The Thing That Connects All Things

The Thing That Connects All Things

Our theme — Spirit Science — encompasses a vast field of information. It ranges from plate tectonics to the ancient Vedas. It applies electromagnetics to daily meditation. Spirit Science allows the latest in astrophysics to inform local farming, giving geometric equations to explain ley lines, human ecology and intricate cycles of time in space. This information is fascinating in theory and revolutionary in practice.

Underlying the endless variety of subject matter are the most basic questions asked by human beings: Who am I? Why am I here? What are these substances around me? Why are they here? What is the connection between these substances and myself?

Spirit Science attempts to solve the paradox of how a quantifiable world of distinct physical phenomena relates to the infinite, unified field promised by the world’s great wisdom traditions. If, as is said, all is one, why then is separateness — self and other — the primary defining feature of human experience?

Resolving paradox is a big task. Honestly, we may not cover everything in this article.

However, there is one concept that serves as a universal translator, elegantly connecting micro to macro, inner to outer. The infinitely simple structure of a torus shows the shape and motion of everything from atoms to galaxies.

The Torus as a Universal Translator

Click here for an example of a torus in motion.

It is said tori come in pairs, each fluxing in the opposite direction. To describe their dynamics: a column spirals up (or down) the center in accordance with the phi ratio. At its nadir, this column spills out and down (or up) back into the spin horizon to be swirled into the center again.

Based on tori, we can extrapolate our understanding of gross elemental interactions such as convection currents — magma, cyclones, and hurricanes — to better understand subtle, unseen realities that remain mysterious to most of us — chakras, black holes, interstellar spacecraft, etc.

Toroidal Component of DNA

Convection Currents

Let’s revisit our junior high science and take a look at convection currents.

Whether boiling water or rearranging continents, the pattern persists. We see a central spindle with content flowing in from all sides. It moves up and spills out in every direction to be cycled back through.

Missing from the two-dimensional representations above is the element of spin.

According to NASA, “Spin is a characteristic of nearly every piece of matter, from the smallest sub-atomic particle to the largest galaxy.”

The Coriolis Effect incorporates angular momentum to demonstrate the nature of planetary weather patterns. Wind and water churn from pole to equator and back according to the East-to-West spin of the globe. This force is the source of hurricanes and cyclones.

Here, the following video from Nova PBS is useful in explaining the Coriolis Effect.

The Electromagnetic Field of the Earth

Subtler even than wind, the Earth’s electromagnetic field is integrated into a dipole pattern. Here is an image describing the Van Allen belts, where we see the double torus, or tori clearly.

NASA says, “A slot of fairly empty space typically separates the belts. But, what keeps them separate? Why is there a region in between the belts with no electrons?”

It seems the inner ring relates to the spiraling central column, while the outer donut shows the energy overflowing out and down until up and through again.

Thus it is toroidal physics that keeps the two belts separate. The “region in between the belts with no electrons” is necessary to prevent imbalance and implosion. The boundary is very real, but also fluid, permeable.

The Human Body and Tori

Similarly, the human body encodes tori on a cellular level. Let’s look at a healthy red blood cell; I hope the pattern is becoming redundant.

To be healthy, cells require individuation. When pH levels tip towards too acidic, blood cells lose the natural negative charge that creates the spaciousness necessary for proper functioning. Positively charged cells clump together; acidic blood implodes. Without differentiation, disease is guaranteed.

Each cell must individuate in order to play its role as part of the coherent whole. The same is true of the delicate billion-cell conglomerate seen as a single human being.

The Human Heart Center

Most people are aware of having a personal bubble. When a person feels encroached upon, they might say, “Back up please, you’re in my bubble,” for example, or, “Hey buddy, get out of my bubble!”

This feeling is based on scientific fact. Just as planets do, individuals have an electromagnetic field encircling their particular node of spatial awareness. According to research from the HeartMath Institute, this field emanates primarily from the heart-center. As per their paper Science of the Heart:

“The heart’s electromagnetic field – by far the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the human body – not only envelops every cell of the body but also extends out in all directions into the space around us. The cardiac field can be measured several feet away from the body by sensitive devices.”

It looks like this (except I’d suggest that it actually reaches below the feet):

Variable in size and coherence, here we have a template for understanding the elusive human aura. This personal torus defines the event horizon of our experience; it is the filter through which we view the world.

A complete set of geometric structures arise within the torus. Predictable nodal points connect to create Archimedean and Platonic solids. These are the organizing force behind form as we know it. Such geometry governs the subtle chakra and meridian systems operating within, around and throughout the body.

Mastering One’s Own Energy Field

Given different names according to era and geography, practices to purify these channels are a vital component of the primeval yogic science of Self-realization. Mastery of one’s own electromagnetic bubble is the bedrock upon which stability of spiritual awareness is built.

Whether they know it or not, when people talk about high or low “vibration,” they refer to the relative flux capacity of this field. Our five senses perceive a limited spectrum of sound and light. The boundaries of this spectrum are defined by what is able to pass through our atmospheric boundary.

As spacecraft returning to Earth must approach at just the right angle or risk being repelled by or burnt up, so the human sphere is permeable only by particular attitudes.

Herein abides the real secret of manifestation, the key to inner peace and access to special powers as demonstrated by established masters.

As individual humans become adept cultivators of their own energy field, the species is able to function more fluently as a coherent whole. Active engagement with the organizing force common to atom, person, earth, and galaxy is a sure path to expansion of awareness by an order of exponential magnitude.

Spirit Science is a participatory sport. Please play with these ideas and images. Their purpose is to serve as the basis for myriad future discussions. Let this be the departure point for exploring the full breadth and depth of the seen and unseen. Enjoy fearless wonder as loops of known and unknown prove interwoven. Inextricable. Infinite.

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