What is a Sun Sign?

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In simple terms, a Sun sign is where in the zodiac the Sun was located at the time of your birth.

Routinely a Sun sign is also called a star sign because the Sun is a star. Several classify the Sun as a planet because it rotates just like the other celestial bodies in the universe. But many forget that just like the earth, all of the planets, comets, asteroids, etc. are constantly moving—even we are in orbit at this very moment. The Sun’s potent presence is powerful, and it has the ability to infuse energy simultaneously in all directions. When the Sun is in a particular zodiac, certain aspects of our lives are enhanced so that we can function with purpose on our earth journey.

Sun Sign and Zodiac Sign Are Different

Both the Sun sign and zodiac sign are mutually important, but it is beneficial to know that they are very much different. Many people confuse a Sun sign as being the same as a zodiac sign because the zodiac is a general place to where the Sun was when you were born.

It takes the Sun about 25 plus days to rotate completely. The time frame of when the equator and when the north and south poles rotate are different by just a few days. There are many who are born on the same or just about the same date and time, but in a different region and/or year.

This is precisely what causes one to have a different Sun sign and zodiac sign.

To get an accurate assessment of your Sun sign, you must know the exact time and location of your birth. This is what’s key to the accuracy of your personal astrological predictions. I am sure you can look online and enter this information to find what exactly your personal Sun sign is. If you decide not to and just want a general outlook, then you can always use your zodiac sign since it can also give you accurate insight about your life.

If for some reason you are unable to find your personal Sun sign, don’t worry. Take a different approach and consider building a relationship with the Sun. The Sun within itself has many beneficial qualities that is said to include curing depression, fortifying your immune system, cleansing the blood and blood vessels, and much more. You have the ability to connect to this star. Set your intention and let it guide you.

Common traits for each Sun sign

Sun sign in Aries

For those who have the Sun in Aries, both the Sun and fire element energy intertwine to enhance these innate pioneers. The Sun heightens their passionate nature, which in turn creates a beautiful soul. Many gravitate toward a career that feels rewarding and gives them the opportunity to remain active physically, mentally, or emotionally. Male Sun sign Aries is quite the charmer and prefers stable surroundings. Female Sun sign Aries tends to emotionally gravitate toward things that give her purpose. In general, both face adversity with a courageous heart. Deep down they care deeply but have trouble showing their vulnerable nature for fear of getting hurt or appearing weak.

Sun sign in Taurus

If your Sun sign is in Taurus, then you are a strong-willed individual, a natural bearer of force. Many can experience confusion, but this is only because they tend not to connect with Mother Earth. They excel in careers having to do with customer service, caregiver, graphic design, justice, and anything to do with transportation. Male Sun sign Taurus reflects stability and control and with communication can settle any situation. Female Sun sign Taurus enjoys caring for her home and loved ones. In general, both can have a jealous streak, but if they learn to tame it will bring great rewards. They deeply love everyone in their circle and will always fight for what they believe is right.

Sun sign in Gemini

Those who have a Sun sign in Gemini are intellectually at an advantage. Maturity will always be important for these bright yet curious beings. Their goal is to reflect the beauty that life has to offer. They seek justice in all things and are determined to make the world a better place. Mental and physical stimulation is needed for them to feel balanced. Any career having to do with creating things manually, designing, cooking, accounting, and law are beneficial. Male Sun sign Gemini seeks truth in all things and is great at keeping family together. Female Sun sign Gemini expresses love in different ways and knows when to back off. Both love pleasure and are socially annoying but very much liked.

Sun sign in Cancer

If your Sun sign is Cancer then you are a lovable, adorable, profound being. You crave understanding and this many times can make your emotions roller coaster for no reason. The Sun helps with transmitting energy to you and this benefits all areas of your life. You excel in anything having to do with hospitality, spirituality, computers and communication. Male Sun sign Cancers loves to create harmony. Female Sun sign Cancers find peace in knowing that they are part of a higher purpose. Both males and females alike are childlike which is not to be confused with immaturity. They love fun and laughter. They can be cynical at times but overall have an innocently shy personality and end up being true friends.

Sun sign in Leo

Those with a Sun sign in Leo have a double dosage of Sun energy. This gives them the encouragement they need to live life to the fullest. They love people to acknowledge them. This at times can cause woes, but overall deep down they really do need that extra boost for their confidence. Male Sun sign Leos are protective and like hosting others. Female Sun sign Leos are trendy and display integrity when needed. Both push lower vibrational energies aside and move forward without looking back. Others underestimate their potential at times. Having a big family that loves them is very important for their growth.

Sun sign in Virgo

If your Sun sign is in Virgo, your mysterious side always has others intrigued. Many will know you but few will actually appreciate your inner essence. Laughter, music, and dance is a must in your atmosphere. Others are socially drawn to your presence, and you are usually good at giving advice to others. Male Sun sign Virgos tend not to take things personally. Female Sun sign Virgos are committed when they make a decision. Both show affection through action rather than through words. Their emotions run high when they are miSunderstood, and that is why they must always connect with the Sun’s energy. They benefit in careers having to do with the medical field, foster care, driving, acting, or herbs/gardening.

