes some of the greatest secrets and cover-ups of our time in this eye-opening original series.

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S17:Ep1, Geometric Resonance of DNA (Preview)
Episode 1
31 mins
Space, Time, and DNA are all created by vibrations from the universe. In this first episode of a new season, David Wilcock begins to unfold the theory underlying the most powerfully creative force in the universe: geometric resonance.
Episode 2
40 mins
The geometric code which forms DNA and all of life begins to unfold as David Wilcock reveals a unified geometric theory of biology.
Episode 3
31 mins
Throughout this season, we have come to understand that DNA is a resonance pattern emanating from the geometric nature of our holographic universe. Now, David Wilcock deepens our understanding on the spiritual effects of DNA.
Episode 4
38 mins
Continuing our exploration of geometric genetics, David Wilcock takes us deeper into the energetic nature of physical life.
Episode 5
33 mins
David Wilcock connects the principles of geometric resonance to the formation of amino acids, as put forth by Anri Volokhoksy, who may well be the father of geometric genetics.
Episode 6
34 mins
By examining and cross-referencing the works of multiple scientists, David Wilcock unlocks the process by which frequencies of light can store, transmit and transform DNA.
Episode 7
32 mins
David Wilcock suggests that one-day, intelligent life in our geometric universe could evolve past physical biology to become beings of light.
Episode 8
33 mins
David Wilcock explores the mathematical codes built into the Hebrew alphabet as a way to connect sound and resonance with consciousness and manifestation.
Episode 9
36 mins
The power of thought meets the power of vibration to manifest reality. David Wilcock explores even deeper into the vibrational science of sacred geometric sounds which affect all of life, at the quantum level.
Episode 10
34 mins
A synergy of discoveries concerning scalar waves and genetics paves the way for a new form of science called Wave Genetics. David Wilcock introduces us to this controversial new science, how it can be weaponized and how we can protect ourselves.
Episode 11
37 mins
Our experiences of life are sculpted by what we do and what we think. David Wilcock explains that the quantum energy of life gives us the tools we need to fight a spiritual war that we may not even know is taking place.
Episode 12
35 mins
Within the holographic matrix of our universe we find the harmonic resonant patterns of life which can be used for healing and regrowth of tissue. David Wilcock explains how the burgeoning science of Bioenergetics can lead to practical solutions to many health issues plaguing the populace.
Episode 13
37 mins
If all of life exists as patterns of light within a quantum matrix, then a slight shift in frequency could lead to a genetic transformation of a species. David Wilcock provides us with an updated theory of evolution which makes Darwin’s notions obsolete
Episode 14
36 mins
New discoveries in the field of bioenergetics are kept out of mainstream view simply because the results are considered objectionable to established scientific beliefs. David Wilcock pushes past these objections to bring forward findings from independent scientists concerning the transformative effects of light encoded with DNA resonance.
Episode 15
33 mins
After exploring the unbelievable findings from suppressed sciences, what does all of this mean for human evolution? David Wilcock is in possession of scientific proof that humans are evolving more rapidly than previously thought possible.
Episode 16
34 mins
Scientists who study the evolution of humanity are seeing a stunning rapid evolution in what it means to be human, at the genetic level. David Wilcock examines the fossil remains which suggests that everything we thought we knew about human evolution is about to change.
Episode 17
32 mins
Leading anthropologists have discovered that human life is evolving faster than can be explained. David Wilcock brings forward these findings, which have been extracted from the fossil records to reveal the driving force behind spontaneous evolution.
Episode 18
32 mins
As we have previously explored, changes in the energetic output of our sun is causing drastic changes within our solar system. David Wilcock highlights new data from NASA showing that one of our nearest neighboring stars, Proxima Centauri, has recently experienced a massive solar flash.
Episode 19
35 mins
As evidence mounts that other stars have encountered a dimensional shift, the inevitable transformation of our solar system becomes more apparent. David Wilcock closes this season by revealing the effects the solar flash will have on human evolution.