Archangel Guides

Archangel Guides

From noted references inserted in ancient texts to featured characters in blockbuster films to recent in-person encounters, archangels have become anchored as fixtures in mainstream culture, both historically and presently, who may be called upon by Earth-dwelling beings seeking support during the unraveling of various mortal experiences.

Angels: Divine Spiritual Agents

According to Doreen Virtue, highly regarded author and psychologist, there are three genres of angels, or ethereal, divine spiritual agents, which serve as messengers between humans and their believed higher powers. The first angel tier consists of guardian angels, or an unexplainable felt presence said to unconditionally look out for the personal safety, happiness, and well-being of individuals.

The second tier consists of angels, of which may be called upon by any person for guidance, in exchange for simple acts of gratitude.

The third tier consists of archangels, who are described as “managers” of all the angels (appropriately named given the prefix “arch” translates as “chief” or “ruler” in Greek) and, in some belief systems, act as stewards for the four elements of nature. Exempt from the restrictions of the space time continuum, archangels are said to be capable of simultaneously answering any and every beckoning call placed upon them by human beings.

How Many Archangels Are There?

There are many schools of thought when it comes to the number of archangels which exist, each represented by his or her own mythological significance and history. Several well known archangels appear in the literature and works of art produced by varying belief systems and cultures, and are included in such mediums across spans of time.

Spiritual advisor Radleigh Valentine suggests that each of us has at least two guardian angels assigned to us at birth to look out for our individual physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our realm of existence in this lifetime is composed of several elements which are ever-changing and interacting in concert (think earth, air, water, fire); within our individual vessels a similar chemistry unfolds on a smaller scale. Just as the archangels orchestrate elements, they can act as guides for human beings when called upon.

Archangel Michael

Known as the most powerful of the archangels, Michael is widely regarded as a great protector of physical, mental, and emotional fitness as well as material possessions.

Michael can be called upon as a source of strength, guidance, and release when one is feeling fearful and misled.

Represented by the element of fire, Michael assists in the removal of energetic blockages, the work of Michael can steer individuals in the direction of his or her burning desires and purpose.

Archangel Raphael

An agent of healing, Raphael has long served as a source for those seeking physical, mental, and emotional fortification after and during experiencing injury, addiction, and imbalance; this archangel is also a guide for those offering healing services professionally from doctors to therapists to teachers of yoga and meditation. Raphael watches out for travelers, ensuring smooth transitions and safety over the course of one’s journeys.

Rather appropriately, this angelic being is often associated with the element of air; Raphael can help those seeking his guidance find a sense of lightness and clarity, and lay groundwork for reinstating stability.

Whether it be coming back to the physical body or a geographic location, Raphael ensures those requesting his presence return home.

Archangel Gabriel

This archangel serves as a bridge to understanding between self and self, and self and others. Gabriel is recognized in many traditions as the female counterpart to Michael in terms of rank.

As the patron of communication, Gabriel is a resource of inspiration and helps to abolish procrastination and hesitation tendencies, which can become blocks for individual expression and intuition.

The removal of such obstacles allows for those asking for Gabriel’s aid to submerge themselves in the flow of experiencing, making space for fertility in all its forms: creativity, child-rearing and -bearing, and fiduciary abundance. The archangel correlated with the element of water, the source of all life, assures that those petitioning for assistance effortlessly float through their endeavors rather than drown in overwhelm.

Archangel Uriel

Doreen Virtue likens the presence of Uriel to a “wise uncle.”.

Uriel personifies wisdom and intelligence, and can be referenced in situations involving learning, conflict resolution, and making decisions.

By establishing clarity and truth through knowledge, Uriel supports in the act of grounding. Fittingly, Uriel is an agent of the earth element, and is known for reminding those seeking his assistance that the answers are rooted within self.

How to Find Your Archangel Guides

How do we connect to the appropriate archangel guide to match our particular circumstances and experiences?

A little research can go a long way. Start by getting clear within. What is it you are seeking to fortify or abolish; what do you need or desire? From there, different sources can aid you in determining which archangel will be most beneficial for you to be interacting with.

Accessing connection to an archangel can be done in a matter of minutes. Inspired by the offerings of Margaret Donor, a Past Life Regression Therapist and author, the below steps can help in establishing an intentional, clear pathway for communication:

  1. Find a relaxed seated posture in a quiet place where you feel comfortable (although establishing a connection with your angel guide can be done at any time, in any place)
  2. Imagine a ray of light entering your crown, melting muscles of the face, and working its way down the body, into the limbs, and out your feet
  3. Feel energy being drawn up from the Earth through your feet, traveling back up the body through the crown
  4. Take three deep breaths, allowing for a sense of trust and tranquility to settle into your bones
  5. Feeling a sense of connection from your heart to something outside yourself
  6. Draw your thumb to your third finger on both hands, as a mudra to seal your connection and complete the circuit of energetic exchange from your heart to another outside of yourself. This simple action can be returned to whenever and wherever you find it useful.

