2015 Horoscopes: Aries to Virgo


As we move into 2015 uncertainty for the future can set in. 2014 can leave us with doubt for what the next chapter in our lives holds, but ease yourself, dear one, for the divine will spark in your path in more ways than one.

The Year of the Sheep

2015 is the year of the sheep; this loving animal has the ability to lead us into different realms. The energy has ancestral potency, fertility, warmth, family time, love, abundance, and security. These elements together will intertwine to show us all our deepest potential.

Health matters continue to plague many, and the need to connect with the esoteric will prove to change consciousness. As a whole, we will continue to undergo deep transformations. The message will be clear: slow down and tend to your spiritual side without delay.

The fruits of this change will herald peace in all areas of your life. I continue wish all an inner awakening and a reminder that you do not need to look for an outside source to connect to Spirit. YOU, ME, WE are all a divine source. Stay true to yourself, never stop believing, and know that you truly are the Light of the World!

Shining Angel, Shirley Solano

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March 21 – April 19

  • Zodiac Symbol: Ram
  • Element: Fire
  • Physical Anatomy: Head; Face
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Arrogant, Independent, Alert, Most Likely to Lead, Impatient, Blunt, Friendly, Fast Decision Makers, Quick Temper, Determined

2015 General Outlook

It will be important to keep in contact with family members, Aries. You, as well as they, need as much emotional support as possible. Keep conversations honest; don’t speak unless you are sure you have all the evidence you need to talk.Stay in the moment with all things. Embrace the little things so that life can present you with something bigger.Rearrange your thoughts when it comes to how to handle your finances. Keep your ideas to yourself, venture into learning all of what you will need before you jump into making decisions. Optimize your thought patterns with positive affirmations. This will work wonders for your life. Remember that not all that glitters is gold when making purchases. Let 2015 be your year of making wise decisions.

Finances/Career Sector

You’re on the right track when it comes to managing money, Aries. 2015 holds numerous opportunities to recover what in previous years were lost. Those who gamble should not take risks, especially during summer season. Lady fortune is on your side but not with reckless spending habits. Most Aries have an excellent credit score; if you are amongst the ones who are not up-to-date with credit, get on it without further delay. Get your free annual credit report and double check all the details. For those employed, expect changes to continue. Co-workers or even you can take a leave of absence. This can be short-term but still always a good idea to leave things in check.

Love Sector

Love doesn’t have to be complicated, Aries, and 2015 is determined to show you just that. Communication will be the key in all love matters. Learning to express yourself in different ways will be the factor that is missing in love.The lunar eclipse in September confirms changes for single Aries. A great flame from the past returns with ignited passion. The memory of you shines brightly within their being, and they wish to see if there is still a chance. Go for it and remember that you deserve and should let another person love you. The summer solstice will be an auspicious time for those in relationship (s). Plan a vacation together somewhere tropical. In all conversations, allow your intuition to lead. Stop letting issues from the past plague your tender heart. Let this year wrap your heart with healing.

Golden Guidance

Invite bliss into your life. Pay attention to detail especially with paperwork. Connect with family members whom you didn’t even know existed. Dig deep into your roots so that you can find many of the answers you seek for your life. Practice healthy ways of releasing stress. Don’t let stubborn behavior be your downfall. Stop the gossip; learn the art of talking less and listening more. Watch your temper, and don’t let your stubborn nature close doors that were once open. Check electronics for investments. Let thoughts flow through you in different ways and prepare your consciousness to enter new realms. Affirm that 2015 will be your year to concrete prosperous foundations for you and your family.


April 20 – May 21

  • Zodiac Symbol: Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Physical Anatomy: Throat; Neck Area
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Kind, Possessive, Stubborn, Patient, Sensual, Loyal, Detailed, Home Lovers, Social, Bossy

2015 General Outlook

The saying “home is where the heart is” will deem true for you, Taurus, in 2015. Love is what makes us family and in the end the people who surround you will show you just how much they love and respect you in their lives. Spring time reaps rewards for those willing to accept the differences in others. These newcomers will give you a different perspective about life. Everyone you meet is not a coincidence, so just remember to appreciate everyone. Summer months show an increase in socializing, and because of this you must get enough rest. Anxiety levels will rise if you insist on not taking a break every few days. Make time and tend to your being. Sing, read, write, and flow with the positive embers of the universe. You have a chance in 2015 to make all that was wrong right so go for it without delay.

