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What Is a Light Body?


The evolution of mankind is progressing more rapidly than at any other time in recorded history. With growing unrest, we look not to the future but to the teachings of the past to bring greater meaning to our human existence. When we dive deeply, we find the forgotten knowledge of the Mystery Schools: legends of people levitating, yogis living hundreds of years and even walking through walls. For each tradition, the teachings of the light body were those skills reserved for the highest initiates, forming the foundations of these god-like feats.

What Is the Light Body?

The term itself can be a bit nebulous, so we’ll put some principles in place to better grasp this big-picture concept.

Put simply, the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to source. If the goal of each soul is to merge with God, then the activation of our light body is what gets us there.

Mystical traditions knew that everything is energy: billions of molecules each acting as their own cosmos. As nothing in this world is just physical, it’s this culmination of constantly moving energy creating matter. Knowing how to use form optimally was the work of the sages, and is now becoming the practices of the awakened collective.

Elements of the Light Body

The human energy field is made up of several layers. The terms etheric body, mental body, astral body and emotional body are all aspects of the light body. Beyond these densities are further ways to activate the higher functions of the light body.

In electrical impulses, energetic bodies beyond the physical can be detected. Aura photos, also known as Kirlian photography, can capture images of these bodies. Shamans and gifted healers regularly work within these fields.


This is an Egyptian term translated as Mer (light) Ka (soul) Ba (body).

It’s known as the chariot of the soul and must be activated to achieve ascension.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has taught this knowledge extensively. Specific breathwork combined with visualization can activate the light body as sacred geometry around the physical body.

Rainbow Body

Once the light body is activated, more sincere practices in absolute love are necessary to elevate the light body to the rainbow body state.

The rainbow body is the result of maintaining a constant frequency of unconditional love.

Having healed every wound, purified every thought and released every judgment, the rainbow body will ignite. It’s an absolute unwavering of this vibration that allows us to achieve ascension.

Both Jesus and Buddha ascended in this form. In their perfection of the human, they became “gods” and showed others the way to accomplish this frequency. The teachings of both masters are instructions illuminating the path for others to follow.

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The Rainbow Body of Light

Ascension and the Light Body

Once the MerKaBa is activated and our highest fields of the light body are achieved, we illuminate the rainbow body through our consistently loving thoughts and sustained ecstatic frequency. With this luminous vibration intact, we’re able to dissolve back into Source, creating any form we wish, thereby achieving immortality as it was promised.

Ascension is our graduation to full cosmic consciousness, the rainbow body is the highest graduation of the light body, and the MerKaBa must first be activated to hold these higher frequencies if we wish to ascend.

Experiencing the Light Body

“If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”

Roald Dahl

Have you ever been around someone who exuded sacred? Amma comes to my mind. As soon as you’re in their presence you feel peaceful, inspired and more fulfilled. Way beyond charisma, this is a direct experience of a highly activated light body.

Being near them is discernible in your own body. I recall being at a couple of events with teachers of such caliber and feeling light-headed, unable to focus on anything. The magnitude of their field influenced my vision, my mind, and my spirit.

In the presence of such beings, we’re being activated ourselves, brought into greater spiritual alignment and being shown we too are capable of such mastery.

To activate a light body is not the work of gurus and masters, it’s a way of being intended for every living being who wishes to pursue it.

The Importance of the Light Body

Beyond the supreme mastery of the physical form, the light body teachings are crucially important at this time for humanity. It’s in this concept we’re reminded we’re more than physical, more than what we think and what we do. We’re extraordinary manifestations of a universe so much bigger than our limited scope can comprehend.

Blessing of Its Suppression

We can conceive how essential this knowledge is to the advancement of humanity and we can also assume why it’s been so hidden from us: to keep us from achieving ascension.

Backing off the powers-that-were blame game, I believe the fact that it’s been kept from us is a great boon. For in its suppression, it retained power. In its preservation, it gave humanity a chance to catch up.

Mass consciousness is clicking in dramatically now, grasping onto ancient teachings and seeking out transparency in all affairs. What once seemed complex is now being illustrated in memes and hashtags. A peek through any social media feed will illuminate a new trend toward reclaiming ancient wisdom. Humanity has evolved and it’s now that we’re able to achieve these teachings with finesse and mastery.

Necessity of Discernment

The teachings of the Mystery Schools were shared with only a select few. Initiations would bring spiritual seekers through these gateways after many years of ritual to prepare the body, mind, and spirit. While the light body teachings would have been present in every tradition, it may take many lifetimes to master. Now, however, even a YouTube search will yield hundreds of techniques.

