Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

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The mythologies of disparate cultures describe mystics who contact a divine light being, an avatar or angelic figure, and descend from a pure and perfected realm. These stories also describe representatives of our so-called reality who incarnate in human form and enter human consciousness to lead us back to an illumined realm. 

We may know some of these beings by name, including Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, while others have served humanity discretely and in anonymity. Now, with the expanded awareness provided by quantum physics — and thanks to teachers like William Henry — it is possible to better realign our own sense of existence and return to our rightful place as spiritual beings who have (metaphorically) fallen from grace or forgotten who we are.

William Henry, author, investigative mythologist, and art historian incorporates historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, and archaeological information into theories about the human condition, spirituality, and where we are headed as a species. In “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” and in an episode of his show Ascension Keepers, he posits the idea that we must begin to think like the angels. And one of the capabilities of angels, he says, is teleportation.

Relating his ideas to leading-edge physics, Henry suggests the way back to our spiritual roots is through quantum entanglement. Scientists explain that quantum entanglement describes how multiple particles can be linked together in a way, such that the measurement of one particle’s quantum state determines the possible quantum states of the other particles. This connection does not depend on location of the particles in space.

Even when entangled particles are separated by inches or lightyears, changing one particle will make a change in the other. “Even though quantum entanglement appears to transmit information instantaneously,” writes mathematician and physicist Andrew Zimmerman Jones, Wabash College, “it doesn’t actually violate the classical speed of light because there’s no ‘movement’ through space.” The bottom line, then according to Henry’s take, is that no matter where you are, you can return to your spiritual source in an instant.

In Quantum Gnosis, William Henry tackles the question of how quantum entanglement relates to spirituality and where we come from as non-physical beings. He suggests that we can reunite with the ancestral light beings from which we have descended by being aware of our connection with them. 

The intention of thought is enough to create an immediate reunification — not as physical beings, but as spiritual ones. Henry cites Corinthians in the New Testament, in which Paul declares that “flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God.” However, through quantum entanglement, Henry argues, it is not our physical bodies that will put us in touch with who we really are, but rather our light bodies. 

As a writer who has covered the subject of faith for decades, as well as the author of the book Wake Up to Wonder, Whitney Hopler explains that all major religions speak of beings of light and angels. Muhammad declared that angels were created from light; Christianity and Judaism have described angels as glowing with light from within as a physical manifestation of the passion for God; and in Buddhism and Hinduism, angels are described as having the essence of light. The angelic beings of Hinduism are considered to be minor gods called “devas,” which means “shining ones.”

Andye Murphy explains that the light body is our vehicle to graduate from the human condition to return to the ultimate source. If the goal of each soul is to merge with God, she writes, then the activation of our light body is what gets us there.

Henry’s discussion of our innate connection with a higher source of existence is only a thought away. All it takes to be who we are is to realize ourselves as light bodies who need to transcend our physical bodies. Check out Ascension Keepers if you’re seeking a way back to the metaphorical Eden that has been discussed in religion and mysticism since the earliest of times — ideas still alive and well in myth, but that we have yet to recognize as the answer to our problems as spiritual beings living in so-called physical realities.

Introduction to the Seven Keys of Ascension

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Whether you call it ascension, enlightenment or transcendence it all means the same thing: being inexplicably drawn to experience a state of being beyond the limits of physical perception.

In the modern era, it undoubtedly means the convergence of cutting edge science with the wisdom of the ages. This is why it is important to realize that we are not limited to the body. We are spiritual and divine beings, just now awakening to our potential.

To embrace that awakening, one must learn to reach out to this other world and gain perception of it through tools like divination and manifestation. Divination allows you to gain spiritual information beyond physical means, manifestation allows you to enact change in the physical through spiritual means.

Being Conscious

Consciousness is important … being aware of your state and working to expand the limits of consciousness beyond the limits of the physical world.

A long-tested way of expanding consciousness is through regular spiritual practice. This is found with Buddhism, Hinduism, and even esoteric Christianity. The religious doctrine is less important than the discipline of working with the mind and your ability to perceive.

The pursuit of ascension tends to initially be the pursuit of knowledge and becomes experiential. Sacred sciences through the ages have tinkered with the connection of consciousness with the material world. Thus we begin to form a bridge between Alchemy and Quantum Theory.

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