Finances/Career Sector

Income declines temporarily in the beginning of the year.Make a budget for yourself, write down all of your expenses, and follow it to the T. Shortly after mid-March income will increase. Mercury, your money planet, promises sporadic windfalls of money. Just when you think money is short, like nothing it will come to you. For those looking into starting their own business it is best to wait until after June. Start small, check into different ways of advertising, and renew and/or start your own website. Taurus are very creative, so anything having to do with art, design, painting, writing, cooking, decorating etc. will all bring extra cash.

Love Sector

Love remains a roller coaster ride in all directions. Pluto, your planet of love, continues to rejuvenate romance so that you can get the best of what love has to offer. Single Taurus met some interesting prospects in 2014, but it should not continue into 2015, especially for those lacking communication. Many times it is hard to know when you are making the right decision with love, but it is important to listen to your thoughts with romance. For the most part, the mind sets reason so if needed have common sense with your love life. Any Taurus looking to expand the family, April to July will be a very fertile time. Taurus in relationship(s) should think about expanding together. Look into investment opportunities and/or ways of saving in general.

Golden Guidance

Release those burdens that you insist on carrying that aren’t yours. Separate your feelings from your emotions so that you can make wise decisions throughout the whole year. Connect with family in more ways than one. Change your home; include different colors and patterns that reflect your new outlook of life. Every couple of months make changes to your appearance so that this can uplift your esteem. Use hot rocks, essential oils, and other methods to relieve tendon, muscle, and joint inflammation. Give your body the proper nutrients so that you can build its defenses up. Propel your thoughts in positive directions, speak truth, and trust your inner guidance. You are an anchor for many, and it is time for you to recognize this aspect of yourself.


May 22 – June 20

  • Zodiac Symbol: Twins
  • Element: Air
  • Physical Anatomy: Shoulders; Hands; Arms; Lungs; Nerves
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Fickle, Thoughtful, Intellectual, Nervous, Polite, Physical, Willing to Learn New Things, Inconsistent, Obsessive, Responsible

2015 General Outlook

It’s all about balance, Gemini; you are an air sign and will need to cultivate a profound relationship with all of the elements. Mother Earth calls you in different ways, and although you unknowingly feel many of her messages, you will have to quiet your mind to receive more. 2015 requires you to be flexible in all things. The solar eclipse on March 20th begins a time of clarity for you. Those waiting to resolve anything having to do with legal matters can do so at this time. If possible make two vacation trips this year. The first can be before May and the other by the end of November. These months show a great flow with flights, road trips and even boat rides. After September 23rd the autumnal equinox shows changes at home. Now would be the time to relocate and/or give your dwelling a makeover. Let 2015 be your year of prosperity.

Finances/Career Sector

It will be very important to resolve all debts in 2015. If you owe any money, be sure to pay it off with the lump sums of money you will receive numerous times throughout the year. The moon is your money planet and transits weekly throughout the universe; nurture a connection so that you can calculate when beneficial to save and spend. For those employed, consider looking for something that can make you grow, not only as a person but more so as a professional. Don’t stay somewhere because it feels safe— take risks and look for better employment. Any Gemini looking to retire should first have a plan. Make a financial plan so that you won’t experience hardships.

Love Sector

Bury once and for all anything that hurt your tender heart. Start the New Year with a fresh outlook regarding love. Think about the word love and what it means to you. You may be surprised to see how life has changed its meaning. Jupiter, your love planet, is determined to show you love in various ways. Single Gemini should wait until spring time to consider settling down with a special someone. Don’t rush into a relationship because you feel lonely. Get to know the person so that you won’t be disappointed. Those in relationship(s) should watch their temper. Being angry is not an excuse to verbalize abuse to anyone. Practice patience as well as breathing techniques so that your emotions won’t get out of hand.

Golden Guidance

Feed your intellect by creating a must-read list. Expand yourself so that you can continue to receive many the blessings life has to offer. It is okay to help loved ones as long as it doesn’t become a burden. Network in different locations, for many doors can open with opportunity. Anything having to do with charity, volunteering and/or fundraising prospers your soul. Do not delay making doctor appointments. Check for lumps and any irregularities within your being. If you let it escalate you can find yourself in pain. Share your stories with like-minded souls; this will bring great healing from within. July will be a great month for growing spiritually. If you have any questions regarding mystical topics, ask the universe to send you a great teacher and be willing to learn for inner growth.


