The keys to balance in yoga asana are intentional breath, core support, and mental focus. Return to your unshakeable center and discover equilibrium even in unstable circumstances with our collection of balance-focused practices. Physical balance includes one-legged balancing poses with one foot lifted off the ground and split-leg balancing poses, where the feet are in different planes. Our balance capacity shifts from moment to moment and throughout our lifetimes. Balance can be impacted by energy levels, stress, focus, and physically in the feet, legs, and core. Learn how to set an intentional focal point for your gaze (drishti), engage and strengthen your core to support your yoga balancing postures, and cultivate the courage and confidence needed for standing yoga poses. Gaia's collection of online yoga for balance classes include practices for all experience levels, from crescent lunge to complex asana such as birds of paradise and king dancer pose. Regardless of where you are in your physical yoga practice, Gaia’s online catalog of yoga videos meets you exactly where you are and can encourage you on the path to finding balance in your physical body and balance in your mind.

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