Tarot’s White Magic: Positive Incantations and Rituals For Change

Tarot’s White Magic: Positive Incantations and Rituals For Change

The key to improving our lives is remaining positive and continually invoking love, light, faith, and hope. Prayers, rituals, and incantations can help us with this, which in turn, helps us live in gratitude and improve our vibrations.

When our vibrations are elevated, we become better-protected and tend to attract positive and helpful relationships and experiences. Tarot can be a vital and enlightening tool in this pursuit.

Tarot was originally a card game popularized in the 15th century Italy, which spread to every country in Europe. While the original Tarot decks were broad enough to be familiar to anybody, various regions developed their own versions. Over time, Tarot decks could have anywhere from 52-98 cards, most often between 52 and 78. For years, Tarot was also known as Trionfi, Tartocchi, and Tarock.

During the 1800s, tarot cards became useful in prayers, spells, rituals, incantations and other forms of divination. By the late 19th century, specific versions of Tarot decks were produced strictly for spiritual and occult practices.  

“Remember that the Tarot is a great and sacred arcanum – its abuse is an obscenity in the inner and a folly in the outer. It is intended for quite other purposes than to determine when the tall dark man will meet the fair rich widow.”

Jack Parsons

As various cities became more crowded and as government leadership changed with the wind, kings, queens, landowners, business owners and families used the Tarot for spells and incantations to protect their wealth and children. Tarot card magic quickly became popular among all religions, especially Christians. Most of the early Tarot imagery comes from Christian symbology.

Classic Tarot has four suits, much like today’s traditional playing cards. Each suit has 14 cards, including a King, Queen, Knight, and Jack. This is known as the Minor Arcana. Tarot decks also tend to have a 22-card trump suit featuring The Fool, The High Priestess, The Magician and more. This is known as the Major Arcana.

Many believe that forms of Tarot existed long before the 15th century, most likely in Egypt, Asia and within the Kabbalah. While there is little documented evidence to support these claims, using images and artistic depictions of personas has long been useful in spells, rituals, rites and the like.

“It’s said that the shuffling of the cards is the earth, and the pattering of the cards is the rain, and the beating of the cards is the wind, and the pointing of the cards is the fire. That’s of the four suits. But the Greater Trumps, it’s said, are the meaning of all process and the measure of the everlasting dance.”

― Charles Williams

How To Use Tarot Cards For Divination

Anyone can use Tarot cards. All it takes is the ability to visualize and a deep intention to achieve a specific outcome. You’ll also want to have pen and paper to make notes about what you are seeking to achieve.

To use Tarot and similar cards for divination, you must first understand the attributes of each of the Tarot card images you wish to use. Every time you use a Tarot image to conjure a new potentiality or trajectory in your life or to protect someone, you’ll want to consider quoting the card’s attributes during your spell or incantation.

For general purposes, you can light a candle and incense before performing an opening prayer. Your prayer might go something like this:

“Eternal Creation and All Light-Beings, I stand before you with hope and desire. I am using the image of The Fool to help me improve upon myself. I hereby release the attributes of naive, confused and vulnerable today. From here forward, I refuse to play this role in relationships and business. Please assist me in my evolution and extinguish The Fool from my archetypal construct. This is the way it is now, and it shall always be.”

tarot cards

Whatever your prayers might be, always use positive language so that you attract people and experiences of the highest vibration and quality. A good rule of thumb is: what you speak will surely materialize, either energetically or in a physical form.

For lengthy prayers and rituals, consider creating a Sacred Circle. You can do this with a candle, cornmeal and tobacco. The cornmeal represents the feminine aspect of the universe and tobacco represents the masculine aspect. The candle is a reflection of the light within you and the light that gave birth to all of reality throughout all the realms.

Tarot Card Magic, Rituals, Incantations & Prayers

Tarot cards can be used for a variety of purposes within magical spells, incantations, and rituals. The difference between white magic and black magic is that white magic is solely used for good, and always with the purest intentions to bring light, love, and protection into someone’s life. Black magic, which is never recommended, is used to inhibit another person or entity in ways that could hurt them forever. Black magic will also hurt the person casting the spell on some level.