June 21 – July 22

  • Zodiac Symbol: Crab
  • Element: Water
  • Physical Anatomy: Stomach; Chest; Breast
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Loyal, Moody, Intuitive, Caring, Cynical, Creative, Emotional, Dependable, Live in the Past, Private, Secure/Insecure

2015 General Outlook

2015 is the year to laugh about the things that once made you cry. Finish healing your emotional side so that you can be that being of light that you are, Cancer. Your target months are every 3rd month of the year starting in March. Reap what you sow and spread only rewards. Any issues with weight, hair loss, digestion etc. will miraculously dispel. Continue with natural remedies as well as physician instructions. The more you love yourself the more you’ll see an increase in bliss. Remember, you are loved by many, so don’t let others opinions about you ruin your confidence. Overall, this will be a busy year mostly because your circle of people will expand. Mingle with the non-commoner and learn different path ways of life while continuing to remain humble.

Finances/Career Sector

Finances look prosperous for Cancers in 2015. Debts from others are cleared with you and this helps noticeably with setting balance to your checkbook. From June to August declutter your home and look for things you can sell. Extra income materializes all year round, and the smartest thing to do is pay off debt. Cancers currently employed find harmony with coworkers even when changes occur. An offer to you is in the works, but this may mean relocating and/or implementing what you currently do with a new position. Analyze every single document that comes your way, pay attention to detail, and use logic to problem-solve any issues on the job. Those looking to new employment show advancement in fields such as retail, hospitality, designing, theater, legal, and/or textile industry.

Love Sector

Whoever said that love comes in unexpected ways knew exactly what they were talking about, Cancer. 2015 is your year to start new romantic chapters in your life. The stars align as if by magic to adhere to your heart’s calling. The only thing holding things back is your idea of a perfect partner. Saturn, your love planet, confirms that single Cancers have many chances to rebuild the love nest. Ah el amour! Accept new feelings and open your heart for love to enter. Those in relationship(s) will downfall in connection if they keep letting things escalate negatively. If you are not happy with your partner(s), then break it off. It is not as complicated as it seems. Regardless of where you are in romance, know that the most important relationship you will have is with yourself.

Golden Guidance

Imperfections can make perfections; therefore, embrace this aspect of yourself, Cancer. Listen to soft music so that you can connect with tranquil realms. Ambitious behavior will be rewarded. Get off your high horse and give gratitude to those who help you with even the smallest of things. Forgive the past for it no longer has a place in your present. Travel to new places especially after the second half of the year. Surround your space with beauty and things of vibrant colors that match your personality. Continue to change your image, for this will work wonders for your self-esteem. Friends from the past wish to reconnect with you for forgiveness; when they come, ponder with your heart and show mercy for their honesty. 2015 will be your year to triumph, your year of victory and understanding.


July 23 – August 22

  • Zodiac Symbol: Lion
  • Element: Fire
  • Physical Anatomy: Back; Spine; Heart
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Loyal, Arrogant, Prideful, Authoritative, Active, Loving, Sexual, Positive, Outgoing, Lazy

2015 General Outlook

No one knows you better than yourself, Leo, so why not discover within your being what it really is you want in life. 2015 flows with changes in how you treat yourself. The relationship you have with yourself takes center stage pretty much all year long. Others notice this newfound appreciation for life and are determined to steer you off course, but you, Leo, will roar diplomatically and continue your life’s journey with ease. The summer season will be your time to shine in all areas of your life. From August to the end of September consider volunteer work. A hobby is what you will need to open new doors for yourself. Keep a watchful eye on your eating, especially if you love to overindulge. Tame your inner beast with prayer all year long and watch how positive things flow to you.

Finances/Career Sector

Money comes and goes, and in 2015 it will continue to do so if you do not practice the art of budgeting. Do not spend every last cent Leo; learn to differentiate your needs from your wants. Mercury, your planet of money, transits within your sectors cashing in on old debts. Between the months of May to August you may receive random calls from people who wish to pay what they owe you. Receive the money and close that chapter in your life for good. Leos looking into business opportunities should choose to do one thing at a time. Organize yourself and look into s.w.o.t analysis as well as some demographics. Orient yourself in some business 101 before venturing out into something new. Those looking for changes in employment should consider anything to do with movies, theater, nursing, child care, transportation and/or security.

