Going Gluten-Free? Try These 10 Healthy Grains


Many still ask, “What’s gluten?” Gluten is a protein found in wheat that can cause health problems for people with Celiac Disease. What some people don’t realize is that humans have been eating gluten for more than 10,000 years, and adapting to a diet without gluten can be difficult at best. One way to expand a gluten-free diet is by trying gluten-free grains. Listed below you’ll find 10 delicious gluten-free grains that can be used in many ways on their own or in your favorite recipe.


Cultivated and eaten by the Aztecs, this 8,000-year-old grain is high in protein, calcium and iron lysine. Not a true cereal grain, it’s been used for thousands of years just like other whole grains.


Not related to wheat at all, buckwheat is a fruit seed related to rhubarb. Buckwheat can be used for porridge, soups and in salads and cereal.


Made from dried corn, cornmeal comes in white, yellow or blue varieties. Cornmeal is native to the Americas and often called “maize flour” in Europe.


Super nutritious, millet is a great source of magnesium, copper and manganese. It can be cooked in a variety of ways, which makes it the ideal side dish for any meal.


Also known as avena sativa in the scientific community, oats make a delicious breakfast and can be used in many recipes.


Popcorn is more nutritious than some people realize. It’s filled with fiber, B vitamins and many minerals.


Quinoa is not really a grain; it’s a seed from a vegetable but is used like any other grain. It includes a high quality protein and is a great source of riboflavin.


This cereal grain is the seed of monocot plants oryza glaberrima and oryza sativa. This pantry staple is versatile and can be eaten by itself or in a multitude of dishes.


Sorghum is a common ingredient in gluten-free flour and baking mixes. More nutritious than white flour, sorghum contains both fiber and protein.


This very nutritious whole grain includes large amounts of calcium and vitamin C. It’s considered a whole grain because the seed is very small and cannot be refined.

With the help of these 10 gluten-free grains, you can create dozens of delicious and nutritious recipes that the entire family will enjoy!

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Gretchen Scalpi

Gretchen Scalpi is a Registered Dietitian, author and certified Wellcoach® who has Celiac Disease and knows the challenges of eating right with this condition. Gretchen is hosting a new online program, “Gluten-free Bootcamp,” designed to help those who need to follow the gluten-free diet. If you are new to the gluten-free lifestyle for medical or health reasons, you’ll want to attend Gretchen’s new free webinar Five Things You Should Know Before Going Gluten-free.


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