House Hunting for Good Feng Shui

House Hunting for Good Feng Shui

A friend called with a funny feeling. She was inquiring about a home for sale in West Hobart, Tasmania.

This house is affordable and good looking. It also has a beautiful sun room, big fenced yard, a deck off the kitchen, generous floor plan, is parking heaven and close to the local amenities. “So what’s the problem?”, I asked. She said, “I don’t know, it’s just this feeling…”

For the majority of folks feeling is a large part of choosing a place to live. Any real estate agent will tell you if a client doesn’t like “the feeling” of a place there will be no sale. It’s no secret that for exactly this reason — those “feelings” — that staging and interior redesign professionals are in demand, creating favorable first impressions for prospective buyers.

Feeling is also one of the main reasons people maintain their home and business environments with Feng Shui. They are responding to a cue, a feeling, calling them to adjust and receive continuous support from the Earth. For a lot of people the Feng Shui feeling is sort of like a “spidey sense,” a persistent, and indefinable something that guides them to or away from specific locations/buildings with specific Qi and energy potentials.

A person’s feelings, from a biological perspective, are activated by a cascade of complimentary biochemical and bio-electrical processes. But where do Feng Shui feelings come from? Is it possible they are generated by the Earth itself?

EMF is a unique Earth feature and a major source of natural electricity. Not all planets with liquid iron core compositions similar to Earth have magnetic fields. A good example is Venus. Could Venus’ rotation of just 243 days lack enough geo-dynamic force to create a Venusian EMF field?

Other speculations as to the origins of Earth’s EMF are as follows:

-Earth’s expansion, contraction, speed of rotation and orbit around the sun; -Magnetic reconnection between sun and Earth through X-points or electron diffusion regions; -Friction at the Planetary Boundary Layer; –Global atmospheric electricity and geomagnetic storms; -Excess currents of protons in solar wind; -Circulating electrical currents within Earth’s molten core; -Seasonal changes; -Jet streams; and -Equinoxes, solstices and the moon’s magnetic pull.

Any or perhaps even all of these may combine, like the inner workings of a clock, perfectly synced, to create Earth’s magnetic fields.

Here is a link to a powerful 15 second NASA video showing an example of Earth’s magnetic fields:

In ancient times, when terrific EMF activity was located, what happened then? This is pretty darn cool: what happened then was people got the cue! Contemporary research shows us that many of our planet’s most important ancient megalithic sites, revered burial mounds, temples, palaces, mysterious oceans and ancient gathering places such as the Giza Pyramid, Bermuda Triangle, Mohenjo Daro, Bimini road and Ankor Wat, are situated on shared super charged EMF latitudes.

Transcending continents and demonstrating specific organization of a world wide pattern along shared geomagnetic lines, we are offered a tantalizing glimpse into ancient cosmologies and an invisible “net” of inexhaustible energy.

This is an overwhelming indication that humans of yore knew where the power of the land was. They felt it. These folks were acutely aware of their environment, as they lived and died because of it.

Very much aware of where benefit was being reaped, ancient environmental scientists refined their observations into various working systems, tools and eventually “machines” to benefit their tribes or masters. Modern day research proves the ancient calculations correct. These temples, palaces and venerable land sites of antiquity pulse with power, or more accurately, with strong EMF. These locations inspired humans to create at their highest levels, communicating the human condition in sacred universal images and mathematical ratios, in architecture and art and in the more subtle sciences of light and sound.

It is a grave mistake to think of the ancient Feng Shui scientists as anything but extremely advanced scholars. They were charting the skies and land with compasses and ancient calculators while large chunks of the world were still wearing animal skins and running for food. The equivalent of geologists, geometricians, quantum physicists, astronomers, mathematicians and astrologers of their day, Feng Shui masters were groomed and maintained to “massage fate and destiny” for the most important person in their world – the emperor. Failure to do so resulted in a swift and gnarly death extended to the entire family – guilty by DNA. Little to say this was excellent motivation to offer the best guidance to the emperors as possible!

So my Aussie client’s feeling was not so funny after all. In my eyes (and compasses) she was responding appropriately to an age-old calling – the Earth tickling those bio-electrical and environmental EMF “spidey senses” and telling her to pass on the house!

Why? Upon taking compass readings of the house I discovered it is oriented within 1 degree of being in between two different directions. This building has the potential to generate stagnant, confusing, fragmented, chaotic, depressing and unstable Qi patterns. This gal and her growing family will undoubtedly do better in a different home – and she sensed it!

Tarot Popularity Has Increased Significantly Over the Past Year

Tarot Popularity Has Increased Significantly Over the Past Year

Could there be an increase in the use of tarot? If so, what is driving this surge of interest from truth-seekers?

Tarot cards, once believed by some people to be evil or dangerous can now be seen everywhere. Tarot has gone mainstream. Christian Dior offers designs for decor, dinnerware, and fashion, but tarot and oracle decks for divination are the bestsellers. U.S. Game Systems, a leading publisher of tarot cards, tells the Financial Times they’ve had to double their print runs in the past year because they sell out so fast.

It’s not just tarot, the New York Times reports data from Yelp showing searches for “supernatural readings” more than doubled in April. Why are so many people turning to these methods now?

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