Love Sector

Surround yourself with things that represent love. At home place pictures of people kissing and/or having a good time. Buy flowers and pamper yourself the way you would like your partner(s) to do so. Many single Leos continue to keep certain individuals from the past around for fear of never finding love again. This unhealthy thinking just keeps romance stale, so decide for once and for all what you want in love matters. On the other hand, other single Leos are ready to embrace new love into their hearts. Spring and autumn will be great months for romance; take a chance with a newcomer. Leos in relationship(s) come up with a plan to fortify the partnership(s). Invest in monthly plans where both (or all) of you rendezvous together. Spice things up with spontaneous outings that surely will make love much more interesting.

Golden Guidance

Accept love in your life. Create a space within yourself that will ultimately become your sanctuary. Both full and new moons show to be beneficial to your spirituality. Connect with ancestors for answers about the past. Any air sign (Gemini, Aquarius and Libra) are meant to come into your life to change your perspective about things. Accept these people and know that they are divinely sent. Take care of your skin for potential outbreaks. Let your smile be the trademark that others remember. Make sure you write down everyone’s contact information. Continue making time for your family. Start cooking more, Leo, and try new recipes that you can end up passing down to others. 2015 is your year to change things in your life for good.


August 23 – September 22

  • Element: Earth
  • Physical Anatomy: Nervous System; Intestines; Lower part of Stomach (Under Bellybutton)
  • Positive Traits and Qualities to Overcome: Perfectionist, Critical of Themselves and Others, Detailed, Gentle, Witty, Shy, Reliable, Cynical, Fertile, Sociable

2015 General Outlook

Many Virgos are determined to start the New Year with a different outlook. 2015 is your year to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished rather then what is left to do in life. The month of January will be your planning month. If possible set a timeline to your goals. Project dates and/or a quota you wish to meet. Even though you may not get to them by the dates, you set you can at least manifest a direction in your life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, continues to set attention to your health. Check yourself for small lumps, thyroid inflammation, lack of blood flow, irritated ankles, etc. and tend to them without delay. You are an earth sign that always checks nutrition, so it is just a matter of loving your body in a different way. There are vacations noted between March and September. One of the getaways may be unexpected so be sure to have enough money set aside.

Finances/Career Sector

Finances increase just before spring time and with this extra income pay off what you had in mind. Anything with high interest and/or that involves paying too much monthly should have priority. Employed Virgos should hold off with changes until summer season. This is mostly because there are some changes with coworkers and there could be a new position opening up, which will give you the opportunity to transfer rather than starting over elsewhere. If you need any extra money, then embrace your creative side. Anything having to do with hair, makeup, treats, nutrition, general selling and/or trading brings extra funds. Make it a point to save at least 2% from any income, Virgo. You know how to spend; now balance it out with the ability to save.

Love Sector

So many questions unanswered in love matters for single Virgos but 2015 will change that. Your 12th house of secrets and hidden things activates but only after the total solar eclipse on March 20th. What you needed to know about past lover(s) comes from the nothing, and in addition to this you will hear from others just how envious they always were of you. Keep calm and just live your life, Virgo. Whenever you feel anxiety about the future stop and breathe, that way you can calm your affectionate heart. Forgive your partner(s) imperfections, and live with what is present. Your partner loves you deeply despite of any past errors they have committed. In their eyes, you are definitely one in a million. Those in relationship (s) and/or newly attached romantically to someone create everlasting memories.

Golden Guidance

Surround yourself with more greens so that you can continue to grow in all areas of your life. Get out of your comfort zone and travel to a new place. Look for spiritual truth outside of religion and discover the Christ consciousness within. Open windows in your home and let fresh air circulate. Consider a new pet for your family, especially during the autumn months. Listen to different types of music, implement instrumental sounds, and tame your inner beast in times of despair. Count your blessings multiple times throughout your day. Create a routine in which you connect with the creator. Converse with people who know a thing or two about spiritual realms; this will awaken clarity as well as new ways of interpreting things. Accept love without boundaries, and know that 2015 will be your year to recreate yourself.


Shirley Solano

Shirley Solano is a gifted trance and intuitive medium who has helped many with her highly accurate readings. She is very passionate and has helped numerous individuals transform and raise their vibrations to attract only the highest good into their lives. Her spiritual experience and simple ways to communicate have opened the doors that have lead many into new realms.
She also does monthly horoscopes and teaches beginners and our youth to cultivate their spiritual gifts. She is based out of New Jersey and has helped many in various states and countries. Some of her works were published in Evolving Soul Magazine and local interfaith homes.
Currently, Shirley lives in New Jersey and offers spiritual guidance by appointment only via in–person, phone, or email. To learn more about Shirley, email her at ssolano6[at]yahoo.com.


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