Gaia’s Top 10 Seeking Truth Shows You Don’t Want to Miss

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You know there’s more than what we’ve been told by the government, media, and society’s dominant narrative; a clandestine cabal of the ruling elite, alternative historical narratives, an undisclosed extraterrestrial presence, and esoteric pathways to higher states of consciousness. Here are some of our latest picks to give you fresh insight into your quest to seek the truth.


1. Disclosure with Dr. Steven Greer

In conversations with Billy Carson, Dr. Steven Greer discusses the history of the UFO and Disclosure movements, as well as his personal experiences leading to his development of the CE5 (Close Encounters of the 5th Kind) protocols, a groundbreaking process that leverages advanced consciousness techniques to facilitate unmitigated human contact with ETs.

We explore Dr. Greer’s research into consciousness and technology as he shares his inspirational vision of our future as members of an intergalactic civilization.


2. Deep Space: UAPs Over the Kremlin

In December of 2009, a pyramid-shaped UFO appeared over the Kremlin. That same day a mysterious spiral appeared over Norway. Just over nine years later, another pyramid hovered over the Pentagon for hours. We hear from eyewitnesses and experts who examine the footage of these giant tetrahedrons looming over two of the world’s most secure locations. This leaves us with many questions. If this is an elaborate hoax, who would perpetuate it and why? If this is real, why did the military not intercede? Could these incidents be a message for all of humanity concerning extraterrestrial intervention preventing nuclear conflicts?

3. Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers

In 1989, physicist Bob Lazar broke the story of Area 51 and the US government’s work on alien spacecraft. He blew the whistle, shocked the world, then went silent, until now. Narrated by Oscar Nominee Mickey Rourke.

4. Escape the Matrix: Reinforcing the Programming

Human life is one long perceptual download, from the moment of birth, with our education, and throughout our whole lives. But what happens if we recognize this and no longer comply with the programming? David Icke describes this programming, the methods and techniques usd for reinforcing it, and what happens when you finally start to wake up. It all begins with the recognition of the matrix then the realization that you are far more than you believe.

5. Electric Universe: Deep Memories of Mars

Why does humanity have such a fixation with Mars? Something lurks deep within our collective memory which spurs our millennia-long obsession with the red planet. 10,000 years ago, an electrical event wreaked havoc across our solar system, giving rise to the mythology and folklore concerning the aggressive and hostile nature of Mars, as the god of war. Perhaps this same event destroyed the life that once thrived on the red planet and permanently scarred its surface. Wallace Thornhill and Ev Cochrane delve into the deep memories that humanity has concerning the planet Mars and uncover the evidence of its turbulent past as found in mythology and electric universe theory.

6. Cosmic Disclosure: Disclosure Narratives

Was the Corona, New Mexico incident of 1947 an intentional event to jump-start an opening for humanity towards contact? Tactical Advisor Tim shares various scenarios that were discussed for consideration by an exclusive committee that influences the Disclosure narrative. His insights about UAP activity at this time lead us to a deeper questioning of why the crafts are interacting with the US Navy. Are they extraterrestrials or a staged event to help the human subconscious mind feel better acquainted with other life forms?

Tim is a new disclosure insider who is a Tactical Advisor within the covert governance in Germany whose job is to analyze, anticipate, and suggest various strategies connected to extraterrestrial groups in contact with Earth.

7. First Contact

The true story of the UFO encounters that led Darryl Anka to channel an extraterrestrial being known as Bashar, who delivers messages to prepare Earth for contact with another civilization.

Narrated by James Woods, the film not only explores the potential positive impact of E.T. contact on our society but also demystifies channeling, the medium through which Darryl is able to communicate with the inter-dimensional being.

First Contact explores many of the questions we’ve been asking for millennia: Why are we here? What’s the nature of existence? Where are we headed? Bashar answers these questions via channeling and explains how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience.

8. The Age of False Flags

In this inaugural episode of False Flags, Richard Dolan guides us to see through the fear-mongering of mass manipulation and free ourselves from the shackles of lies and deception. The constant barrage of bad news has left many people believing that it is normal to live in a world full of terror and trauma. So, we feel confused and hopeless about our position in the world. All of this is by design. As we learn of the history and implementation of covert actions and propaganda, we become empowered to reclaim our place in the world.

9. Beyond Belief: How to Conduct Safe Séances

We each have the ability to communicate with the dead. All you have to do is learn how to tap into your unique gifts and find the right method for you. You will be amazed watching Kaedrich Olsen conduct séances to connect people with spirits and loved ones on the other side. He demonstrates techniques for a safe and successful séance using the Ouija, pendulums, and automatic writing as tools to communicate with spirits. Whether you want to connect with lost loved ones or gain inspiration from higher beings, you have the ability to part the veils and connect with the spiritual realms.

10. Atlantis Portal Technology

As season three of Initiation begins, Matias De Stefano explains how the 12 Families of Atlantis used natural portals to connect with the greater wisdom of the universe and bring it to the people of Earth.

Everything in existence is a product of the universe trying to know itself. This is true for Earth and the people of the planet. As Earth started to come into awareness of what it was, it chose humanity to act as its neurons, as a means of thinking and understanding itself. To help further humanity upon this path, beings from Arcturus and Sirius came to guide the burgeoning Atlantean civilization on how to use minerals, construction methods, vibration, and frequency to open portals to thsource.

Neuroscience in Advertising; When Does it Become Mind Control?

control over the brain

By now you’re probably used to how predictive advertising has become, but it probably felt intrusive at first. Advertisers have always used subtle tactics to convince you to buy things, but now the privacy boundary is increasingly blurred. While it’s somewhat known that advertising finds its roots in propaganda, are developments in technology and neuroscience changing the fundamental nature of marketing into something that borders on mind control or manipulation?

The foundational elements of public relations and advertising were developed by a man named Edward L. Bernays, who happened to be the nephew of none other than Sigmund Freud. Freud gave a copy of his General Introductory Lectures, his seminal work on psychoanalysis, to Bernays as a gift in the nascent phase of his career.

Bernays was intrigued by Freud’s research, notably the idea that irrational forces drive human behavior. He took the idea and parlayed it into what he referred to as “engineering consent,” a concept that instead of bowing to consumer demands, cultivated them.

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