Busy Moms Sweet Sweaty Time Out Flow

Andrea Marcum leads this strong practice, Busy Mom's Sweaty-Sweet Time-Out Flow. This Marcum Method flow gets right to the point and gets the job done! Slip this in as your own time-out during nap time, play dates, or while they're pretending to do their homework and texting their friends. You'll emerge centered, grounded and ready to resume your super-human duties. Great for anyone who has limited time and want a generous helping of powerful flow, great stretch and stress release, with a delicious well-earned savasana for dessert.

Props: Blocks are a great way to modify. Stability is key as we encourage our mobility and without it we risk injury. I strongly suggest them as an addition to your home practice. As you will see, I use them frequently for modifications in this sequence.

Teacher: Andrea Marcum
Audio Languages: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English