New Dr. Joe Dispenza Study Shows Meditators’ Blood Resists Illness

Meditators Bodies Resist Disease

 A cutting-edge, new study by Dr. Joe Dispenza is showing the connection between meditation and our body’s capacity to heal itself.

“Our nervous system tends to be the greatest pharmacy in the world,” Dr. Joe Dispenza said.

Dr. Joe Dispenza has spent a career, as he puts it, “demystifying the mystical” to that end. After leading week-long meditation retreats for years, he noticed miraculous changes among the participants, with some even claiming to have long-standing afflictions cured, seemingly by meditation alone. So, he decided to put it to scientific testing and partnered with the University of California San Diego biology department.

They tested advanced meditators, novice meditators, and a control group, and the results have been fascinating.

“We started looking closely at cellular function, and we started measuring thousands of cellular metabolites that determine whether a cell is in growth and repair or a cell is in breakdown,” Dr. Joe Dispenza said. “At the end of seven days, I get a call from our senior research analyst and he says ‘We have some really compelling things to show you,’ and we saw dramatic changes in the biology of advanced meditators. So when we started looking at the cellular function, we noticed along with the change in cellular function (for those people that watch Rewired) there was this arousal that was taking place in the person’s brain and in their nervous system. The arousal wasn’t pain, the arousal wasn’t fear, and the arousal wasn’t anger or aggression — which typically causes an arousal from the sympathetic nervous system — the person was reporting an arousal and the only word they could use was ‘ecstasy’ or ‘bliss,’ they had made some connection with something. So when we captured the blood of these people and when they made some type of connection, we noticed some really powerful effects in their blood plasma.”

But when they took the blood samples of these meditators into the lab they were in for a big surprise. 

On a cellular level, how could blood from advanced meditators appear to fight off disease?

“Ok, so we knew that there was something in the blood of advanced meditators that caused this kind of immunity. So we went through several different assays and biological tests to actually isolate a protein, a very specific protein that has profound effects on the immune system,” Dr. Joe Dispenza said. “In fact, when we take that protein and we put it in the affected blood of the controls, we notice that all of the infection in the controls was reversed. In other words, it reversed the infection and so we’ve isolated this protein.”

How do these advanced meditators create this disease-fighting protein?

“The person who’s having that inward experience is not having that experience from anything in their environment. Their eyes are closed, there’s music playing in the background, they’re not eating, they’re not smelling, they’re not tasting, they’re not moving around and experiencing and feeling — they’re disconnected from their outer environment. Somehow, when they connect, there’s some type of order that’s taking place in their nervous system that causes a frequency and that frequency in their nervous system must be carrying information that transcends their senses, and there’s only one place where we can name that and that’s the quantum field. So, somehow, there is some type of connection between the biology of the brain and the body, and the physics of the field. Somehow we’re demystifying that process,” Dr. Joe Dispenza said. 

Dr. Joe Dispenza has studied this subject for years. What does he hope this discovery will bring people in the future?

“Nothing changes in our life until we change, and giving people the formula on how to do that — it no longer becomes about healing, it really becomes about what stands in the way between you and becoming healed,” he said. “So, we’re demystifying that process and turning it into a solid practical application, so that people have in their reach all the tools to make measurable changes in their life. This is a time in history where it’s not enough to know, this is a time in history to know how.”

On Friday, Jan. 14, at 10:30 am (ET), Dr. Joe Dispenza and his scientific team are holding a live stream event open to the public to provide all the data behind this discovery, and what they say is the future of health and healing.

Top 10 Cleansing Foods for a Natural Detox

super food for a healthy diet

Feeling lethargic and constantly bloated no matter how much you exercise? It may be time to jumpstart your body and give it a fresh start with an all-natural detox. Toxins are everywhere – from household cleaners to deodorants – and they can have a negative impact on your health. From getting sick more often to never losing that last 5 lbs., toxin build-up causes your body to waste valuable energy on basic functions.

While some may say the more you sweat, the more toxins you release, this isn’t necessarily true. More exercise may help you lose weight and feel better, but toxin removal only comes when you flush your body’s system from the inside out. By substituting a few of your regular snacks with “cleansing foods,” your body will function more effectively and thank you in the long run.

Recently, detox pills and powders have become all the rage, but they’re unsustainable in the long run. They may help you lose weight fast, but your body will ultimately rebound and they may have harmful long-term effects. The key to success is working healthier choices into your daily routine until they become second nature.

Natural detox foods contain molecules that cling onto toxins and carry them out of your body. While all cleansing foods have an overall purifying effect, specific foods are extra helpful to specific areas of the body. Natural detox foods are everywhere and you might just be surprised at how tasty they can be. Take a look at our top 10 favorite cleansing foods and get your body back on track.


How they help:

Although beets have fairly high sugar content compared to other vegetables, a few beetroots can go a long way. One of our favorite natural detox foods, beets contain a group of antioxidants called betalains, which are excellent for detoxifying your body, and more specifically your liver. Beets also contain a high concentrate of betaine, which helps to reduce liver inflammation.

The antioxidants found in beets support the liver’s phase 2 cleansing when toxins are chemically transformed into a water-soluble form that can be excreted through urine. On top of this, beets are also high in immune-boosting vitamin C, vitamin B folate, fiber, potassium and manganese. Just a few benefits you might see are reduced blood pressure, reduced inflammation, enhanced stamina, and increased liver function.

How to use them:

More than just a tasty side dish, beets can be worked into your diet in a number of ways. Trying adding beet juice to your morning smoothie or as a mid-workout drink to help keep your energy up. If you want to go the more traditional route, a cup of cooked beets contains only about 60 calories and with a healthy dose of fiber, will keep you feeling full.

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