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How to Balance Your Crystal or Indigo Child’s Energy


Indigo and Crystal Children, are very sensitive to the energy around them and having a balanced, stable energy field allows them to function at their best. It also continues to empower them to be a gift to the rest of the world. We bring you some simple, fun exercises that will help your Child’s energy be balanced on a daily basis.

You can do these techniques that are easy enough for any child (or grown-up Child, for that matter!):

Electromagnetic Energy of Indigo and Crystal Children

The energy in our body is electromagnetic, but this isn’t easy to imagine, and therefore can hinder the management of our body energy. To help children sense something which usually can’t be seen, have them rub their hands together rapidly. Then gently bring their hands almost together and apart several times to see if they can sense the energetic force between their hands.

If they can easily feel the energy in their palms, have them playfully stretch it out and squeeze it together again or toss it to someone else to catch. Once your Indigo or Crystal Child has completed this exercise, it’ll be a lot easier to explain. Take time to help them understand how important it is to keep this energy balanced in their body and connected to the Earth’s energy.

Breathing Exercises for Crystal Children and Indigos

We’ve mentioned this one before, but it’s so effective and important, we’re bringing it up again! The way we breathe has a huge impact on how grounded we feel. If we breathe shallowly through the chest, it kicks our nervous system into the stress mode. Keep an eye on your child’s breathing, and make it fun! You can start a game out of having your child take slow, deep breaths as they focus on different parts of their body.

Can they imagine breathing through the bottom of their feet, their heart center, top of their head or their stomach? As they focus on different areas of the body can they visualize any stress or negative energy leaving their body as they exhale? This practice isn’t too far off from reality at all, as our breath moves energy!

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Seated Grounding

Here’s another great exercise that gets your kid’s imaginations going! While your child is sitting in a chair or cross-legged on the floor, have them imagine that they have a tail just like a monkey touching the floor/earth. This is their grounding cord which is good for releasing negative energy and taking on positive energy.

See if they can set an intention to let go of negative energy down their tail releasing it into the earth. When all their negative energy has been released, ask them to bring up some of the life-giving earth energy. Do they notice the difference in the quality of energy flowing up from the earth? Conducting this exercise while seated outdoors can be a very positive experience!

Standing Grounding

While your child is standing up have them imagine they are a strong, sturdy tree with roots that grow out of the bottom of their feet growing deep into the earth. Feel how solid and strong they feel when their roots connect them into the earth’s energy.

Can they bring up the earth’s positive energy through the bottom of their feet and up through their body until it spills out the top of their head like a fountain? What are some words they can use to describe how this positive energy feels when it is moving through their body?

Relax and Release Exercise

Attract the excessive electromagnetic energy of your child’s body and release it. Rub the bottom of your child’s foot with a metal spoon in a counter-clockwise direction, keeping it firmly pressured rather than lightly. The counter-clockwise circles release over-energy helping the child to calm down and relax (it’s a principle of reflexology, after all!). This is an especially good exercise to do if your child is having trouble relaxing and falling asleep at night! They may like it so much that they ask for it over and over.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Techniques like tapping are important for people of any age! This EFT technique is known as the Karate Chop. When children become energetically reversed, they will self-sabotage or make choices which brings them harm instead of positive things. A quick way to balance their polarity is to do the Karate Chop with the side of one hand tapping the open palm of the other hand. If combined with a positive affirmation and a deep breath it helps to shift their reversed polarity.

Often the child is feeling frustrated so have them say something like this, “Even though I am mad about [fill in the blank], I like myself and I am still a good kid.” Any words which state the problem and some form of acceptance in spite of the problem while tapping the side of their hand appears to work in correcting reversed energy. This acceptance statement should be repeated out loud at least 3 times with the cleansing breath.


Again, the benefits of these adult exercises can be had by anyone! Walking barefooted outdoors (weather permitting) is another good way of increasing your child’s groundedness. Have your child notice the different sensations of grass, earth, pavement, sand, rocks, and water as they walk. Stimulating the bottom of your child’s foot through massage or reflexology is another way to get them to tune into their feet and get them back into their body energetically.

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