How to Become Limitless | A Lesson on 360˚ of Abundance

How to Become Limitless | A Lesson on 360˚ of Abundance

The Rolling Stones have a song with the lyrics: “You can’t always get what you want…You get what you need.” But do we really know what we want or even know what we need?

If we could peer into the mind of the common individual who aspires for success we would most likely find this type of logic driving our wants or our goals.

For most, the idea of what we want is to become successful so we can then do what we enjoy. Successful in this case could be making X amount of money, becoming spiritually advanced, or becoming one of those people who say, “they just want to be happy.” In this mindset, the idea of success becomes a means to an end. I know this frame of mind intimately because this was me.

I was a normal family man with six beautiful children. I ran a successful web development company where I was the lead programmer. My idea of success was to design a program I could sell to Google or Facebook for millions. I would be free from the slave mentality of the common working class. Sounds logical, right? It’s what we all want.

However, there are endless flaws in this line of logic of wanting to be successful. For example:

This mindset assumes that as we accumulate the money we’ll have the same wants, needs, and desires as before. In essence, the same person as we were but with more money. This means to an end logic can never complete us. We want to find something that is a means so we can step away from our current life situation. We will always feel incomplete using this method. Case in point, look at famous wealthy individuals who make a decision to end their life. You would think they live in a perfect world, but their wealth merely magnifies the lack they had.

More flaws of this mindset will be covered deeper in this article.

I would have never realized these flaws if it wasn’t for my second near death experience (NDE). The second NDE opened me up to seemingly superhuman abilities that lie within all of us. With these abilities, I left the profession of programming computers and gained crazy proficiency in programming humans. I developed programs called Exponential Intelligence® and Medihealing® which help people unlock limitless human potentials with rapid, tangible and documented results.

But how do we know what we want if we don’t even know who we are and why we are here?

It took me more than three years of going through the “dark night of the soul” searching to fully come into the understanding of who we are and what is the real reason for our desires. My abilities have grown more succinct in helping people all around the world realize the truth that we are limitless by helping them achieve significant success in all aspects of life. I’ll discuss my findings and research in this article to help you:

  • Be who you really are
  • Get what you really want
  • Realize what you are truly capable of


From my research and observation of humanity, I can confidently make the assumption that less than 1% of individuals really know what they want and what makes them truly happy.

People want things to define who they are. That is the purpose of our ‘wants’ in the first place… to make us happy.

In this article, I’ll share my journey that has led me to discover what we are truly seeking. A discovery that redefines success bringing it to a whole different level of understanding. A discovery that will make us abundant in all aspect of our lives.


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360 Degrees of Abundance & Significant Success

We’ve all heard that lofty statement that abundance is our birthright.

Well, it is true.

The abundance that is our birthright is not limited to financial abundance, it’s also richness in emotional intelligence, physical vitality, intellectual endowment, spiritual ascension and meaningful relationships. I call it 360 degrees of abundance.

We naturally come into 360 degrees of abundance once we achieve ‘Significant Success’ in life – Significant Success is not a theory. Nor is it circumstantial where the concepts work under certain conditions. The results have been duplicated thousands of times throughout the world with individuals from all walks of life. Hopefully my journey will intrigue you enough to start you on your own path to significant success.

Conventionally, success is defined by many measures. For example: accumulation of wealth, prestigious degrees, career accomplishments, number of children/grandchildren, including enlightenment that’s defined by religion and many spiritual beliefs. All of the definitions boil down to a sole indicator – which is almost always about earthly achievements and physical possessions. The more we DO or HAVE, the more valuable we are deemed to BE. In religious or spiritual beliefs, the more you practice customs, prayers, giving alms, amount of burdens we carry gives us success or enlightenment. Either measure of success you choose, material or religious, leads to accumulation.

You might argue that religion and spiritual practices are not about accumulation that they are exactly the opposite – the less we have, the more successful we will be later in this life and the hereafter. Upon closer inspection of this paradigm we realize that it’s the exact opposite of the definition of material success. Thus, the same coin, opposite sides.

If we go even deeper into the observation of the two sides of the coin analogy we realize that both definitions are polar opposites in duality.

Duality can only exist in space time. Therefore, both definitions of success can only exist in space time. Thus, you can only be as successful as what’s possible in this physical reality.

However, anyone who has ever accomplished from either of these paths to success always has a sense of lack of fulfillment. These feelings of lack and incompleteness foster the need of wanting more…yet more is still never enough. The more that you have reflects an ever-expanding void that you are within.

There is one reason for this dichotomy – we’re operating from 1 percent of our human potential. These definitions of success for which humans have killed, oppressed, prostituted their lives are merely 1 percent of what our true potentials can achieve as humans.

1% and 99%

Quantum Physicist tell us that If you put all the density of the universe together into one big ball…All the stars, planets, suns, earth including all its riches. The total of all its content would approximately be 1% of the universe. 99% is still unknown.