Here are a few reasons you might want to use white magic Tarot:

  • A loved one has died, and you want to pray for their protection
  • A child was born somewhat sick and needs healing
  • A relationship has ended, and you want to truly move-on
  • A potential job has emerged, and you want to give yourself the best chance
  • You’re feeling hateful of someone, and you want to find forgiveness
  • You wish to invite a love-relationship into your life
  • You wish to pray for a vulnerable or troubled friend
  • You want to announce protection surrounding your family, business or wealth
  • You wish to pray for your health or the health of someone you love
  • You would like to have a rebirth and improve yourself at your core

Tarot Magic

If you’d like to add a positive charge to a specific relationship or event, it is always best to perform magic on ourselves first. This gives us the highest chance of improving our lives, while also not interfering with someone else’s karma.

When we involve ourselves in another person’s karma, we begin to take on that karma as our own, which could easily be hurtful to us or cause complete debilitation.

Here is an example of Tarot Magic:

  • Pick a card that you most want to align with, such as The Emperor or cards from modern Tarot decks like my “Personality Cards.” In my deck, consider using The Networker. For this example, we’ll use both of these cards so that we can pack the most powerful punch.
  • Create a circle using cornmeal and tobacco. Light a candle and place it in the center of the circle. This can be a tiny circle on a table or a larger circle in the woods. This is considered a Sacred Circle. You will use this for almost every ritual and chant.
  • Place the Tarot card image of The Emperor and The Networker next to each other, in the center of the circle, near to the candle.
  • Place a picture of yourself next to the two Tarot cards.
  • Invite a merging of these three living-constructs (each of the two cards’ construct and your personal construct) by praying a humble prayer like this:
    • “Dear God (Universe, Eternal Light, Grandmother Earth, Grandfather Sky), I ask that the noble and strong Emperor become a protector and guide for my family and me.  I ask that my image be infused with the social, thoughtful and brilliant aspects found in The Networker. I pray that I can be blessed with their attributes so that I can become a strong, noble, social, thoughtful and brilliant participant in this life. I pray that as I become The Emperor and The Networker, I will be doused with light, love, power and personal protection. I pray this with love in my heart and with the utmost humility. I wish to evolve, and I seek your help. So it is, so it shall be.”

At the end of every ritual, make sure that you blow out the candle, place it in salt water for a moment to cleanse it, throw away the cornmeal and incense that you used, and put any dish or glass used in the ceremony into the dishwasher.

As you exit, always bow to the space where your ritual took place.

Tarot Incantations and Spells

An incantation is akin to a spell, which can also be considered a prayer. Incantations can be simple or quite complex and constructed as a magical formula. Incantations, spells and prayers can create magical effects on people, places, events and objects. They can be spoken, chanted, sung or whispered within your mind.

For this category of magic, you will need to have a specific desire. This will allow you to invite the universe to co-create something specific with you.

Some spiritual magicians choose phrases like these when creating spells and incantations:

  • I invite the universe to co-create this event or feeling
  • I command the elements to join me in healing my friend
  • I welcome to light-beings in my sacred circle to fill my body, mind and heart with light

yoga tarotpull unconditionallove

I’m not a big fan of the word “command” as it denotes a single-minded pursuit. Since we are all connected to each other, and all beings are connected to all aspects of every physical reality in this realm and all other realms, we are always in partnership.

Partners do not command, they humbly request.

When doing these types of incantations, you will want to use one or more Tarot cards to as your imagery guides. Use these images to inspire and encourage you. You might also research the attributes of specific Tarot cards to give you the best card for each of your requests and desires.

Tarot Rituals

Tarot rituals involve similar elements to basic Tarot magic, but also include a little more ceremony and effort.

Here’s a process you might enjoy:

