How to Contact your Spirit Guides

How to Contact your Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are among our greatest allies and grant us both protection, vision and courage to help us navigate the unseen realms. Forging this relationship must be viewed as one of the fundamental practices to spiritual development.

With these myriad spiritual energies surrounding us all the time, it is of greatest benefit to hear the lessons they are offering us which will aid and ease our human experience.

James Van Praagh reminds us we are spiritual beings having a human experience. To be in intimate connection with these guiding benevolent forces gives us strength, hope and direction in a challenging world.

Like a budding friendship, getting to know them is natural and easy. No special honing psychic ability exercises are required but rather an open heart and ability to listen are your best assets. Without stress or strain, they are always near awaiting an opportunity for connection, guidance and insight. To become a clear channel, simply relax, trust and allow yourself to feel their loving presence.

Types of Spirit Guides

We are blessed with love reverberating through us always. Many assistants are in place to ensure our spiritual well being and evolution. Though we’ll use the term interchangeably, here are the most common Spirit Guides which you may encounter:


Most prevalent and trusted, it is the Angels who are in devotion to humanity. ArchAngels can be many places at once while personal Guardian Angels are in service to us individually.

Power Animals

Recognizing the wisdom of the animal kingdom, shamanic cultures work with Power Animals as personal totems of power. When we can embody the raw attributes of animals, we can be imbued with courage, focus and transcendence.


Earth energies are in constant cohabitation with humans. Tree spirits, fairies, Air and Water beings will all fall under this category.

Different from Angels, they are not devoted to human expansion, rather they are in loving service to the planet. They willingly help individuals when respect and honor of the Earth has been consistently demonstrated.


Our first place of love and connection, it is our Ancestors who can most readily assist us. Replying to the request from their own bloodline, they act as fierce and protective Spirit Guides and should be our first point of contact.

The African wisdom traditions honor this ancestral blessing inherently. We in the West however have fallen out of partnership with lineage spirits, preferring the omnipotent Angels. This is somewhat foolish for it is the ancestor’s commitment to the healing of their own descendants which make them arguably our strongest assets in the Spirit Realms.

###Ascended Masters

Those beings who have achieved enlightenment are dedicated to assisting humanity on our own ascension. St Germain, Buddha, Jesus, Metatron and Quan Yin are among the many faces of these guiding forces which are readily available to us and will often appear in our meditations.

Communicating with Spirits & Guides

How to Contact your Spirit Guides

Contacting our Spirit Guides is one of the most readily available gifts to humanity. Yet few of us may remember how. There is no training required in learning how to contact your Spirit Guides rather a gentle and loving heart will draw in exactly the blessings you seek.

Here are the best ways to be in communication with these beneficent forces:

1. Set the Mood

As with all ceremonies, your physical environment should be prepped to support these subtle energies. Light a candle, dim the lights, clear your clutter and create a peaceful space. Bring into this setting any objects of power which hold significance – crystals, sacred objects, and spiritual art. These will form your ritual space and amplify the intentions of your connection.

2. Craft a Clear Intention

All spiritual endeavors (heck, all endeavors!) should be carried out with clear intention. With whom do you wish to work? What questions are you hoping to address? With clear focus, we can call in the beings most suited to answer our queries.

If working on self-healing, gentle loving energy may be a perfect partnership – think Quan Yin or Mother Mary. If we are seeking profound teachings, an Ascended Master like St. Germain or Buddha may be more suited. Carry a pure directive in your heart and you will attract the loving energy of the Guide most suited to assist you.

3. Practice with Loving Patience on Yourself

We easily forget the ease of this gentle process! There is no need to feel rushed nor hurried. The messages will sweep over you as gently as the wind and it is only your ability to receive that will block your connection. As with breath, this communication with Spirit is our most primal and it cannot be done from the mind.

Set no expectations – this way of being is rarely like fireworks! Rather with patience and trust, you will find yourself in communion with the divine energy forces at work all around you.

4. Relax and Breathe

Breath is among our most available treasures and the surest way to bring ourselves into the present moment. With each breath, allow your awareness to deepen and become softer. No strain nor stress.

