The Fourth Key to Ascension: Spiritual Practice

The Fourth Key to Ascension: Spiritual Practice

Since the dawn of humanity, people have always known that they were a part of something greater. This “greater something” existed in the world around them as well as in an invisible world beyond the limits of physical perception. To better understand the invisible worlds, they developed stories and rituals which helped them to connect with various aspects of those realms. They believed that these practices, held regularly, would appease supernal forces and bring themselves closer to them.

As time marched on, humankind developed many different spiritual paths, all promising to connect people to this “greater something”. This sacred source was given many different names, and took on various personality traits of the people attempting to describe it. No matter the names or description, humankind has always found ways to get in touch with the sacred and affirm their own spiritual identities.

Building the Connection

Through this connection, one learns how to connect to the many numinous beings greater than themselves. It is through this universal connection that one discovers their own key to ascension. In truth, we all have this connection, innately. But our free will allows our awareness to drift away from that constant connection, which can make us feel as if we are isolated and alone from the source, or that there is nothing sacred about the universe and life.

In order to maintain that connection, and not get lost in the materiality of the physical realms, It is important is to discover what spiritual practice best suits you. There are many different traditions, from the ancient to the modern. Each of them offers its own path and perspectives of what the universal connection to the divine means. Spiritual practice helps to renew this awareness and strengthen our innate connection to the divine. No matter the route you choose, following the discipline of that tradition is important — until you learn how to branch out on your own.

Steps on the Path of Ascension

We must learn, by degrees, the steps to accept our universal connection and integrate it with our daily lives. Sometimes that means we must find a way to rebuild our daily lives in a way that aligns with our spiritual work. It can be tempting to pick and choose your favorite aspect from various traditions and build your own practice. This can be quite successful for adept practitioners, but for those new to their ascension process are advised to become familiar with one system before exploring or developing another.

Keep in mind that every ascension process involves facing challenges, internal, external and spiritual. When you encounter such challenges, they will become the ordeal by which you prove to yourself the efficacy of your practice and understanding. No matter what path you choose, always be true to yourself and your own ascension. And be true to the discipline that is offered by that tradition until the time comes where your growth requires following a different discipline.

Introduction to the Seven Keys of Ascension

Introduction to the Seven Keys of Ascension

Whether you call it ascension, enlightenment or transcendence it all means the same thing: being inexplicably drawn to experience a state of being beyond the limits of physical perception.

In the modern era, it undoubtedly means the convergence of cutting edge science with the wisdom of the ages. This is why it is important to realize that we are not limited to the body. We are spiritual and divine beings, just now awakening to our potential.

To embrace that awakening, one must learn to reach out to this other world and gain perception of it through tools like divination and manifestation. Divination allows you to gain spiritual information beyond physical means, manifestation allows you to enact change in the physical through spiritual means.

Being Conscious

Consciousness is important … being aware of your state and working to expand the limits of consciousness beyond the limits of the physical world.

A long-tested way of expanding consciousness is through regular spiritual practice. This is found with Buddhism, Hinduism, and even esoteric Christianity. The religious doctrine is less important than the discipline of working with the mind and your ability to perceive.

The pursuit of ascension tends to initially be the pursuit of knowledge and becomes experiential. Sacred sciences through the ages have tinkered with the connection of consciousness with the material world. Thus we begin to form a bridge between Alchemy and Quantum Theory.

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