Sun sign in Libra

Those who have a Sun sign in Libra create long-lasting friendships. They take their time when making decisions and often go within for long periods. Many cannot tolerate having others think they are weak and will always try to hide failures internally. They are caring individuals and can sense when others are in need. Male Sun sign Libras are great communicators because they soothe with understanding. Female Sun sign Libras are organized and always willing to give others they love a hand. Both are joyous, especially when the Sun beams upon them. Many of them like gardening, building things, sewing, cooking, and counseling. They can appear serious at times but pretty much are childlike jokesters.

Sun sign in Scorpio

For those who have a Sun sign in Scorpio gladly the Sun emits healing for them. They are delicate souls who mystically run their lives with ease. Most are sensitive and for that reason many times feel lost in life. The Sun helps with that by constantly reminding Scorpios just how important they are to humanity. Many decide to venture into self-employment, real estate, acrobatics, and music. Male Sun sign Scorpios are compassionate and care very much about animals. Female Scorpios help others balance their past with their present. Both are attractive and allure others with their charisma. They secretly dream constantly about romance and only desire to have a deep emotional understanding.

Sun sign in Sagittarius

Those who have a Sun sign in Sagittarius gallop through life with elegance. What makes them prosper is their ability to help others in need without expecting anything in return. Most are purely at service and will never betray the trust given them. They can excel in careers that have to do with investigating, local or international trade, personal trainer, or sales. Male Sun sign Sagittarius’s hold on to what is truly important to them. Female Sun sign Sagittarius’s express freely and like when others appreciate them. Both tend to have old souls and are able to help others deal with life; this often leads them to leadership roles that‒with integrity‒they must maintain.

Sun sign in Capricorn

If you have your Sun sign in Capricorn, then you are a great humanitarian. You feel deeply what others are going through, which is why you must always wear your armor of protection when helping those in need. The Sun helps Capricorns be socially active and is always looking for ways to motivate you so that you can counselor others on their journeys. Male Sun sign Capricorns can intimidate, but inside they are caring individuals. Female Sun sign Capricorns are responsible and will always try their best to keep the family together. Both are influenced by the Sun in positive ways that only they themselves can understand. Many lean toward the support of their loved ones and find family within close friends.

Sun sign in Aquarius

The ones who have a Sun sign in Aquarius have a spontaneous approach to life. They easily adopt new styles and set trends for others. Many turn out to be great philanthropists, and their innovative ideas grab the attention of all. They often shine in careers that stimulate their minds such as business entrepreneurship, real estate, photography, spirituality, public speaking, and writing. Male Sun sign Aquarius’s can have trouble with expression but can overcome this with education. Female Sun sign Aquarius’s are energetic and promote earthly love. Both have a vitality that transmits vibrational energies to others, furthering the need to experience inner and outer connections.

Sun sign in Pisces

If your Sun sign is in Pisces then your traits expand far and wide. You are loyal, active, and only wish to have others accept you for who you are. You greatly need to express your feelings, and for that reason many are drawn to your energy. Your soul craves worldly peace, and it would soothe your heart to know that you had a part in making this happen. Many in this sign are drawn to careers in animal care, caregiving, farming, technical, spirituality, politics, or education. Male Sun sign Pisces are sensitive and know when to show others their vulnerable side. Female Sun sign Pisces comfort others with their understanding and patience. Both are fluent in the language of love and love to romance and be romanced.

Welcome to the 2019 Earth Pig Year

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On February 5, we leave the Earth Dog and enter the 2019 year of the Earth Pig, closing a major 60-year cycle in the Chinese calendar — it takes 60 years to roll through every animal sign and element in both yin and yang aspects. 2019 brings us Ji Hai, the Yin Earth Pig. The last Ji (yin earth) Hai (pig) was 1959, so those born in that year are celebrating their 60th birthdays.

Characteristics of the altruistic Pig are optimism, gentleness, kindness, and honesty. The Chinese believe that the barnyard pig’s temperament is much like humans, as pigs enjoy listening to music, and are highly intelligent. Zodiac Pigs also enjoy luxury, comfort, and good food.


Ten Heavenly Stems, Twelve Earthly Branches

Ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches, in combination with the 12 animals of  the Chinese zodiac, determine the qualities of a given year. The heavenly stems are derived from the elements of the Chinese quinary, or five-element system. Each element has a “yin” and “yang”  aspect — passive and active — that make up the ten heavenly stems. For example, yin water (gui water) is represented by gentle rain, clouds, mist, dew, fog, and small streams and rivulets. Yang water (ren water) is lakes, oceans, and rivers. Yang water is in continual motion. The 12 animals are the earthly branches.


In 2019, the yin earth element (think of nurturing garden soil — gentle, maternal, supportive) combines with the pig or boar, associated with water; yin earth over water. While earth over water would normally be conflicted, the yin aspect of earth softens the relationship, bringing more harmony. That said, this is still an unstable combination (earth over water), so harmony is tenuous and delicate. The Pig’s water below can break through the flimsy yin earth above.

Some experts believe that the combination of fragile, yin earth over water could bring earthquakes, landslides, flooding — even sinkholes. The last time this heavenly stem (yin earth) and earthly branch (pig) met was 1959, when an historic earthquake (7.2)  in Yellowstone Park permanently altered the regional landscape. A 7.9 earthquake in Kamchatka, Russia devastated that region, and the Malpasset Dam in Southern France collapsed. Taiwan and New Zealand had major 7.2 and 7.3 quakes. Chinese astrologers would suggest keeping your seatbelts fastened if you live in earthquake-prone zones.

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