Becoming an Enlightened Being

Becoming an Enlightened Being

Enlightenment is the common, shared goal of Lightworkers and Masters. When a person has a higher understanding of spiritual concepts, they are generally referred to as enlightened. However, in truth, being enlightened means holding a certain amount of Light. Many believe that the more spiritually educated they become, the more enlightened they also become. When one looks back at the truly enlightened beings that have lived on earth, such as Ascended Masters and other highly spiritual people, it must be noted that most of them did not become spiritual because they studied spirituality. It was something else that raised their consciousness to higher levels.

There is an important underlying aspect to spiritual teachings. Exposing one’s self to the higher vibrations of spiritual information has a positive, uplifting effect. As a person learns about spiritual matters, they absorb the codes that are contained in the essence of the messages, but study alone does not make a person enlightened. So then, what is the answer?

The best place to start is to examine those individuals who were truly enlightened. What made them different from others? One thing they had in common was that they did not focus their attention on the mundane aspects of life, which occupied the minds of the average person. Instead they pursued higher vibrating endeavors, including helping others and teaching higher truths.

In the process, by living differently than those around them, they created new thought patterns within themselves, which sparked changes in the way people related to them. As these ascended beings continued to live within their own reality, they began to appear unique to the rest of the world

  • because they were.

As time passed, they found that they were capable of doing things that others were not. Does that sound familiar? Some were able to heal; others had clairvoyant capabilities and mystical skills. These were the avatars of the age, singular beings that came to Earth to lift the vibration of humanity out of the darkness. So, why do such beings not come today? The answer is simple; there is no need for one avatar to raise the vibration of humanity, when there are thousands of Masters to do the job.

The question remains, how does one become enlightened. Some may say it is the person who meditates the most, goes on the most spiritual pilgrimages, or has the most knowledge about esoteric modalities. Such a person may be quite spiritual and very enlightened, but it is not only the result of studying and practicing that raises someone’s vibration. So then, is there a magic potion that brings one into a state of enlightenment? In addition, if study and practice alone do not result in enlightenment what is the point of these exercises?

Exposing the mind to new ideas, spiritual practices, healing modalities, and channeled messages from higher beings creates new neural pathways and allows one to integrate necessary codes. As a result, the mind functions differently and non-life-sustaining programming can be overridden by the new codes that are beneficial to the Light Body. Over time, alternate ways of thinking replace outdated ones. The results can be seen in the individual both in their spiritual and physical makeup. Eventually a different person emerges in the same body, with the same brain, but with a renewed spirit. As this happens, the person becomes more consciously connected with the Higher Self.

Enlightenment is being one’s self, as they were meant to be. At birth, each person is a truly enlightened being, completely connected to the Divine source of everything and trusting in life. Granted, had a person remained so, they would not have been able to function in society so they learn how to live in the world. The price for this education is becoming gradually less enlightened. Each person knows what it means to be enlightened, because they started off that way. The goal of a Master is to return to that state of knowing who they are, and letting go of what they have learned, which no longer serves them. In essence, they are not becoming enlightened, rather, they are returning to an enlightened state, while being able to function from day-to-day, living as a Master.

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Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

Is Quantum Entanglement the Key to Spiritual Ascension?

The mythologies of disparate cultures describe mystics who contact a divine light being, an avatar or angelic figure, and descend from a pure and perfected realm. These stories also describe representatives of our so-called reality who incarnate in human form and enter human consciousness to lead us back to an illumined realm. 

We may know some of these beings by name, including Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna, while others have served humanity discretely and in anonymity. Now, with the expanded awareness provided by quantum physics — and thanks to teachers like William Henry — it is possible to better realign our own sense of existence and return to our rightful place as spiritual beings who have (metaphorically) fallen from grace or forgotten who we are.

William Henry, author, investigative mythologist, and art historian incorporates historical, religious, spiritual, scientific, and archaeological information into theories about the human condition, spirituality, and where we are headed as a species. In “The Awakened Soul: The Lost Science of Ascension,” and in an episode of his show Ascension Keepers, he posits the idea that we must begin to think like the angels. And one of the capabilities of angels, he says, is teleportation.

Relating his ideas to leading-edge physics, Henry suggests the way back to our spiritual roots is through quantum entanglement. Scientists explain that quantum entanglement describes how multiple particles can be linked together in a way, such that the measurement of one particle’s quantum state determines the possible quantum states of the other particles. This connection does not depend on location of the particles in space.

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