The Sixth Key to Ascension: Inner and Outer Worlds Converge

The Sixth Key to Ascension: Inner and Outer Worlds Converge

As you progress upon your ascension, you will begin to notice dramatic changes in your inner world. You will also discover that those changes can have a profound effect upon your outer world as well. Sometimes it can be confusing, and easy to get lost, when what you once knew to be true about reality begins to change right before your eyes.

Through all of this, it is important that your notice that your inner world and outer worlds have always been connected. You are just now becoming aware of that connection. This is because, as you foster your connection with the sacred, that sacredness begins to make its way into every aspect of your being.

When you are ready to bring more of your sacred world into your daily life, there are tools that can you use which will help you to communicate with your sense of the sacred and bring insights from your inner world into an outer world realization.

Divining Inspiration

This is where the tools of divination come into play. Far too often, tarot cards, I Ching and runes are simply used to tell one’s fortune or amuse the curiosity seekers. The three big questions most asked always revolve around health, money and relationships. Divinatory tools certainly can offer you insights to those aspects, but they can offer so much more, as well.

Let’s look at the root word of divination: divine. These tools were originally designed to connect a person in the mundane world with the higher beings of the divine world. They provide a means of communication from the sacred to the every day. You can think of it like a bridge from heaven to earth. Thus divinatory tools can further your connection with the sacred and promote your process of ascension by becoming a source of divine inspiration.

Since the ascension process can be sometimes confusing, learning to use one of these tools can help to bring clarity and assist in your navigation of your ever changing world. Just like spiritual discipline is important to choose only one tool and learn to use it really well. Allow this tool to become integrated with, and augment your spiritual practice.

Sacred Bridges

When you feel that you have an insightful connection with your sacredness, the next step is to build an active connection between your inner and outer worlds. It is active, because you intentionally cause changes in your world that are in alignment with your ascension process. Learning manifestation will allow your sacredness to express itself in all that you do and all that you experience.

There are several proven techniques that you can learn to use to develop your manifestation abilities. The simplest technique is affirmations. The repetition of a positively stated phrase enables your conscious and subconscious mind to shift in a way that your intention is realized in the physical world. The Law of attraction is another process of manifestation that has proven to be quite successful.

In your exploration of manifestation techniques, you may find that certain spiritual traditions already engage in more complicated forms of manifestation. These techniques can include the spells and conjuring practices of indigenous traditions. You may not need to explore the complexity of Hermeticism. However, you may find its structure and knowledge base well worth the effort. Only you can know what is right for you.

As always, explore and experiment until you find a manifestation and divination practice that best suits your spiritual practice and ascension process. When you become proficient, you will discover the intricate connections that you are always forming between your inner and outer worlds. More importantly, your expanding consciousness will help you to guide these experiences in ways that will always be beneficial in promoting your ascension.

Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

The mythologies of disparate cultures describe mystics who contact a divine light being, an avatar or angelic figure, and descend from a pure and perfected realm. These stories also describe representatives of our so-called reality who incarnate in human form and enter human consciousness to lead us back to an illumined realm. 

We may know some of these beings by name, including Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, while others have served humanity discretely and in anonymity. Now, with the expanded awareness provided by quantum physics — and thanks to teachers like William Henry — it is possible to better realign our own sense of existence and return to our rightful place as spiritual beings who have (metaphorically) fallen from grace or forgotten who we are.

William Henry, author, investigative mythologist, and art historian incorporates historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, and archaeological information into theories about the human condition, spirituality, and where we are headed as a species. In “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” and in an episode of his show Ascension Keepers, he posits the idea that we must begin to think like the angels. And one of the capabilities of angels, he says, is teleportation.

Relating his ideas to leading-edge physics, Henry suggests the way back to our spiritual roots is through quantum entanglement. Scientists explain that quantum entanglement describes how multiple particles can be linked together in a way, such that the measurement of one particle’s quantum state determines the possible quantum states of the other particles. This connection does not depend on location of the particles in space.

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