Clearing, Cleansing, and Charging Crystals

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The lure of beautiful crystals cannot be denied. Whether you have 1 or 100, they speak to us in ways that we know we must bring them home. I see our role as guardian rather than owner, for their gifts to us are massive, but they like to be co-creators rather than indentured servants to humanity.

Their love is vast and teachings great. They are among our most direct gifts from the loving bosom of Gaia. Some crystals will open us to the cosmos while others will heal and soothe our emotions. The ways to use crystals will be far-reaching but if you pay mindful attention, the gem itself will guide you best.

Recognizing this partnership as cooperative, knowing how to take care of crystals while in your possession will be paramount to how well they can benefit you. A few ways to cleanse, charge, and program crystals are offered to ensure your financial and spiritual investment is most worthwhile.


The purpose of cleansing is to purify and honor the stone, recognizing the vast journey it has undergone to get to you now.

I was gifted a crystal from Colombia. A friend had gone and was drawn to acquire this quartz sphere though she knew not why. Throughout her month-long journey, she was unable to locate it in her bag assuming it had gotten lost in the traveling shuffle.

Upon returning home to the states she found it and carried it in her purse for a week still in its original paper wrapping. Sitting on my couch one night she squealed with enthusiasm realizing it belonged to me. It sang to me sweet and loud stating it had been waiting centuries to work with me. I began spontaneous channeling of light language and she proclaimed that it was levitating in my hands.

A mighty gift indeed and with such efforts to find me, purifying, cleaning, and honoring it is my obligation as its guardian.


Programming is a masterful form of ritual, you may program your crystal to assist with specific tasks and projects. I have one in my home for instance that assists with my writing, one that attracts abundance, one that holds cosmic frequencies and assists in galactic activations.

My favorites and most trusted crystal allies are those that help me with dream and journey work recall! (Put programmed quartz under your pillow at night and hold it in the morning to help you remember dreams!)

  1. Determine what you need assistance with
  2. Choose the crystal that grabs your attention and ask it if it is willing to partner. You will feel a clear “yes,” excitement if the answer is affirmative. No will usually feel like a strong resistance. I find “no” is easier to determine than yes which may just be neutral
  3. Hold your crystal to your heart and then to your third eye. With clear intent, imagine the task projected into the crystal. Hold it extended in front of you until the three (crystal, heart, and mind) link forming a triangle and locking in the purpose
  4. State aloud the program and thank the crystal for being a willing transmitter of this frequency


Each of us has our own mojo which we believe most empowers the crystal. Try them all, recognizing each gem has its own preference as well and see which method you like best to take care of your crystals.

Be Clear in Mind

The purpose of cleaning is to bring the crystal to a clear and pure state. Crystals are frozen vibrations, after all, and any impurities and discord it experiences during its harvest, sale, and the journey will be felt.

As you are working with purification, being of a clear mind and intention is necessary. Say a mantra, clear the room with sage or bells and be ready to let the purest light move from you. The cleansing is a ritual and all such endeavors require mindful peace and vigilance.


Water is a master energy and can be used in any form of ritual. With crystals and water, their legacy is entwined and they are amicable partners for assisting each other.

  1. You may hold the crystal underwater (pure spring or a river/ocean is most ideal, but we make due!)
  2. Visualize the water washing over the crystal taking away any disruptions to its natural state
  3. Use sea salt and lightly brush it over the stone using the water to cleanse the salt away

*Note not all crystals can withstand water. Some, like selenite, will dissolve. Please do your homework before immersing your beloved underwater.


The energies of the moon are most purifying and can be used to clear and program any crystal for extra vitality. Place directly under the moonlight and charge it up under the full and new moons to get the most potent frequencies.

The moon as feminine energy that can help with spiritual and emotional healing.


It would be irresponsible to honor the moon and not recognize the power of the sun! Charging your crystals in the sunlight (direct light is better than windows) will super-charge your crystal and give it drive and focus.

