Are You Coming to Your Senses? Your Soul’s Sense of Sound

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Welcome to the second part of a five-part series on how your soul perceives your physical senses. In our previous article, The Sense of Sight, we discussed insight — the ability to see what is beyond the physical that is around you. Insight is a well-recognized phenomenon and is commonly referred to as the Sixth Sense, the Third Eye, or psychic ability, which you can learn more about from intuition expert Sonia Choquette.

Have you ever pondered that there might be a similar soul experience for sound? What might we call such an experience? Your inner sound waves of insight? Sound that is in alignment? For the purpose of this article we will refer to it as in-sound.

Sound as a Spiritual Experience

On the human plane of existence, sound is an important part of your spiritual experience. For example, music has never been more popular than it is today. There are numerous healing practitioners who use sound therapy of some form or another with their clients. And sound-based activities such as drumming circles are gaining in popularity outside of indigenous communities as a means for humans to connect with themselves and Source.

Thinking about the sense of sound in other ways…how many humans claim to hear voices at some time or another? Almost anyone who has spent much time in nature would say they’ve imagined they heard a voice in the wind at some point. Has it ever happened that you thought you heard the crying out of a woman or child, yet you can’t figure out where the sound has come from?

Have you ever heard some sort of a tone or had a ringing in your ears when there is nothing around you that could be making that sound? For instance, there isn’t a bell ringing or a television show on in your home or the next-door neighbor’s house. There’s no phone ringing, or even an electrical current hooked up to some device that would justify you hearing something. There is nothing physical that could be held accountable for making the noise, and yet you hear a sound.

The Sound of Your Soul

These sounds or voices that we are speaking of are the voices from within. This is your soul connecting to the oneness that is around you. These are the beings, so to speak, that are in the dimensions that are all around you. This is the energy connection to your flame.

Every soul emits a tone, and all high-vibrational essence beings know you by your sound.

What is the tonality of another soul, and how do you hear that sound? You hear it through the in-sound of your own soul! You don’t hear it standing next to someone else. You can’t hear someone else’s sound by holding your ear really close to their physical embodiment and saying to them “What is it I am listening for? I’ve been told there is a tonality to you and your existence, but I just can’t hear it!”

There’s too much density to the human body in the physical. Light, which is inside of you, has a high frequency pitch to it. This is what your soul aligns itself with. You can’t hear another soul’s tone with your physical ears — you can only hear it in your soul.

The Presence of Energy

You have to remember that science can’t prove this. Science can only prove the physical. Yet science knows it exists. How? Because the energy shows itself in scientific experiments on scales and meters, even though there is no physical proof of it! Theoretically, science predicts that sound and tonality will go even higher on their scales, but they don’t have an explanation for it. Science can’t accept it as it being something spiritual because they have no understanding of that aspect.

Energy is present even when you can’t see it. Have you ever stood under a group of overhead electrical wires and heard a popping or humming sound? Those wires are carrying currents of energy that most human beings use every day, yet you can’t see the energy…but you can certainly hear it!

What we would tell you is that there is energy that is more refined than what science can even comprehend. Science has recognized tones and sound that it can’t explain, so can we call it a midway or perhaps a middle ground of acceptance?

Experience the Energy of Sound

Meet renowned sound healer and modern-day Mystic Tom Kenyon in the film Song of the New Earth. He integrates modern-day scientific advances in sound research with mystical and ancient traditions including alchemy, Shamanism, and more. Sound can heal not only us but our planet, Mother Earth.

Hearing the Voices Within

Humans have been taught in most cases to run away from their in-sound, from the voices within. Why is that? Because religions have dictated that this is an evil occurrence, that it’s your alter ego or even the Devil speaking to you. In reality, it’s just the opposite…

What you hear through your physical ear is the altered ego state, and what you hear coming from within you is the God Voice.

You must remember, though, that everything has been designed through social consciousness to dis-empower you. Why? Those in power know that if you were to become empowered, you would not continue to serve them. So they have continued to come up with threats. The ultimate threat being that of Hell and damnation if you don’t abide by the guidelines they have laid out for you in the physical.

Many people are able to gain access to their in-sound during meditation. Spontaneous chanting during meditation or spiritual ceremonies is really the soul declaring itself, aligning itself with the tonalities from within. You are accessing sounds from interdimensional worlds and bringing them forth into the physical. Before you can produce sounds vocally, you have to hear them internally. That is the inner sound we are speaking about. And that is in alignment with your soul.

To access these higher forms of consciousness and further empower yourself, try Gaiam TV’s Fractal Meditation System. It can help you stimulate your mind into enhanced awareness.

The Difference Between Healing and Emotion

Feelings are the sensory system based upon the physical. Feelings are mostly shallow and fleeting, easily changed, and influenced by what is going on around you. In contrast, the emotional sensory system of the soul is a deeply resonating experience. It is the experience that is carried with you from lifetime to lifetime, from existence to existence. These are the emotions that move, change, shift, and expand you.

Can you see or feel the difference? Will you now HEAR things differently in your life? We hope this perspective on in-sound has opened you up to hearing your soul speaking to you.

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Study Seeks to Find Scientific Evidence for Clairvoyance

Study Prove Clairvoyant Abilities

A groundbreaking new study seeks to scientifically validate an ability we may all be born with, clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance, or the ability to perceive beyond the physical sense of sight, has been documented in almost every culture across all time. And yet it, like other psychic abilities, has often been feared, misunderstood, and disbelieved. Today, an ever-growing interest in extended perception has motivated researchers to scientifically study the phenomenon.

Helané Wahbeh ND, MCR, is the Director of Research at the Institue of Noetic Sciences (IONS), which investigates transcendent human experiences through rigorous scientific study. Dr. Wahbeh and her team recently conducted a study into clairvoyance.

“Clairvoyance is a historic term, it’s been used for a very long time, and it specifically means ‘clear seeing,’ but really it is this extended perception of being able to perceive beyond our physical sense of sight,” Dr. Wabeh said. “This shows up in different ways for people, some people actually see colors, they see supposed other beings that don’t have physical bodies, other people see in their mind’s eye. So, they might receive information or visuals from other people, from things around them that they wouldn’t be able to possibly know with their traditional five senses.”

Cyndi Dale is an energy healer and intuitive who has experienced clairvoyant abilities throughout her entire life.

“So there are many, many different ways that somebody can get a clairvoyant image or vision,” Dale said. “One of the ways is at night, sometimes they’re in dreams, sometimes in color or in black and white. Some people get their visions when they’re daydreaming. Sometimes the pictures that come in are futuristic, they’re about pre-destiny or something that could happen. Many times I find that the visions are about history, what’s occurred, or they’re psychological and they’re explaining what is. Being clairvoyant is complicated because it’s not just about receiving, it’s about how do you work with the images, how do you interact with them?”

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