Although I read about the concept of the universe years after my first near death, the theory parallels what I learned in that experience. My first near death was caused by a warehouse accident. My jaws were crushed as I was unloading a rail car. You can read the full story here. The part of the experience that I want to share with you is the moment that I understood who we truly are. I not only understood but I felt the amazing power and limitless beings that we are. Within that spark of time all of eternity included with all the possibilities lay at my grasp. It was more than a feeling, more than a knowing. It was a state of being. I recall the experience as it happened only yesterday. I believe the reasons for this is twofold. 1) The experience happened in a timeless realm. 2) I experienced the moment from the perspective of the timeless beings that we are. It all happened as I was pulling away from my physical body. I realized that our physical existence amounts to just 1% of who we really are.

The feeling of 360 degrees of abundance that I described above is the 99 percenrt of who we really are. A being of abundance in all aspects. Imagine if we could live from this paradigm. There would not be one shred of lack in any aspect of our lives.  Both identities of ourselves, IE: our human identity  and the timeless being that we are would be honored. Both identities would be realized to such a degree that the laws of spiritual physics would mesh the two identities into one self. We would exist in a state of singularity defined as a point at which a function takes an infinite value.

This is the definition of success we’ve been seeking.  This is where we feel the completeness of our achievements. Physical wealth becomes a reflection of the brilliance you are within, not a disguise of who you are not. This definition of success does not and cannot oppress, control, destroy anyone or anything. Success takes on a significance that is beyond physical measure. Priceless.

The discovery of these significant success principals have been a spectacular journey. I’ll cover in detail within this series and my podcast Exponential Intelligence.

The road that I chose has been less traveled. Hence the reason there are more millionaires and billionaires in the world than those who have it all. 360 degrees of abundance in all aspects of life that defines the laws of significant success.

I stress here that I’m not belittling the work courage and dedication that it takes to become materially successful. But to scrutinize yourself at such a microscopic level enabling us to rid ourselves of the shadows we try to cover up through physical success takes a certain breed of individual. Take a look at history to prove my point. How many successful people or companies do you know of that operated from the laws of significant success?

Fourfold Path to Being Limitless 

In this article I briefly talked about Significant Success – one of the Fourfold Path to being limitless. I have been downloaded this wealth of knowledge after my 2nd NDE and here is a brief overview:

  • Exponential Intelligence (what you have)
  • Introspective Progression (what you do)
  • Significant Success (what you achieve)
  • Archetype Superhuman (what you are)


Exponential Intelligence (EI) is a body of knowledge that is timeless. It defines the parameters of how space time creates this reality. In other words, it is a handbook on the whys of life and how to have it all. All meaning completeness both spiritual and physical.

For me EI has morphed into a state of being where it once was only a body of knowledge.

Introspective Progression means we need to go backward to go forward. It’s being highly aware when walking the path. And to arrive at your destination and materialize all your desires, one must be constantly vigilant about:

1) What are your patterns?

2) Where you are now?

3) Where would you like to go?

Significant Success is a reflection of your true abundance within, not a cover up for feelings of insignificance.


Researchers Find Way to Interact With People in Lucid Dreams

Researchers Find Way to Interact With People in Lucid Dreams

The mysterious world of dreams has thus far only been fully accessible to one person—the dreamer... until now. With a recent groundbreaking study, a new age of dream research has just begun.

The lucid dream is a state of awareness that you’re dreaming while possibly having some control over what happens within it. It’s estimated that some 50 percent of people have had a lucid dream, especially in childhood.

Scientists have been studying this phenomenon for decades but haven’t been able to adequately explain it because a person’s ability to recount their dreams upon waking is often unreliable. But recently, scientists have made a breakthrough by showing that people can both comprehend questions and provide answers to them, all while dreaming.

A team of international researchers studied 36 people with the goal of finding a way to communicate with them while they were dreaming. The results were groundbreaking.

Charlie Morley is a dream researcher who teaches people how to lucid dream.

“Up to this point, there’s been no way to directly communicate to the lucid dreamer while they’re in the lucid dream,” Morley said.  “You can give them instructions before, you can speak to them afterwards, but while they’re in that internal virtual reality simulation of their own mind, there’s a blackout in comms. The brilliant thing about this new study is that blackout was broken through, they could actually communicate to the lucid dreamer while they were inside the lucid dream.”

“What they discovered was, while you’re in a lucid dream you can actually direct your physical eyes at will. So, using a form of literal morse code flicking the eyes left, right, up, down to indicate certain responses, they were able to communicate with the dreamer while they were still asleep. How did it enter the dream? Three main different ways, one person said it came through a car radio in the dream, suddenly the radio station changed and they could hear the voice of the scientist. Another person said it was like the voice of god, it just came down from the sky. And another person said it was like a narrator in a film, they would then reply ‘yes, I can hear you,’ by doing two eye flicks to the left or whatever code they had predecided to indicate ‘yes.'”

Out of 158 trials, participants were able to give correct answers about 18% of the time—a statistically significant result. The validity of the results was strengthened by the fact that there were four separate teams of researchers in four different countries, all using slightly different techniques and getting very similar results.

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