If you find yourself tense, stretching can alleviate some of this built up energy. Laying down is also a grand idea, but don’t make yourself too comfortable or you may find yourself wonderfully asleep!

To find yourself in the stillness of breath will open potent gateways to spirit. In the quiet center where the mental chatter ceases is where you will find the whisperings of your Spirit Guides.

5. Call in Protection

As with all spiritual work, the dictates of your heart will call in like frequencies. A simple clearing will bless yourself and the space.

Envision yourself in a pyramid of white light and let these energies wash away anything not of your highest living good. When you are ready, relaxed, and willing to allow the messages to come to you, ask that the most loving energy willing to assist you to be called forth now.

6. Sacred Sounds

The most profound of all sacred sounds is our own voice. Chanting is the process by which we make the sounds of the universe. Making these sounds raises our vibrations and attunes our energy to the most powerful forces of spirit.

Chant “Om” (Phonetically, this sounds like AaaaUuuuMmmm) seven times to align your energy with that of the divine. You will quickly discover chanting to be a perfect portal to contacting your spirit guides.

7. Go through the “Door”

As your breathing slows and sacred space is activated, you may notice a shift in your being. This is the turning on of your light body which will magnetically attract the Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

  • Focus on your light body for this is the aspect of you that is pure spirit
  • See yourself walking through a “doorway” into another dimension. This is not always a literal doorway… sometimes we see it as a cosmic space, sometimes a beautiful landscape that inspires wonder or bathing yourself in a vibration of color. We all have our own entries to the beyond and you will soon discover that which is best for you
  • You will notice an expanse of infinite space around you. It is in this space that we are open, available and altered enough from our everyday spaces to meet with our Guides

8. Invite in your Spirit Guides and Angels

In the bliss of the abyss, call in your personal Guides and Angels. Share with them your intention and give them clear permission to join with you. We live in a free-will universe where our command is the most respected and honored of all sacred laws. If you do not explicitly give permission, you may miss their encounters and simply enjoy the rest offered in this sacred space.

9. Open Yourself to Subtle Frequencies

Their messages may come as visions, impressions, smells or thoughts. I wish the messages were always blazingly clear, but this is often not the case. Pay attention to everything you experience for it is their direct way of being in communication with you now.

10. Ask for a Sign

This too is a flexing of our free will… and we are dense and doubting creatures. Ask for a sign in your day-to-day life that affirms your connection and the messages they offer. Please don’t see this as “telling them what to do,” rather it is a way of loving reassurance that will bolster your faith in them. This is a sure way they can express their presence and they are happy to oblige so long as you ask!

On many occasions, this is for me the most magical of all forms of communication! When I was contemplating my move from Chicago to Colorado, I asked for a sign to affirm my decision. I saw 3 shooting stars in a night, was given a book the next day by a friend on native plants of Colorado and was invited by another to visit her in the Western plains to see if I liked her area! Talk about cosmic confirmation. I packed up and had moved within 6 months!

11. Ask for a message or a blessing

Spirit Guides are in service to us and as such, they can only help in the ways we explicitly ask. Beyond the validation of a sign, ask for a message or a blessing while you are in sacred connection with them. This could be guidance, insight or a sneak peek at what’s in store. The blessing could be a healing or an activation of your psychic skills. Please do not feel bad asking and instead see this as their devotion and love for you put to work!

12. Give Thanks!

We all like to be appreciated and this small act from you will ensure you continue to incur their goodwill. Gratitude is our way of opening to more blessings when we can be humble and acknowledging of those that have already been granted.

Expressing thanks aloud will give your ceremony extra credence as it shows them resolutely you know they are there and are willing to bring your voice and your will to the reality of their presence.

13. Return

When walking through these sacred dimensions, we must take precautions to return the ways we came. See yourself leaving through the same means you entered taking any paths you may have ventured. Ask your Guides to help you with this with zero stress… they know the way!

Soul fragmentation occurs when we leave behind pieces of ourselves (in both physical and non- physical realities). To retrace carefully your steps ensure you gather all aspects of yourself and can bring our full power and potential back to you now.