How to Ask Your Angels For Help

Once we find the fitting angel guide, how do we ask for assistance?

Just as each archangel corresponds with different elements and situations, we can vary with the manner in which we interact with their energies. Generally speaking, Tom T. Moore, author and entertainment executive, suggests making asks as “benevolent prayers.”

He believes in speaking out loud or writing down asks to higher beings, increasing the potency of the energy behind whatever inquiry you may have, following this formula: “I ask any and all beings to [your ask]. Thank you.”

Moore conveys that by speaking out loud, you are making an affirmation, strengthening your personal belief in the importance and the reality of whatever you are seeking to shift or remedy. Including a message of gratitude is of utmost importance according to Moore.

Angels Love Unconditionally

Doreen Virtue speaks to angel beings’ abilities to unconditionally love, and states “matter doesn’t matter.”

Since every ask, human experience, and belief system is different, there are a multitude of ways in which we are able to communicate with angel guides such as speaking directly, praying, meditation, dreams, and manifestation.

Doreen notes each person possesses certain psychic abilities, which she references as verifiable in studies conducted as several major universities. Doreen suggests delivering a prayer, or asking of any kind, to an angel through thinking or speaking out loud, repeating yourself three times. This instills confidence for you as the seeker of answers that you are capable of handling the outcome of your ask.

How to Connect with Your Ancestors Spiritually Through Ceremony

How to Connect with Your Ancestors Spiritually Through Ceremony

The desire to communicate with our ancestors is an innate part of the human experience. We intuitively sense their presence in our wisdom bodies, and it begs the question: can we communicate with them?

Through daily prayer, meditation, creation of art, music, food, and ceremony, the ancestor spirits can communicate, guide, protect, and heal the living. Ancestral communication has been a spiritual practice in every wisdom tradition throughout time. Your ability to connect with your ancestors is always available.

In particular, the days on and around October 31 to November 2 are a transformational portal on the wheel of life. It’s the mid-point between fall and winter, the death and dying season. Therefore, it’s a powerful time to communicate with one’s deceased family members. Read on and receive intuitive guidance on how to create a beautiful ceremonial journey to communicate with your ancestors.

The Traditions of Ancestral Communication

Ancestral communication is an ancient and daily practice found in many cultures around the world, including Mayan, Celtic, Aborigine, Native American, Ancient Greece, Ancient Eurasia, African Tribal, Tibetan, and the Vedic/Yogic traditions. Some major religions, such as the Catholic faith, honor the deceased on All Saints Day and All Souls Day with prayers, candles, incense, chanting, ceremony, and offerings. In Mexico, they celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). In the Celtic tradition, Samhain observes the transition time between the two worlds.

In our culture, we are familiar with Halloween or All Hallows Eve. However, much of the essence and spiritual wisdom connected to these ceremonial days – meant to honor and communicate with one’s ancestors – has been lost.

Through ancestral communication, you’re able to open your heart, experiencing a deeper love within yourself, due to the connection you have with your family tree. Through this practice, people have been able to reconcile deep wounds and karmic patterns that stem back from past life trauma and even issues between the deceased and living families.

Ancestral work can transform the karmas of past generations, as well as work into the current and future generations for healing.

Halloween and The Day of the Dead

These two celebrations are traditionally considered ceremonial days and nights to honor and communicate with one’s ancestors. This is a time to create family altars, perform ceremonies with the ancestors, and lay out offerings of flowers, incense, crystals, art, and food. Halloween or All Hallows Eve literally means Holy Night or All Saint’s Night. It is a time to honor and communicate with those who have taken their spirit walk, ancestors, and the holy or saintly ones. The Day of the Dead maintains the spiritual essence of ceremony, honor, and communication in the deeper regions of Mexico.

Imagine dozens of families from surrounding villages joyfully creating altars, cooking and sharing food, lighting candles, putting up photos of their deceased, and playing music all around the central plaza. It is a very moving experience that observers can truly feel through their intentions and offerings to their familial ancestors.

Elements of these beautiful ceremonies and altar practices can be observed in our modern Halloween by way of candles in jack-o-lanterns, candy offerings, and festivities. If you choose, you can mindfully reconnect to these veneration practices while the veil between the two worlds is open this time of year.

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