5 Crystals For Emotional and Spiritual Support

5 Crystals For Emotional and Spiritual Support

Crystals have been used for centuries to heal, protect and inspire, but they can also bring renewed power to your meditation and yoga practice. Here are five crystals that can help you to calm your mind, feel more energized, and increase your sense of self-worth.

  1. Vitality from Carnelian: When difficult energy drags us down, carnelian can be a wonderful source of support. The stone comes in deep reds, oranges and browns, and fosters the life force in us all. It can also be helpful in healing menstrual and/or sexual difficulties, depression, and lower back problems. Placing carnelian at the end of your yoga mat can support your energy levels during practice. Also, in meditation, you might hold a piece of carnelian at your base chakra and imagine that it is warming your abdomen, spreading its healing warmth.
  2. Protection from Selenite: Selenite is said to carry a very high vibration of healing white light. Thus it is a great bringer of peace during meditation, as well as in troubled times. Selenite can be used to protect against negative energy and unwanted thoughts. In fact, selenite wands are wonderful for demarcating and protecting spiritual space. The crystal can also be used to open the crown chakra and increase our connection to the divine.
  3. Grounding from Petrified Wood: Petrified wood comes from a tree that once fossilized; the marks on the crystal were once part of the growing tree itself. I have received great comfort and grounding from this loving crystal, which provides a sense of warmth and companionship that growing trees can also provide. Petrified wood deepens our spiritual roots, and can thus ground us in terms of posture and emotional stability. In fearful situations, this crystal calms and nurtures. A wonderful stone for those who are working on balance in yoga or seek companionship amidst an emotional storm.
  4. Self-Love from Rose Quartz: This beautiful rose-colored crystal opens the heart so that we can attract and express love more freely, whilst also healing pain from the past. Commonly said to be “the stone of the heart,” you can wear it as a heart-shaped pendant during meditation and affirmations, especially if you intend to heal from grief or heartache. Also, whenever you need to be kind to yourself, carry rose quartz with you as a comforting support.
  5. Enlightenment from Celestite: Celestite is a wonderful stone for clearing the aura and receiving enlightenment. Said to increase our connection with the angels, this crystal can be powerful for visualization and dream recall, as well as creative problem solving. A stone of alignment and balance, it can be of great help when we need to regain clarity and poise. In fact, it can also be used to support our physical balance during yoga practice. I think of celestite—and its cousin, angelite—as a little dose of the heavens.


Pearl Metaphysical Properties: A Hidden Gemstone Guide

Pearl Metaphysical Properties: A Hidden Gemstone Guide

When a pearl is born, it’s the result of irritation to the soft body of its host mollusk. This irritant can be a grain of sand but is most often a parasite. Because of this unique process, pearls are the only jewels created in partnership with living creatures. They never need to be trimmed, cut, cured, or polished. They arrive perfect and ready for enjoyment. Given their illustrious beauty, pearls remain one of Earth’s most treasured gifts.

Pearls are the birthstone for our Gemini and Cancer friends born in June. They come in several shapes: Classic round, irregular Baroque, flattened Button, and Keishi “freeform” pearls. Their colors range from white to gray, and often have overtones that include green, gold, brown, purple, bright yellow, pink, silver, blue, or black, and are sometimes infused with a mystical iridescence. Pearls are quite remarkable. 

The beginnings of these little wonders occur when an oyster, mussel, or clam attempts to soothe the part of its body that was invaded by a bug or granule. It does this by emanating a unique coating layer over the irritated area, known as a nacre. The sea animal will add layer after layer of nacre until a beautiful, glistening pearl is formed. Natural and cultured pearls have similar dances, but for cultured pearls, the irritant (a bead or Mother of Pearl fragment), is surgically implanted in the mollusk. This profound process can occur in saltwater or seawater.

This is why pearls are considered to be the only gems born from a conscious, nurturing process, as their origin is a result of a living-Being choosing to self-nurture. It’s no surprise why pearls have a centuries-long reputation for their healing properties, especially in Asia and India. This might also be why pearls have a long list of metaphysical properties akin to crystals.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Pearls?

Pearls have long been considered beacons of light for those who see the world through spiritual lenses. In Buddhism, Taoism, and Hinduism, the “flaming pearl” celebrates our wisdom and invites awareness of the divine. For healers and shamans, pearls have been known through the ages as conduits for relaxation and helpful for introspection. 

Pearls are known to have alleviated the symptoms related to lung diseases, including asthma, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. For magicians and wizards, pearls are used to negate the effects of poison and attract other-worldly protection. According to ancient and island healers, pearls can stimulate the heart chakra, reduce fevers, eradicate allergies, promote the growth of new cells, and help new mothers relax when giving birth. 

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