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A Brief History of the Secret Space Program

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Shrouded in mystery, the existence of the Secret Space Program is a closely guarded secret, but information from government whistleblowers, intelligence operatives and former astronauts has been surfacing for decades. Here are a few of the most notable events:

Flying Saucers Are Born

On June 24th 1947, Kenneth Arnold was on a routine search for a missing plane that had gone down near Mt. Rainier in Washington state. The weather was clear and calm, and Arnold had just given up his search, when he noticed a bright flash in a one of the mirrors of his plane. He maneuvered to get a better look, and was shocked to see a group of saucer-like objects flying in formation at incredible speed. He landed in Yakima, Washington and immediately relayed what he had seen. The next day, Arnold was interviewed about the incident, sparking a news sensation that spread across the US. The term “flying saucer” was born, and the country was soon gripped in a rash of UFO sightings. The military denied any involvement and speculation grew.

Roswell Captivates the World

Soon a report of another kind surfaced, this time coming from Roswell, New Mexico. It was rumored that a mysterious craft had crash landed in the desert, and that the bodies recovered were non-human. The US Air Force stated that the object was a weather balloon, but witnesses offered a different story, claiming materials recovered from the crash site exhibited incredible strength and durability, and that strange creatures had been on board.

Operation Paperclip

Over the years, the secrecy and denial of the existence of flying saucers has sparked a myriad of theories, ranging from extraterrestrial contact to back engineered German aircraft. World War II had created a race to modernize weaponry, and the fall of the Nazis and Axis powers ushered in both a peaceful post war boom and a secret military operation called Project Paperclip. This secret operation brought German scientists, engineers and technicians to the United States to continue the development of advanced rocketry created by the Nazis. This was a strategic move: the US both gained the intelligence and designs, while preventing the Russians or any other foreign power from seizing control of advanced technological breakthroughs.

Edgar Mitchell: Apollo 14 Whistleblower

Many whistleblowers have come forward with claims of clandestine operations existing outside of the boundaries of any world government. Former Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell was one such notable public figure: recent WikiLeaks information outlined a series of emails he sent on the subject of Ets. Mitchell also believed that the Roswell crash was indeed extraterrestrial in origin, and that humans have been in contact with ETs for decades. Former Canadian Minister of National Defense Paul Hellyer has also gone on the record regarding UFOs, and believes that there are at least four species of aliens visiting Earth. William Tompkins, a retired aerospace engineer, claims he was involved with the launch of the Secret Space Program, handling documents pertaining to the antigravity vehicles created in Nazi Germany during WWII.

Time Dilation

The ability to bend space and time also implies the possibility of time travel. Time dilation was first measured during the Hafele–Keating experiment using atomic clocks installed inside aircraft. During the experiment, it was discovered that the position and speed at which the clocks moved through space affected the time they recorded, correlating with other tests of general relativity. Some claim that the Secret Space Program was able to further bend the laws of physics with the help of alien technology, and that several experiments were dedicated to shattering the notion of time.

Montauk Project

The Montauk Project was one such rumored experiment, continuing the work of the Philadelphia Experiment, a secret Navy operation that used Tesla coils to create an electromagnetic shield around the USS Eldridge. The Eldridge allegedly vanished, appeared several hundred miles away, then returned to its original location, much to the detriment of the crew who were severely physically or mentally damaged by the teleportation. The Montauk Project utilized this technology, this time conducting mind control tests, psychic enhancement of subjects and teleportation experiments. Researchers were able to travel through time tunnels, interacting with alien species and gathering intelligence from Mars. One of the darker aspects of the project involved its use of runaway children and kidnapped boys. Mental and physical torture was used to break down the children, allowing the subjects to be reprogrammed for later use in secret missions.

The Secret Space Program: A Historical Timeline

Explore the most notable events in the history of the Secret Space Program. Click on a section and unlock the secrets.

2014 – SSP WhistleblowersWhistleblowers reveal decades’ worth of covert military operations, non-terrestrial officers, and agendas surrounding a Secret Space Program. 
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2002 – Gary McKinnonScottish hacker Gary McKinnon hacks Pentagon computers and releases documented black project ops exposing proof of UFO’s and efforts behind a secret space program.
1959 – Project HorizonLed by the Nazi scientist Wernher von Braun, the U.S. army begins construction of their secret base on the moon.
1947 – Roswell & Area 51Reports of a crashed UFO northwest of Roswell, New Mexico brings about national attention when photographs reveal the remains at the top-secret military base, Area 51.
1920 – Vortex Technology & Manmade Flying SaucersPre-Nazi forces partner with German psychics known as The Vril Society and noted physicists to create channeled Sumerian saucer designs.
1960 – Brookings ReportCommissioned by NASA, the detailed report covers the possible societal implications of discovering extraterrestrial life.
1942 – Battle of Los AngelesOver 1 million people witness an unidentified ship hovering off the coast of LA and despite an hour-long defensive response, no wreckage was ever found.
1946 – Operation HighjumpThe U.S. Navy operation in Antarctica is disrupted by attacks from flying ships, prompting the Admiral Richard Byrd to warn humanity about high technology coming from within the Earth. 
1987 – The Airship MysteryA series of mysterious flying saucer sightings are publicized in newspapers all over the Western United States.
1967 – Project Moon ShadowCovert operation of 300 genetically engineered and trained humans are recruited for secret space programs and military service on Mars.
1991 – STS 48Three days into NASA’s space mission, the shuttle camera captures proof of UFO activity taking place in low Earth orbit.         
1942 – Vortex Technology & Manmade Flying SaucersPre-Nazi forces partner with German psychics known as The Vril Society and noted physicists to create channeled Sumerian saucer designs.

Inside the Program

The ever-growing expanse of breakaway civilizations requires a vast workforce. Explore the underpinnings of the secret space program.


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Set up a Google alert to track releases of declassified documents around the world. Review declassified content and become a master researcher of secret space program intelligence. Learn how track space anomalies through sites like Mufon and 4biddenknowledge


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