Upset Indigo or Crystal Children? Try these 5 emotional first aid techniques

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Does your Indigo or Crystal Child need her energy reset? Such children are extremely fine-tuned and sensitive; with all of the energy they pick up from outside sources, it’s no wonder they can get upset or scared at times.

These four exercises won’t fix everything, but it helps get both you and your child in the habit of balancing, resetting, and purifying your energy, which is an important practice for all Indigo and Crystal Children.

Hook Up

Guess what? If your child is upset, you might have something to do with it. Check your own energy! You are their stronghold and safety. When you are energetically scrambled or stressed, you can guarantee they will be as well. Take some time to calm or relax yourself and notice how this affects their energy. Try this Hook Up exercise whenever you find yourself getting stressed or upset at your child. You will find your child will calm down much quicker. Plus, you will feel better too!

If your child asks you what you are doing, tell him/her that it is a way to calm down. Ask them if they would like to join you!

  1. Cross your feet at your ankles.
  2. Hold your arms straight out in front of you with back of hands facing each other, thumbs down.
  3. Cross one hand over the other & place palms together & clasp fingers.
  4. Bend elbows and fold hands in and up until they are resting comfortably on your chest.
  5. Take a big breath in while placing the tip of the tongue against the top of the palate behind the front teeth.
  6. When you exhale, relax the tongue in the mouth.
  7. Hold this position until you notice a calming sensation inside (it can take a minute or two).
  8. Relax and uncross hands and feet.
  9. Touch the finger tips of one hand against the finger tips of the other and notice the energy where they meet. Hold for at least 30 seconds. (The energy may feel hot, tingly or like it is vibrating, humming or throbbing)

“Taming the Dinosaur”

This technique usually will help a child relax and calm down when they are upset, scared or about to have a temper meltdown.

  1. Rub your hands together quickly to collect energy in your hands.
  2. Take both of your hands and place close to your child’s head near each of his ears.
  3. Without touching the child’s body, sweep around his ears &down the side of his head, neck, shoulders and arms and off his hands. Imagine that your hands are working like a magnet to pull down and release excess energy from your child’s body. Repeat 3 to 5 times until the child visibly calms down.
  4. Speaking some gentle words which recognize your child’s upset state and let her know that it is ok to have whatever feelings she has may be helpful.
  5. Parents can also do this to themselves to help relax and calm their own energy. Simply take one hand at a time, cross over to the opposite side of your head and sweep down your neck, arms and off of the fingers. Remember to take some slow deep breaths as you release your energy.

Sedating Triple Warmer

Sedating Triple Warmer is another powerful way of calming down a child’s over energy.

If this procedure is done once or twice a day for three to four weeks, you literally can reset a child’s nervous system into a calmer mode. This is a relaxing activity to do as your child is going to sleep. It really can help them fall asleep faster plus reprogram their nervous system at the same time.

  1. While the child is calm and sitting or lying down in a relaxed position, hold the front of her knee and the back of her elbow on the same side of the body. You may feel the energy tingling as it moves down the leg to the ground. Is your child able to feel the energy moving too?
  2. When the 1st side feels like it is finished (it could be 5 minutes or more), switch to the opposite elbow and knee and repeat the same procedure .
  3. Next, hold the child’s little indentation on the outside of the baby toe with one of your index fingers. Using your other index finger hold the spot where the child’s 4th and 5th fingers join the hand (right where the V is located). You can hold these points about the same amount of time as the elbow and knee points. This is repeated on both sides until all four points are finished.

Karate Chop with Affirmation

Have the child use the karate chop with an affirmation to help shift her out of a negative or uncooperative state. Energetically this is known as being psychologically reversed. When anyone’s energy is reversed we literally will do the opposite of what would help us or we make choices which sabotage our best interest.

  1. If the child will cooperate, have them tap the outside part of the hand against the outstretched palm of the opposite hand in a (gentle) karate chop motion. While tapping, have the child say some version of the following, “Even though I am feeling upset right now, I am a super kid!”, “I like myself & I’m ok even though I am experiencing this (anger, sadness, fear, unsettledness, etc.) problem.” or “Even though I am feeling like a bad kid right now, I love & totally accept myself!”
  2. Repeat the tapping and affirmation out loud three times pausing to take a deep breath in between each affirmation and tapping sequence.
  3. If the child has trouble saying the affirmation and doing the tapping, do it for them on your own body. Set your intentions for their highest good.

Safe Place with a Butterfly Hug

Have your child think of a place where she feels calm, peaceful and relaxed. This safe place can be real or an imaginary place. (Check to make sure there are no negative memories associated with it.) When you first talk about the safe place, it helps if the child is relaxed and in a positive state of mind.

  1. Have your child describe a peaceful, calm place in as much detail as possible. You may even have your child draw it out to help them visualize. Note a few details. Is this calm, peaceful place inside a building or outside in nature?
  2. While they are picturing this special place, taking some slow deep breaths and feeling the calm, relaxed feelings inside their body, have them cross their arms over their chest and lightly tap their finger tips on their upper chest until they feel totally calm and relaxed. This gentle tapping process is called a Butterfly Hug.
  3. Whenever they are feeling agitated or upset, remind them of their special peaceful place. Have them picture the safe place in their heads and then do a Butterfly Hug to feel better.

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