Baby Steps to Cleansing

These guidelines are safe for nearly everyone at any time.

1)   Phase out non-foods like refined sugar, caffeine and non-prescription drugs.

2)   Support your cleansing process by taking lemon juice and water or unpasteurized  apple cider vinegar and water.

Both of these tonics help to cleanse the liver ( hint: the taste sour stimulates the liver and gallbladder). They also increase digestive fire, maximizing our digestion and therefore absorption of nutrients.

Check out this recipe for tonifying warming and tasty apple cider vinegar tea!

3)   Drink more pure water!

Water transports toxins. Cleansing without adequately hydrating causes toxins to re-circulate. Water comes in many forms- from sipping on herbal teas to enjoying broth soups and eating refreshing vegetables like cucumber and melon, you are contributing to deep hydration. Remember that drinking water, especially ice water with or just before a meal actually extinguishes your digestive fire!

4)   Chew your foods and eat consciously.

Chewing is the only part of digestion that we have direct power to control. Enzymes in the mouth stimulate digestion and break down your food. Relaxing and eating consciously also allow for the body to digest effectively. When we digest effectively, the body has more energy to spend on 'cleaning up', the  natural cleansing cycle.

5)   (steps five and six and seven are to be done together)

Reduce building foods 

6)   Include more cleansing foods

Steps five and six are where you can really customize your cleanse. Starting exactly where you are in your diet, choose congesting/ building foods and replace them with cleansing foods. An example of this is to replace potato chips with snacking on sprouted mung beans or raw veggie sticks.

7)   Eat lighter- don't stuff  yourself! Especially at night.

As a general rule, eat until you are 2/3 full. You will benefit from more sustained energy and smoother digestion.

8)   Light exercise and reduce stress. Rest and relax

Cleansing happens in the body naturally when we are in a relaxed state. Take time to go inward and listen to your body during your cleanse.


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