With such vast resources available, misinformation is rampant. The specifics of the techniques have likewise been muddied. I always seek a direct experience with my guides or turn to trusted teachers. Use your own intuition and discernment when seeking out such guidance. I find the integrity of teachers can vary greatly. I’m supremely vigilant in who I follow and prefer the clear guidance of my own spirit allies and team of Ascended Masters to ensure the teachers’ vibration matches mine.

How to Activate the Light Body

Your light body is a vehicle to assist you in experiencing your God state and it’s the most worthy gift you can give yourself. Don’t beat yourself up: do your best, stay in your truth and heal missteps as they occur. Intention matched with frequency will be the surest path to ascension. Below, I share a few steps for activation:

Raise Your Vibration

Vibration and purity of intention must be in place before undergoing the activations. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Pineal Gland Decalcification

Decalcification of the pineal gland is mandatory for us to achieve higher states of awareness. Fluoride intentionally shuts down the pineal gland, supporting the suppression of its importance. Be conscious of your work to facilitate this healing.


The food we eat carries cellular vibrations and memories. Do you know how was your meal gathered, treated and prepared? While a straight vegetarian diet may be the most optimal, small changes like non-GMO, organic and sustainably raised animal products will go a long way.

Additionally, bless your food. Ask that the vibration match you and serve you exactly where you are now.

Meditation/ Prayer

Every breath is a prayer. Use your thoughts to connect to the universe and give gratitude for everything. Meditation will also bring us into the stillness within, where we can connect with the wisdom of our own hearts.

Music & Sound Frequencies

Sound is the language of the cosmos. The right music, binaural beats, classical music or even heavy metal at the right moment can break up stagnant energy and alleviate any low-vibrational thoughts.


Korean shamans use laughter as their primary healing tool. Anytime we find ourselves in a lower state, depressed, irritated or angry, know your go-to to bring you into giggles. A YouTube video or funny joke will bring you back to higher frequencies.


Time outdoors is the most fundamental ally to change your frequency. Commune with nature to remember the rhythm and timing of the universe which is vastly different than our human drive for instant gratification.

The Sun

The sun has been a boon of humanity in every world culture. Get yourself some Vitamin D to lift any funk and stimulate the pineal gland chakra.

Be Clear

Dishonesty and addiction are detractors from this work. To be pure light in an active light body means holding purity in our thoughts, will, and intention.

Be impeccable with your word and heal what clouds your mind, allowing more light to penetrate.

Light Body Activation Mediation

To prepare, find a comfortable seat without interruption. Breathing normally, direct your mind to “see” the visuals. No need for stress or strain, just give your imagination permission to create this for you.

  • Visualize yourself sitting inside a pyramid with the base resting on your hips and the tip pointing up toward the cosmos. Fill this pyramid with the color of lightning.
  • See the downward-pointing pyramid with the base at your heart and the tip resting in the earth. Fill this pyramid with the color of lightning and breathe normally for a few breaths.
  • When you can feel these two around you, exhale powerfully from your navel, sending out a sphere of golden light to encircle the octahedron.
  • Breathe deeply and allow yourself to experience this field around you.
  • When you can feel all three elements without strain, give them a spin clockwise: the pyramids first, then the sphere surrounding it. You may notice the activation of a higher frequency or a slight shift in physical sensations.

You’ve now activated the living light body and will notice a discernible difference in your body and mind.

The fuel of your light body is love.

Breathe with it, send it to others and direct that love into the internal spaces that need healing and affirmation. Send it to your emotions, your pain, your physical ailments, and organs. This is the breath of life. It loves you and gives you the power to heal yourself.

Stay in this state for as long as you feel comfortable. Allow the MerKaBa to fade when you’re ready to return. This light body is available to support you anytime.

Ecstasy as Our Birthright

The truest vibration of the universe is ecstasy. Though it’s through pain that we experience separation from God, it’s in the triumphant return to him where we grow the most.

We’ve not only been taught that feeling good is bad, but we’ve also been taught to actively block joy. Through the media we watch, the food we eat, the medication we’re thrust, feeling depressed is force-fed to us, and not subliminally. Watch any big pharma commercial to hear blatantly stated, “You don’t feel good and something is wrong with you.”

Maintaining the frequency necessary to achieve ascension is challenging. The light body can stay activated for long periods, getting us closer to ultimate enlightenment, but this final achievement of the rainbow body is intentionally difficult. The good news: there are documented cases in the ancient texts of at least 160,000 souls achieving this feat. If they were able to do it in their day, we are so much closer to the current incarnations of evolved souls on this planet.

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