10 Steps to Starting Your Own Reiki Circle


Got a dream or a passion for Reiki energy healing? We’re so glad to hear you have a kind heart of compassion for others! If you want to take your endeavors to the big leagues, however, you might want to consider starting a Reiki Circle to reach more people. It’s really not that hard or intimidating, once you learn the right steps:

1. Do Your Homework

Learn what a Reiki Circle is: a circle, or share, is a group of Reiki practitioners simultaneously practicing Reiki on a recipient for a set amount of time, usually 15-20 minutes. The recipient then exchanges places with a practitioner until all in the group have received their treatment for a bonding, healing effect for everyone participating. It’s a very loving community act, as it breaks down boundaries in a safe, compassionate manner and allows individuals to help each other.

2. Set the Circle’s Tone

Figure out how you want to facilitate these sessions, such as if you want to give out refreshments like tea or snacks. You also need to decide on music (or no music). Pick your lighting…do you want natural light? Candles? Regular light bulbs? Your goal is to create a safe space for the group healing exploration, no matter where it takes place. Living rooms, furnished basements, community centers, and practitioners’ treatment spaces have all become circles. As you get more people, you can also start a rotating cycle going from home to home. Some recommendations to consider: live music, healing lights, healing pets (make sure no one has allergies), incorporating other healing traditions like Shamanism, crystals, and aromatherapy.

3. Clear the Space

It’s important to keep the energy flowing, and to make the space sacred. Have both rose water and sage to smudge. Rose water is usually not as offensive an aroma as sage and can quickly be sprayed in and around the group. Chimes, bells and ting-shaws (Tibetan cymbals used to mark the beginning/ending of a ritual) are sound instruments that also can be used at the end of each session, to mark the closing as well as to gently cleanse the space.

4. Set Boundaries and Expectations

Setting healthy boundaries for the circle creates optimum healing space. Make sure everyone is aware of what will go on, and what the other healers will perform ahead of time so there aren’t any awkward or uncomfortable surprises on noise level, varied practices, and so forth. You may want to create a guideline, website, or Facebook group so that everyone is on the same page.

5. Let the World Know

There are a lot of ways to get the word out. You can make flyers and put them at the corner metaphysical bookstore or other alternative shops. Send a press release to the local paper and explain your healing intentions. Use Reiki networking Web sites. CraigsList allows you to post events for free. Start a Facebook group and encourage your members to share.

6. Stay in Close Communication

Keep in touch with your members. Email, Facebook, or a physical mailing list works. Make sure there is a place for people to ask their questions and feel like they know what’s going on.

7. Educate the Community

Welcome to the world of self-promotion as a Reiki professional! Facilitating a Reiki circle is an excellent way for you, as a budding practitioner, to build your public relations skills as well. You must organize the event, market it, and then facilitate with grace and ease. Each circle gets easier and easier, but in the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed, so shadow another facilitator for a while. Ask to co-facilitate and get a feel for the flow and for what details they have to keep track of. Take notes! Reiki circles are grass-roots community organizing. But it’s important to keep a regular and posted schedule for your circles. Don’t be afraid to fail, try new things, or make mistakes, but make sure you are as consistent as possible.

8. Take It Global

Start some special events! Hold monthly circles for global healing. Instead of having clients lie on tables, take world events and places and peoples that were in crisis and put them in the center of your circle where you are seated and send healing energy from a distance. You can also coordinate internet events with not only your group, but larger, global groups; for example, a group out of Seattle, Global Earthsend, apparently has over fifty thousand Reiki practitioners connected worldwide via the Internet who send healing energy to a particular part of the world each Friday night. What a great message of community light and love.

9. Understand the Social Significance of Circles

Empathy is a definitive part of a circle. Circles are places of deep healing and self-discovery. They provide a safe environment of support and embrace and love reminiscent of being held by a universal mother. The circle becomes the receptacle for a recipient’s self-discovery and healing: “How do I feel about being held by those I had perceived as strangers? These people are now coming together to help me on my path. They have never met me, and yet they hold me.” Each one in turn receives from the group in an equal balance of giving and receiving. There are no expectations. There are circles being held all over the world, in many different environments. As time goes on, we will see more of them in traditional arenas like hospitals, corporate spaces, and educational institutions because circles do offer an immediate experience of stress-reduction and relaxation.

10. Be Mindful and Aware of Progress

Keep doing your work. Hold a circle. Build your practice. Reiki circles as social healing phenomena are beginning to reach their potential. Continue to watch the world transform through the building of healing community and the sharing of Universal Energy.


Gaia Staff

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