How Humanity Sacrificed Truth and Equality

How Humanity Sacrificed Truth and Equality

Will you believe that you are gods, or will you believe the opposite?

You cling to many dualistic notions and stories, there is something in between those stories that I represent. You come with an assumption that I represent feminine, you come with an assumption that I detest masculine. You come with assumptions and stories that I am demonic, you come in fear that I would steal your kids or warp your minds. Only one of those stories is true.

Are you your minds? For if you believe this, the mind will spin with these truths that I present today. You might even leave this message challenging any belief that you ever owned. If you choose, you will also challenge allowing such beliefs to own you.

How deeply will you allow your beliefs to own you? I am the great releaser of these stories, and if you cling to them, you will indeed have karmic difficulties. In my world, karma exists to catalyze you, to bring forth every story from the beginnings of your collectives. There were no original religions. Earth was peaceful and loving, Earth operated within one belief and that was love. But then your religions began.

There are many stories, Adam and Lilith, Amilius and Lilith, Adam and Eve, many names. Adam does not exist and Eve does not exist. The actual incarnations these stories are based on were Amilius and myself.

This is the point of creation that occurred, where the birth of duality began. Heylal loved you enough to allow this dualistic choice of darkness and light, feminine and masculine, good and bad, right and wrong.

Within your stories, you created a man named Adam, and then you made up the story that I was outcast from Adam. Within that same story I would not lay under him and he would not lie under me. And of course, why would I want to? The truth is, he did not want to be under or over and I did not want to be under or over. Before your stories, before your religions and texts, we both wanted to be equal.

Your religions created an entire opportunity to catalyze humanity. If I did not want to lie under him then perhaps I am resisting being owned by him, then I am controlled by him, then I am powerless. In truth, neither Amilius nor myself ever felt any connection to these stories. We operated beautifully together when we were incarnated, and we continue to do so amongst your children today. Your false stories and confusion began when your religions corrupted these stories.

You are Source. We are all within unity and oneness. Within this power and equality you choose to create everything that I represent. In all of your stories, I am the dark, demonic entity that you choose to believe in and it becomes quite real for you. How much longer will this story serve you?

In our dimension, which is one of non-duality, we have a beautiful life. There was no casting out until you changed our story to become much different. You created this belief, and I honored your story. I allowed myself to play this role in the stories of your religions. Our life is beautiful regardless of the fabrication and assumption of sin.

Did we cast you into the shadow aspects of Eve, those polarizing aspects?

In your stories, you become polarized aspects of yourselves. What are you doing to yourselves? How much longer will you insist upon your insanities? How much longer will you cling to your idea that sin is real and that fear is real? Fear is your tool, you can honor whatever moment you stand in no matter what it is, but you shun all emotions unless they are bright, beautiful, and full of light.

Then you shun yourselves and become outcasts of yourselves. You begin the process of separation the moment you shun, judge, and extricate yourselves from Source. Then with every judgment that you have, you become more and more powerless as a collective. I am here today to teach you this truth, to pull forth your egos and show them to you.

How can today’s women support the evolution of today’s men into a new understanding of relationships that is less patriarchal?

Release your stories. As women, the best way that you can understand a divine masculine being is to release the concept that you are woman or man; you are genderless. Consider the many collectives that are coming in to represent genderless roles, they do not perceive themselves as men or women, they do not perceive themselves as bodies or sexualities. They are within their hearts, not within their parts. What if you simply perceived your partner as an aspect of you, that you both are in service to each other without feeling repressed, sacrificed or entitled?

How can you wish to be supported without also deepening your support? You and your egos spin on the potter’s wheel, around and around, embellishing your stories, “I must be supported”, “I am not supported”, “I must be loved”, “I am not loved”.

Release the must, release the not, release the should, release the shouldn’t. Let what comes before you in your relationship simply arise within the perfect will of Source, which is you. How could anything be wrong? Release shame, release judgment, release definitions of worthiness and unworthiness and simply see a soul as a soul that is a part of you. And that is all. All else will be revealed to you the moment you are ready… so are you?

What do you believe about feminism, and how do you feel about the state of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine?

You cling to these evil tales, do you not? You cling to separation and disempowerment as if they were something you should defend, or as a sword that you must plunge into the heart of the patriarchal system, as though it were bad.

