How Do Clairsentients, Empaths, And Mediums Serve Humanity?

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Each person comprises a unique set of attributes, and therefore embodies and projects a unique vibration. It’s our vibration that attracts our lovers, friends, partners, and circumstances. Our vibrations also determine whether or not we can directly and immediately access information throughout the vibrating universe. If you can source and intuit impressions via the interconnected fabric of life, by interpreting what you sense or feel, you have a psychic gift, and might be a Clairsentient.

If you are also an Empath, you might be extremely sensitive, and can fully embody other people’s feelings, along with their muscle memory and emotional residue. In addition to living Beings, you might feel or absorb this residue from the environments you inhabit, which might also include sensing and feeling the vibrations of the objects around you. 

Empaths might not be more “spiritually evolved” than others, but we can feel other people’s pain, happiness, sorry, and shock. In many cases, we might feel a variety of emotions and not realize that they have nothing to do with us. Being an Empath can be challenging, but if we channel our skills correctly, we can be helpful and healing to those we engage.  

Clairsentient Empaths can become attuned to any vibration in the universe. Through gentle and straightforward practices, we can utilize our emotional bodies and higher senses to plug into the vibrational substratum of other worlds, species, and entities. 

Many people are Clairsentients, Empaths, or both, but haven’t invested in this aspect of themselves. Growing into these types of roles might require meditation, emotional release, forgiveness, and exhaustive explorations of current and prior relationships. It can be hard work, but the benefits can be immeasurably valuable. 

Meanwhile, Claircognizance is just a fancy word for the ability to “know” specific information about a person, place, or event, that may or may not have already happened. This is identical to being psychic. A psychic is someone who can answer specific questions by channeling, sensing, and seeing related energies, images, and feelings connected to others.

Are You an Empath?

Are you Clairsentient?

You might have all the skills, sensitivities, and attributes of a Clairsentient, but have not yet explored it. See if any of these Clairsentient abilities resonate with you:

  • Immediately aware of the positive and negative energies in a room
  • Able to absorb someone’s pain and then reflect it to them in some way
  • Able to name other people’s precise feelings 
  • Acutely aware of impending dangers for yourself and others
  • Able to sense answers to other people’s questions
  • Extremely selective about who is allowed into your inner circle or “family”
  • Knowing, without reservation, what someone’s life-path might be
  • Understanding the depth of someone’s pain upon meeting them
  • Occasionally feeling triggered, either emotionally or intellectually, with no provocation
  • Feeling sensitive to criticism, even when it’s presented in a loving way
  • Often have a deep “knowing” about the interconnectedness of the universe
  • As you feel and sense other people and environments, floods of information pour into you


What is a Medium?

Clairsentient people and Empathic-Mediums, or just “Mediums,” engage their sensitivities at higher and expanded levels. A Medium uses her senses and sensitivities to explore three-dimensional reality, which allows her to source information from someone’s past, present, or future. Mediums can sense energetic forms, feelings, and images connected to an individual. This can help them answer important questions about health, love, relationships, work, and more. 

Can Clairsentients, Empaths, and Psychics help you?

Any person who is able to source information from the other realms can be beneficial to us. They might feel what we are feeling, long before we feel it. Sourcing energetic intelligence might seem like a trivial ability, but it can heal hearts and relationships. It can also improve people’s physical health and save lives.

If you know an Empath or Clairsentient, open your heart to them. Chances are since they’ve known you, they’ve been processing bits and pieces of your emotions, thoughts, pains, and burdens. If you allow them to, they can help you work through difficult decisions and conflicts. They might also help you know yourself better. 

When these lovely folks communicate what they have absorbed from you, you might feel provoked into an emotional release or a deep inner-knowing. Afterward, you might feel emotionally, physically, and spiritually healed.

If you know a Clairsentient, Empath or Psychic, treat them with love and respect. When they share their discomfort and pain, whether it’s about you or someone else, pay attention. By allowing them to clear what they’ve gathered or absorbed, you help them liberate, which, in turn, helps them serve others – including you. 

How can you love the Empaths and Mediums in your life?

Trust these loving, influential people with your secrets. They probably already know them anyway. If you’re able to “come clean” with them, you’ll benefit greatly, and you'll remove a burden from their shoulders.

Sometimes Empaths and Clairsentients will be confused by the walls you put up. Since they can already see through your blockades, they’ll wonder why you don’t trust them. They might even doubt their understanding of you. There are probably 30 things that your Clairsentient Empath friends have been dying to tell you, but you have not yet shown signs of being open to hearing them.

