Taylor Harkness

After years of seeing the world through a paramedic’s eyes, Taylor found his way to yoga and a passion for public health and social issues. Now a yoga teacher, nurse, and soon-to-be primary care provider, Taylor Harkness is your go-to vinyasa and restorative yoga teacher on Gaia. His friendly, energetic, and personable teaching style is supported with his medical background for a strong foundation in anatomy, and his love of helping people de-stress and find healthy lifestyle choices. Taylor’s vinyasa classes use movement as expression to promote energy and invigoration. His restorative practices invite an unwinding from the stressors and pressures built up from modern, daily life. Taylor sees yoga as a great tool: “[Yoga] allows us a foundation upon which to build some other healthy lifestyle habits and routines. I have used simple yoga techniques to relax the shoulders of stressed out office workers, to expand the lung capacity of post-surgical patients, to calm nervous children, and to nudge fellow co-workers toward better eating habits. For me, yoga is just a practice of awareness, and once we're present in the moment, we can make better decisions.” Off the mat you can find Taylor studying, rock climbing, attending medical trainings, or spending time with his husband and dogs. Taylorharkness.com | IG: @tjhark

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