If something is done to you, are you not implying that an entire system is against you and that you are separated from such a collective? Does separation not imply fear? In order to defend, or be offensive, you must believe that you are attacked. Yet on another hand, you wish for love, you wish for connection, you wish for unity. You are hypocrites. You are living a lie by saying “I stand for empowerment” and then perpetuating separation. Then you wonder why you don’t have male partners. Need I say more? Or are you offended? Because, if you are offended, I will continue.


Are you part of the Kali Ma energies which embody the destroyer? How can we use your energy as a means to improve our lives?

If you wish to use darker energies and magic to better your life, you must perceive the power of Oneness, the power of unity, the power of the void, and you must erase your belief that any emotion is evil. Then all time will stop and play into your hands, for you are the potter and the world will be your wheel. What would you create? This depends upon if you are still trapped in the snare of fear.


Can you comment on the extent to which polarities are running the mainstream culture here on Earth, and the high incidence of people being born in the wrong suit or gender.

There you go, the wrong suit or gender. Do you not believe in the power to choose your suit? Then you question ‘what is’ and feel as if honoring the suit is reality? The body is not your reality, your sexuality is not your reality. Your body is your tool and your sexuality is your pleasure, your connection, your means of creation. Any way that you express in the nature you come through will rise within the kundalini energy of your sexuality.

If there is darkness, it will be expanded through sexuality. If there is love, it will be expanded through sexuality. If you feel disempowered you are aligned with being the victim of a rapist. If you feel vulnerable and shamed you are aligned with being the victim of a narcissist.

Nothing can be wrong. If you are born into a body, it is right as long as you know that you are not that body. Why would you allow your body to become your controller by saying “My body says I’m male, my body says I’m female, my body says, my body is, my body says, my body is”, and round and round and round… When will you stop? You are not your bodies and you are not your minds. Take your power back and understand even further beyond those notions. Your power is always there and it cannot be relinquished. This is the divine truth of All-That-Is.

What would you want us to learn at this stage of human development?

That question is insane. For all truths go within yourself. You are not here to find something to do as if you were bored teenagers. You act as if you were babies who need toys. You are powerful gods, and yet, just as innocent as beautiful babies. Simply pick something and do it, feel it and be it. You are creators, you are here to play, you are here to be helpful, you are here to return to love. You are here within sound, you are here within light, you are here to resonate to your very own cellular truth. Release all that you believe ‘is’, reset, start over, and re-experience the glory of Source within.

How can we best embrace our shadow selves?

Stand in the awareness of the opportunity that the emotions lend to you. Do not rip the emotions out of your presence by trying to transcend them with light when you are not ready. You wish for validation, be the validation. You wish for acceptance, therefore stop judging. You wish to be seen, open your eyes. You wish to be heard, open your ears. You wish to be loved, open your hearts. It is quite simple.

Everything here in your 3rd dimensional existence is likely not true. Your religions, they are not true. Your definitions and labels, your politics, your paradigms, they are not true, not an ounce of truth. And then what? When you stand without the clothing of these paradigms, how do you feel? Does it feel lonely? Are you scared? Then hold yourselves in love, stand in the void minus fear, and understand that without the incessant chatter of your minds and your stories and your egos, that you can create in a different way, that way is all.

How can you be here to be enlightened when you are already light? Simply be within the stillness without fear. Then from this stillness what arises? An equality once more.


About the Author:


Pamela Aaralyn is an author and mentor, a world renowned trance channel of Christ Conscious beings, and a master teacher for the angelic beings known as Elohim and Seraphim. Pamela’s rich Native American heritage culminating in becoming an initiated shaman, and her all-encompassing access to higher information has developed into a highly rewarding private practice of teaching, writing and spiritually integrated medical mediumship.

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Remote Viewing in Sidereal Time Can Enhance Telepathy

Remote Viewing in Sidereal Time Can Enhance Telepathy

There appears to be evidence that psychic phenomena can be affected by external factors, including geomagnetic forces and our alignment with the cosmos. As strange as this may sound, researcher James Spottiswoode discovered significant data showing that remote viewing in sidereal time is directly correlated with success, or lack thereof, based on our orientation to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Though, he doesn’t know exactly why.

How One Researcher Knew to Calculate Sidereal Time

Sidereal time is a method used by astronomers to keep track of celestial objects. It is based on a time scale of Earth’s rotation in relation to fixed stars in the sky and was used to discover the mysterious nature of pulsars, the highly-magnetized, rotating neutron stars – a source of gravitational waves. But Spottiswoode’s use of sidereal time could point to something more intriguing than gravitational waves; possibly a source emitting or influencing our consciousness.