Truly empathic and psychic people can easily become overwhelmed, and might not see it coming. They might suddenly stop talking, or they might appear to be dizzy or confused. When this happens, hold their hands, give them a cup of water, and sit with them. They might need a few minutes to expunge the energies they unconsciously collected.

As always, give these open-hearted folks lots of space. If you’re having a party and they decline to attend, don’t take it personally. Intuitive people sense impending events and take their perceptions seriously. If they decline, it’s probably for a good reason and of benefit to everyone involved.

I’ve declined attending events that felt questionable to me, and later changed my mind because I was coerced or “needed.” Not only have I regretted attending these events, others have also regretted it. 

How to nurture your sensitivities and your empathic and psychic abilities

If you believe that you’re a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), Psychic, Empath or Clairsentient, consider scheduling time every day to explore and expunge your emotions. You can process your residual and trapped emotions through meditation, journal writing, and “feeling through” the related imagery that your mind continues to conjure. With each release of emotions, comes wisdom. Without the recognition and expression of emotions on some level, we might not advance according to our potential and abilities. 

Every early morning before 6 am, sit quietly and invite your angelic guides to join you in your awakening. With each session, you’ll unveil a hidden pocket of emotions, along with precious gems of insight and awareness. Each session does not need to be longer than 15 minutes. If you can commit to this daily exercise for several months, your heart will relax, your mind will dissolve, and your anxiety will lessen. 

Over time, you will become aware of your relaxed and expanded Self. If you’ve done this type of work in the past, the moment you re-engage, you’ll immediately experience your prior work’s accumulated benefits. As you deepen, you’ll expand a part of the universe’s collective consciousness, and all Beings will benefit.

The world needs more HSPs, artists, healers, seers, Empaths, and Clairsentients. Given all the pain, confusion, and chaos throughout the universe, we need more sensitive people to commit to becoming Energy Warriors and Channelers of Light and Wisdom.

As you explore and expand your divine Self, consider repeating this mantra from Amma, The Divine Mother, “May All The Living Beings, In All The Worlds, Be Happy.”

Empathic Connections with Lucid Dreams

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How to Become Limitless | A Lesson on 360˚ of Abundance

The Rolling Stones have a song with the lyrics: “You can’t always get what you want…You get what you need.” But do we really know what we want or even know what we need?

If we could peer into the mind of the common individual who aspires for success we would most likely find this type of logic driving our wants or our goals.

For most, the idea of what we want is to become successful so we can then do what we enjoy. Successful in this case could be making X amount of money, becoming spiritually advanced, or becoming one of those people who say, “they just want to be happy.” In this mindset, the idea of success becomes a means to an end. I know this frame of mind intimately because this was me.

I was a normal family man with six beautiful children. I ran a successful web development company where I was the lead programmer. My idea of success was to design a program I could sell to Google or Facebook for millions. I would be free from the slave mentality of the common working class. Sounds logical, right? It’s what we all want.

However, there are endless flaws in this line of logic of wanting to be successful. For example:

This mindset assumes that as we accumulate the money we’ll have the same wants, needs, and desires as before. In essence, the same person as we were but with more money. This means to an end logic can never complete us. We want to find something that is a means so we can step away from our current life situation. We will always feel incomplete using this method. Case in point, look at famous wealthy individuals who make a decision to end their life. You would think they live in a perfect world, but their wealth merely magnifies the lack they had.

More flaws of this mindset will be covered deeper in this article.

I would have never realized these flaws if it wasn’t for my second near death experience (NDE). The second NDE opened me up to seemingly superhuman abilities that lie within all of us. With these abilities, I left the profession of programming computers and gained crazy proficiency in programming humans. I developed programs called Exponential Intelligence® and Medihealing® which help people unlock limitless human potentials with rapid, tangible and documented results.

But how do we know what we want if we don’t even know who we are and why we are here?

It took me more than three years of going through the “dark night of the soul” searching to fully come into the understanding of who we are and what is the real reason for our desires. My abilities have grown more succinct in helping people all around the world realize the truth that we are limitless by helping them achieve significant success in all aspects of life. I’ll discuss my findings and research in this article to help you:

  • Be who you really are
  • Get what you really want
  • Realize what you are truly capable of


From my research and observation of humanity, I can confidently make the assumption that less than 1% of individuals really know what they want and what makes them truly happy.

People want things to define who they are. That is the purpose of our ‘wants’ in the first place… to make us happy.

In this article, I’ll share my journey that has led me to discover what we are truly seeking. A discovery that redefines success bringing it to a whole different level of understanding. A discovery that will make us abundant in all aspect of our lives.


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