Allow yourself time to come fully back into your body. You may choose to write down your experience or take a nap to integrate. Be gentle as you allow this state and experience to be received at all levels of your being.

You may feel yourself a bit altered after these encounters, take that as a sign in your body that something had indeed occurred! Eating, walking in nature and baths are a perfect way to bring you back to you.

14. Living in the Sacred Everyday

Sacred space is best honored when we recognize it is a thriving part of our reality. To only visit once shows little regard for the relationships formed. Instead, know this place of loving support is available to you always and make use of it!

I tend to visit not just when I need help but anytime. Sharing your blessings with them and acknowledging their part goes far! They like to know their efforts are not only appreciated but are working to help us be better humans.

To join in these spaces of communication with our Spirit Guides regularly reminds us the world is far more expansive than what most people believe. It will enhance our psychic abilities, ensure we are on the right track, and can lead to fulfilling our destiny. Before long our ability to receive these messages can occur outside of sanctioned ritual and we begin to receive messages all the time.

How to Connect with Your Ancestors Spiritually Through Ceremony

How to Connect with Your Ancestors Spiritually Through Ceremony

The desire to communicate with our ancestors is an innate part of the human experience. We intuitively sense their presence in our wisdom bodies, and it begs the question: can we communicate with them?

Through daily prayer, meditation, creation of art, music, food, and ceremony, the ancestor spirits can communicate, guide, protect, and heal the living. Ancestral communication has been a spiritual practice in every wisdom tradition throughout time. Your ability to connect with your ancestors is always available.

In particular, the days on and around October 31 to November 2 are a transformational portal on the wheel of life. It’s the mid-point between fall and winter, the death and dying season. Therefore, it’s a powerful time to communicate with one’s deceased family members. Read on and receive intuitive guidance on how to create a beautiful ceremonial journey to communicate with your ancestors.

The Traditions of Ancestral Communication

Ancestral communication is an ancient and daily practice found in many cultures around the world, including Mayan, Celtic, Aborigine, Native American, Ancient Greece, Ancient Eurasia, African Tribal, Tibetan, and the Vedic/Yogic traditions. Some major religions, such as the Catholic faith, honor the deceased on All Saints Day and All Souls Day with prayers, candles, incense, chanting, ceremony, and offerings. In Mexico, they celebrate the Day of the Dead (Dia De Los Muertos). In the Celtic tradition, Samhain observes the transition time between the two worlds.

In our culture, we are familiar with Halloween or All Hallows Eve. However, much of the essence and spiritual wisdom connected to these ceremonial days – meant to honor and communicate with one’s ancestors – has been lost.

Through ancestral communication, you’re able to open your heart, experiencing a deeper love within yourself, due to the connection you have with your family tree. Through this practice, people have been able to reconcile deep wounds and karmic patterns that stem back from past life trauma and even issues between the deceased and living families.

Ancestral work can transform the karmas of past generations, as well as work into the current and future generations for healing.

Halloween and The Day of the Dead

These two celebrations are traditionally considered ceremonial days and nights to honor and communicate with one’s ancestors. This is a time to create family altars, perform ceremonies with the ancestors, and lay out offerings of flowers, incense, crystals, art, and food. Halloween or All Hallows Eve literally means Holy Night or All Saint’s Night. It is a time to honor and communicate with those who have taken their spirit walk, ancestors, and the holy or saintly ones. The Day of the Dead maintains the spiritual essence of ceremony, honor, and communication in the deeper regions of Mexico.

Imagine dozens of families from surrounding villages joyfully creating altars, cooking and sharing food, lighting candles, putting up photos of their deceased, and playing music all around the central plaza. It is a very moving experience that observers can truly feel through their intentions and offerings to their familial ancestors.

Elements of these beautiful ceremonies and altar practices can be observed in our modern Halloween by way of candles in jack-o-lanterns, candy offerings, and festivities. If you choose, you can mindfully reconnect to these veneration practices while the veil between the two worlds is open this time of year.

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