Raise the Frequency of Your Vibrational Energy With These Tips


Sometimes the key to rejuvenating ourselves is something more than the physical eye can see. Our vibrational energy affects our daily lives well into our bodies, hearts and spirits, as well the people and universe around us, so maintaining the level is essential. Here are a few suggestions to help keep your vibrations at their peak:

Spend Time with High Frequency People, Places, and Things

Just as negative people can mess with the positive energy in your home, being around negative people can mess with your personal energy. Find people that are sources of positivity and light, and only let these kind of people get very close to you. The less time you spend with negative energy, the better. What’s more is that it’s refreshing and strengthening to spend time with people with similar passions and interests who will encourage you rather than skeptically question your new hobbies. Finding a teacher who will guide and mentor you is essential, as well.

Watch What You’re Eating

Paying attention to what you eat has a bigger impact that just dieting and nutrition. Food is an energy source, which has the power to take your energy up or bring it down. So put only goodness into your body! Not all of it is created equal. Some foods are very low in vibration, sometimes even negative in their energy, and shouldn’t be eaten regularly. This includes refined white sugar, refined white flour, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals, fried food, most non-organic meats, and non-organic dairy products. Want to take it to the next step? Completely remove meat and dairy from your diet for optimum health and higher frequency, and to avoid ingesting the energies of animals that were very likely abused, mistreated or suffering.

Make Compassion a Priority

Put positive energy into your life! When you uplift other people, you take more responsibility for the energy you radiate. You’re more aware and conscious of what your energy looks like, and where its level might be. What’s more is that the frequency of love is an extremely high-vibrational frequency, making you a magnet for more positive relationships and experiences.


Giving yourself time to slow down and recenter your heart on what’s important is absolutely incredible. Wake up a little earlier, or carve out some time before bed to reset your frequencies through meditation. A lot of the time, all the negative issues from our day weigh us down before we fall asleep, so this can be a great segue to an excellent night’s sleep. The other angle is strengthening your heart, getting it ready to face a world of negativity, and increasing your positive vibrations beforehand. Try both and see what works best for you!


Just because you’re catering to an internal rhythm doesn’t pardon you from taking care of your external one! Physical movement is actually very important. It not only encourages energy to move through and oxygenate your brain, it also stimulates the release of endorphins, which are frequency-elevating chemicals. Finishing a good workout makes you feel great, and when you feel great it’s easier to dive headfirst into joy! You definitely need to make sure that the exercise is one that you love, so you can put your whole heart into it and make it a truly positive experience.

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Cymatic Science Explains the Benefits of Mantra

Physicists know that energy is in eternal motion. According to the Vedas, everything we perceive is the manifestation of oscillating energy. Modern science recognizes electromagnetic frequencies, what the Vedics call “shakti,” as the primal energy source of form. It is vibration and frequency that organizes “this” into “this” and “that” into “that” — including each of us.

While this is an oversimplification of the Vedic view of creation and existence, as well as energy science, quantum physics now agrees, since discovering that atoms, and their components, are in perpetual states of vibration. Both systems assert that it is this endless dynamic energy that becomes sound, light, heat, and ultimately form, when reduced to the most basic state, causing creation to pulse with the rhythms of energy moving in waves.

Bijas and Mantra Benefits

The Sanskrit word “mantra” translates into two words; “man,” meaning “mind,” and “to think,” and “tra,” meaning “tool” or “instrument.” Mantra is an instrument of the mind, or a tool for thought. Frits Staal, founder of the department of South Asian Studies at U.C. Berkeley and a Vedic scholar, believed mantras pre-date language and words.

Mantra “bijas,” or “seeds” are single-syllable words that carry the essence of a principle. OM is a bija that is used alone or combined with other bijas to make mantric phrases, i.e. “Om Mani Padme Hum.” The bija “OM” is rich with meaning — learn more here.

All mantra, whether spoken or silent, oscillates as subtle frequencies within the body. Karmic habits (how we react the same way over and over again) are imprinted on our energetic being — mantra can subtly change energetic karmic patterns and tendencies. Mantra raises or shifts our subtle frequency, and can “upgrade” our karmic address by helping us change old, unconscious patterns.

Along with invoking specific qualities, spoken or silent mantra recitation protects the mind from reactivity, and can “tame” the wild horse of discursive thought. The untamed mind is the source of karma, in that it draws conclusions and judgements that trigger reactivity of all kinds  — for better or worse. Discursive mind has a habit of believing itself to be “right;” always correct in its limited perceptions  — often conclusions based on ignorance. By training the mind with mantra, we begin to break out of karmic tendencies and ignorance and open to the world as it is.

Forms of mantra can be found in many traditions. Early Christians chanted single verses from scripture in the same way the Vedics chant mantra. An ancient instruction from a Christian mystic to his student was, “whatever work you are doing, or office you are holding, or journey you are making, do not cease to chant your verse. We must ceaselessly and continuously pour forth the prayer of this verse if we seek holiness.”

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