Feng Shui Space Clearing and Salt Water Cure

Feng Shui Space Clearing and Salt Water Cure

As an energetically sensitive being, we may find ourselves affected by people, events and even spaces. Though subtle, we can often feel the shifts of energy which can bring us discomfort and unease. Practices clearing these spaces starts in our physical environment. When this physical container is clear, it allows the light of our soul to expand and create greater manifestations from within.

Feng Shui is an ancient practice of maximizing the energetic flow of a physical space. All things have Chi/Qi – a life force energy which is always in motion.

Paying attention to these trusted principles can help us be in more cooperation with the harmony of life around us. When we apply these methods, we may discover ease, joy, abundance and creativity is more easily able to find us.

Stagnation occurs when there is no flow. This stuck energy can feel like something is off, lethargy and simply being uninspired. When this blockage is allowed to fester, arguments, sickness, depression and loss of material wealth may result. The tensions will certainly mount if we do not pay proper attention to how energy is allowed to move around us. Feng shui space clearing is one practice we can engage to ensure the flow remains.

When to Clear Your Space

While routine cleansing should be a normal part of your home care, I like to also clear, charge and bless the home during significant moon phases like the Full and New Moons, during eclipses and at the holy-days. Each will give us a subtle reset which can program the energy of our space to resonate with our own intentions.

When matched with sacred days honored throughout time, we will get an extra boost in the form of blessings from the natural world. If we can match the vibration of clear intent with our personal goals, energies can more clearly manifest for us.

Anytime you feel unsettled in your space, this is a good indicator that feng shui space clearing may help. More obvious reasons could be a fight, a trauma or guests who may not match your frequency, which also offer an ideal time to clear your physical space.

Moving into a new home can be hectic, but merging with your new space so that it may be ready to hold all of you is also a must. Clear out the old tenants and introduce yourself to your home room by room.

And don’t feel like this ritual cleansing only applies to your home! Cars, offices and yards are carriers of energy and may need our attention from time to time.

Works spaces likewise are crucial as we all have tensions that arise at work. A little bit of feng shui clearing will help us be more focused, productive and at ease in this most important aspect of our lives.

Negative Energy

In feng shui, salt can purify “negative” energy bringing the charge back to neutrality. Some people feel the new energy as clear, purified and clean. It can then hold and lift the intentions we set.

Let us acknowledge that just because something feels funky, it doesn’t necessarily equate to evil or “negative.” Rather it is simply a disruption that affects our energy fields.

Like a duck swimming in a dirty pond, the dirty water is not bad, it is just affecting the duck in ways that are not optimum for its well being. Energy is the same, to label it as negative or bad will only program it to be so. Energy is neutral, it’s subtle affect on us is where we can be patiently aware.

Physical Cleansing

Beyond the subtle energy, taking care of the physical premise is also essential to space clearing.

Clean your windows (your eyes to the home) and brush off the cobwebs lingering. While the roof of the home connects us to the heavens, the floor connects us to Earth and both should be free of clutter, dust and debris which symbolize old patterns that are ready to be moved out.

We all feel better in a clean space and it is well recognized the cleanliness of a space allows us more space to create and thrive. I myself have never been a clean freak (nor do I care to be) but when my house is clear, inspiration is a natural outcome. Doing just a bit a day to honor the space in your space will do wonders!

Feng Shui Clearing

Feng Shui is an excellent method of space clearing for its effectiveness is almost guaranteed. Any technique employed for thousands of years must be working!

What you’ll Need:

  • Friday is said by feng shui experts the best time to clear. Make it a part of your weekly agenda.
  • A smudge stick (sage, palo santo or copal are my go to’s… admittedly not Chinese herbs but respected well by the local spirits with whom we partner)
  • Sandalwood incense
  • An affirmation or intention. It can be anything that resonates with you, but mine usually go like this: “I bless this home that all may enter will feel and contribute to the love that resides within.”
  • Salt (natural sea salt or Himalayan salt will hold more potent energies but even table salt will do)

The Ritual:

  • Clean your home physically letting go of anything which carries old, outdated energy which may remind you of the past.
  • Open all windows and doors to allow the flow to maximize.
  • Put on some music that invites calm or joy (depending on my intentions, dancing may be just what is necessary!)
  • Focus clearly on your intention for yourself and how the home may help you hold it.
  • Light the sandalwood and let the smoke swirl first around you moving the stick from your head to your toes. This is called smudging. Be sure to get your “unders”- underarms, under feet, under seat (between the legs) and behind the knees. The smoke will clear the energy and absorb anything disruptive.
  • Recite your intention as you smudge the house. Start with entryway and move clockwise through the room. Be sure to include windows, corners, closets and behind & under the furniture. When you return to the entry, you can move on to the next room. The smoke will billow heavier in the places with more stagnation. (Nothing magical here but it is a good indicator of where stuff in your home gets “stuck.”)
  • If you have multiple levels, I like to start at the bottom and work my way up sending all the energy out the front door.
  • Once you’ve cleared the whole house and return to where you began, clear yourself again aligning with and stating again your affirmation.
  • Use the salt and put a pinch in every corner (clockwise again in the same order that you cleared). This will absorb any “negative” energies as they enter your space. The salt will need to be replaced occasionally but it is best to repeat the entire ritual when you do.

3 Day Water Charge & Salt Water Spritz

While a full ritual is always the most pleasing to our souls and spaces, sometimes we just don’t have the time. A quick spritz will do the trick!

Day 1

Pour water in a bowl and let it sit under the sun and moon putting your intentions into it several times.

Day 2

Add salt and swirl it with your hand (allowing your own frequencies to merge with the salt water). Let the water sit for a 2nd day in sun and moon light again charged with your intentions. *Note if you live in places where it freezes, the water (and container) will crack. Place the water by a well lit window instead.

Day 3

Bring the water in and pour into a spray bottle. This then becomes your traveling ritual which can help quickly clear anything!

How to Make Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

When you are feeling super charged and want to engage in some deep ceremony, the Feng Shui Salt Water Cure can be left for a year to absorb negative energies and correct any penetrating interruptions in your life.

  1. Use a large glass or ceramic bowl (the thrift store is a great place to find something you can allow to be out of working service for a year!)
  2. Pour in salt to fill three quarters of the bowl
  3. Place 6 Feng Shui coins (yang side up) in a circle on top of the salt
  4. Pour in water to fill the bowl and place on a mat. Salt and water crystallizes so protect your furniture for the year ritual.
  5. Choose a place where the bowl can remain undisturbed for a year and leave it uncovered to bless and absorb your intentions

There is no better way to work with these clearing energies than having a direct experience yourself. Try them out, cater the ritual to your own spiritual flair and celebrate the wondrous ways the natural world is always in support of our human condition!

Where to Place Salt Water Cure 2019

In 2019 the #5 and #2 Flying Stars, according to the annual chart, recommended that a saltwater cure be placed in the Northeast and/or the Southwest of your home or office. In 2019 the Southwest represented misfortune, meaning it was best to maintain stillness while allowing positive energy to enter into your space. Similarly this year, the Northeast represents illness and disaster, so placing a saltwater cure in this corner will help dissolve negative energy.


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