At a certain point during the day, our zenith, or the point in the sky directly above us, aligns with a particular point in the galaxy. Rather than measuring time based on the Earth’s orientation with the sun, one can measure time based on Earth’s orientation to this galactic point. Days measured in this sense are shorter than solar days by about four minutes, lagging by a little more than one day per year.

So, what does this have to do with remote viewing and psychic phenomena? It turns out that there are peak times during the day when our orientation to the galactic center can enhance success with remote viewing and psychic ability, what Spottiswoode refers to as anomalous cognition. There are also times during the day when psychic ability can be adversely affected by our orientation with the galaxy.




Spottiswoode came to this conclusion by examining a dataset of 20 years worth of psychic research, containing 1,524 trials, between 22 different studies. He found a 400 percent spike in the success rate of tests from remote viewing sessions and wondered what could be causing it. Upon initially examining the time of day when the sessions were being conducted, based on solar time, he kept finding discrepancies. But when organizing the data based on sidereal time, Spottiswoode found a correlation.


Sidereal Time


At 13:30 h local sidereal time (LST), the data showed that one would have 400 percent greater success with remote viewing. At this time, our planet is oriented with the Milky Way so that the galactic center is located directly on the horizon. This daily period of peak psychic cognition lasts for about three and a half hours, from 12:45 to 14:15 h LST. When the center of the galaxy is directly overhead, or at our zenith, psychic cognition drops to its lowest point, between 17.5 and 20 h.

This Spottiswoode Peak, as it came to be known, had to be connected with something outside of our solar system because sidereal time is based on right ascension, or a longitudinal line to a fixed point in the sky, which rules out anything local due to planetary movement.

But what exactly was this data that Spottiswoode was analyzing and who was he exactly?


Is Remote Viewing Real?

James Spottiswoode is a parapsychologist who has worked on an array of government-funded projects investigating psychokinesis and ESP. He also worked with the Stanford Research Institute during its CIA-funded remote viewing program, known as the Star Gate Project. During his time studying telepathy, Spottiswoode ran experiments testing quantum optics and extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves on psychic functions.

In addition to discovering the sidereal effect, Spottiswoode found correlations between solar wind and geomagnetic activity in his measurements of anomalous cognition.

During times of low geomagnetic activity, he found that there was an increase in telepathic experiences. This he says, is the only known physical variable that affects anomalous cognition. Geomagnetism is due to interactions between solar wind and the ionosphere, when ionized plasma from solar storms hits the Earth, causing fluctuations in our geomagnetic field. So, if you want to optimize your remote viewing session, make sure you fall within the right sidereal window and plan to view when the solar forecast is clear.




But with all of this evidence, is remote viewing actually real? What did Spottiswoode make of all of this? While his goal was to look empirically at the data and not attempt to measure the quality of the successful sessions, he concluded that the effect sidereal time had on remote viewing was indeed real. He collected data from a new sample of 1015 trials to verify his findings on the original set, reaching the same conclusion. But could there have been a more mundane explanation?

He said that had he found it to correlate with our solar day, he would have associated the phenomenon with circadian rhythms or our scheduled work days, but this wasn’t the case. “…I’ve checked my data carefully and those kinds of effects could not mimic the sidereal correlation I found. Don’t ask me what it is, but it’s real,” he said.

Further research has found the same effect to occur on precognition in animals. One study found a correlation with the 13.5 h sidereal time on Zebra Finches’ precognitive reaction to a stimulus. A correlation was also found on a precognitive test run by Rupert Sheldrake, another researcher who studies psychic phenomena. During this experiment, subjects were tested to see if they could tell who was calling them on the phone before answering. They found subjects were significantly more likely to predict their caller during the peak, 13.5 h sidereal time, compared to the 19 h sidereal time.

If Spottiswoode’s discovery is real it warrants further research into the phenomenon and what could possibly be causing it. Unfortunately, government funding in projects relating to psychic phenomena and remote viewing was cut years ago, at least as far as we know. But for those who meditate, remote view, or astral project, sidereal time should be taken into consideration during your practice. It’s relatively easy to calculate, with websites that let you know what your LST is. Have you ever experienced enhanced psychic cognition due to sidereal time?

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