  • Imagine you’d like to create a life filled with abundance, forgiveness, love, light, and magic.
  • Imagine the personal attributes you would like your life-partner/lover to have.
  • Imagine the attributes you want to embrace.
  • Imagine the types of people you’d like to have in your life.
  • What you need for the ritual: 10 small sticks (no longer than 6” each), cornmeal, tobacco, a candle, incense (if you’d like), and some chocolate.
  • Select 5 cards from a traditional Tarot deck and 5 Cards from a modern deck, like my Personality Cards. You will break these cards into two groups: one group will comprise cards/personas/attributes that you wish to never have in your life, and the other group is for the cards/personas/attributes you wish to invite into your life.
  • Create a Sacred Circle in the woods. You will be creating a tiny fire so make sure there is a protected area in the center of the circle that can house the small fire. When making the Sacred Circle, use cornmeal and tobacco.
  • Place your image in the center of a Sacred Circle.
  • Choose 5 of your sticks as arrows of protection and 5 to request a specific type of life.
  • Assign each of the 5 Arrows of Protection to a specific Tarot card.
  • Assign each of the 5 Arrows of Life to a specific Tarot card.
  • Burn each of the 5 Arrows of Protection, requesting that the universe protect you from these types of people and their attributes. Your prayer might be simple, like this: “Holy Universe, protect me from each of these personas and sets of attributes: (name each of them and their attributes).”
  • Once you have doused the fire with water, climb to the top of a hill and place each of the 5 Arrows of Life in a small pile and place the unwrapped chocolate next to the pile. It might be that each of the 5 Arrows of Life relates to a specific role in your life that you would like filled. If this is the case, you would adjust the following prayer accordingly.
  • Raise your hands to the sky and pray something like this: “Holy Universe, I am your child of light. I pray that only goodness and love come into my life. I leave you for each of these arrows that represent (name the cards related to the arrows, along with their attributes). I pray that I become the best version of myself and that my family, job and partners all be filled with light and love.”
  • As you leave, take a tiny piece of the chocolate that is on the ground. Eat it as you walk down the hill or take it home with you to eat later in remembrance.

“You are the Secret. Let Tarot Explore you.”

― Shweta Tarot

Angels and the Tarot

A Few Helpful Hints about Magic

We are not often taught about our unlimited potential. We are mostly taught coping mechanisms. Remember that you are as powerful and potent as you wish to be. The most important attributes that you can bring to the table are humility and discipline.

Here are a few helpful tips when using Tarot and other tools for magic:

— Always use a candle because it symbolized the light in the universe and the light in your heart.


— If you wish to shun a specific set of attributes, you can use a negative card (a personality or image that you do not want to have in your life), and you can put that card face-down. You might want to consider not using a negative card, even in a light-based ritual, because you are still invoking that persona, even though you are invoking protection from that persona.


— When using pictures of yourself, always choose ones that show your smile and your eyes. You should never use an image where you are intoxicated in any way.


— Do not use alcohol or drugs, including marijuana, during rituals. Although in some cultures this is permitted, keep in mind that any drug will bring your spirit beneath the mind, not past it. We always want to surpass the mind and reach for our crown chakra. It’s the higher chakras that connect us to the eternal consciousness.


— In every ritual and incantation, consider praying for someone who needs love. This will always add a measure of love and light to the ceremony you are about to perform.


Keep your prayers general because this gives the universe more room to fulfill your wishes. The more specific your prayers are, the less chance that they will physically manifest.


— Keep in mind that the universe does not need extra help to bring something to fruition. It just requires you to be in alignment with universal principles around light, love, and positivity.


— When endeavoring to work with magic, do your best to clear emotions and forgive others before the ritual or spell. Emoting and releasing are the most vital actions we can take when pursuing the embodiment of our higher selves.


In all things, seek to know yourself through whichever means that uplevel your vibration. Using Tarot card magic can have wonderful effects on the natures of our souls.

You are born from stardust and infused with light. You are the embodiment of love. Live as love, always. No matter the mistake or upheaval, forgive yourself, forgive others and continue to choose the light and improve yourself.

Chinese Zodiac Animals Complete Guide: The Race of Twelve

Chinese Zodiac Animals Complete Guide: The Race of Twelve

People can rarely guess this by looking at me, but I am half Chinese, and very proud of it! What an incredibly complex and colorful culture to claim as part of my own; the richness of the Chinese traditions and customs can be credited with many amazing advancements dating before America was even a twinkle in the world’s eye. One such aspect is the Chinese Zodiac containing the twelve animals that make up the cycle of our years past, present, and future.

Growing up, my grandmother instructed me, my brother, and my cousins in the way of traditions that have been passed down generation after generation. Usually, we’d gather around her home during Chinese New Year and welcome the new animal of the year (this year, 2014, is the Horse, which is my animal! Power to the Horses.).

We celebrated with a pyramid of oranges, red envelopes called li shis, delicious candies like sweet lotus root, and many a decoration in the shade of the Chinese lucky color, red. Of course, being a kid, I was most interested in the candied fruit, but the stories did grab my attention enough for me to be fascinated by the story of how the animals came to be in the Zodiac.

12 Chinese Zodiac Animals

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