The solar energies tend to be more “masculine” and are better suited for programming. Allow the sun to support big efforts that require momentum and call attention to your endeavors.


Not everyone is fortunate enough to share this special blessing, but placing your cherished crystals in the snow is a quick and powerful way to clear and program your crystals to hold long-lasting intent.


Burying your stones will clear any and all lingering energies from your crystal. Going back to the places from whence it began is a powerfully effective means of clearing!

While you may follow your intuition on how long to leave the crystal in the earth — three, seven, or eleven days is best to give your stone a total reset.


As you may use smudging to clear your home (think sage, copal, and sweetgrass) so too may you use smoke to clear crystals. This is especially helpful for jewelry that would corrode underwater.


Long trusted by the ancients, a bell is an easy ally to remind you how to take care of your crystals. Likewise, the sound of your own voice and the use of sacred chants will hold the programming.

Super Power Crystals

There are some crystals that need no clearing and actually clear other stones. Selenite, quartz, carnelian, amethyst, and kyanite are among these rare treasures.

A selenite slab under your crystals acts as a perfect technique for clearing and charging your crystals. Likewise, a beautiful amethyst cluster can happily hold and bless other smaller stones.

When to Clear

Clear each new crystal as you acquire them.  Additionally, a crystal will absorb energy as it “works.” Each has its own purpose and like people, needs a rest, a recharge, from time to time. You may notice your crystal feeling heavy or dull or you may intuitively get a message that it needs some refreshing.

Any particularly intense work – after a fight or during times of illness or trauma, for instance – crystals can best serve you if they are cleared before being put back to work.

As you deepen your work with the crystal realm, you may likely uncover your own special magic to partner with the gems you cherish. Remember they are both an asset and a boon to our planet and should be treated with the utmost respect. You may find the apophyllite you hold so dear is ready to be gifted elsewhere. Appreciate this is the beauty of flow and be grateful for the time and blessings it did offer you.

What Are Astral Stones and How to Find Yours

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Your astrological sign indicates more about you then just your birthday – and so does your astral stone. Astral stones are the crystals and gemstones that correspond to the constellation under which you were born. They represent the unity of the universe and serve as a link between the earth and the stars. Just as you have a unique essential oil, you also have a unique astral stone that complements your astrological sign.

Your astral stone is more than just a symbol, however – It is a physical object that carries the harmony of all things throughout it. According to ancient philosophers, wearing, holding, or carrying your stone strengthens your fortune in life as it amplifies the vibrations of the constellation and bolsters zodiac influence. In other words, it is a conduit for the heavens on Earth.

However, you’ll notice that each zodiac sign has multiple astral stones listed. While your zodiac sign can tell you the guiding core principles of your being – there are still a wide range of personalities born under each constellation. Therefore, astral stones also cover a wide range of traits within each zodiac sign. It is up to you to discover the astral stone to which you feel the deepest connection.

Astral stones vary from culture to culture and religion-to-religion – There is no central authority that dictates which stones belong to which months. The following is your guide to the most widely accepted connections.


March 22 – April 20


Bloodstone, Amethyst




Amber, Carnelian, Emeralds, Fire Agate, Green Chrysoprase, Moss Agate, Pink Tourmaline, Rainbow Moonstone, Rhodonite, Ruby


April 21 – May 21






Rose Quartz, Aquamarine Stones, Amber, Carnelian Stones, Kyanite, Azurite Stone, Kunzite Crystal, Lapis Lazuli, Rhodonite, Tigers Eye, Selenite, Variscite


May 22 – June 21






Aquamarine, Chrysoprase, Anyolite, Citrine, Green Tourmaline, Serpentine, Tigers Eye, Ulexite, Thulite, Rainbow Moonstone, Variscite


June 22 – July 22




Ruby, Emerald


Amber, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Rhodonite, Rainbow Moonstone, Moss Agate, Fire Agate, Pink Tourmaline, Ruby Stone

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