This Rare Cosmic Alignment Happens Once a Decade

Rare Cosmic Alignment Jupiter Mars

Mars and Jupiter in conjunction in Aries. How you can take advantage of the energy produced by this meeting of planets.

On May 29 Mars and Jupiter will be in conjunction where they will appear to be close to each other when observed from Earth, and they will both be in Aries, something we have not seen since April of 2011. What will the conjunction of these strong planets in Aries mean to us? 

“To understand this conjunction at a personal level, we need to understand that Mars is our drive, and Jupiter expands everything that it touches. These two planets are aligning in the constellation of Aries. What is Aries? Aries is the energy of birth, it’s the energy of beginnings, it’s where the fire starts,” said astrologer Mercedes Arnus Arraut.

“It’s the energy that gets us going — that gets us moving. By Mars being in Aries, it’s the warrior entering onto the battlefield,” she said. “So, we can be feeling very feisty, we can be feeling a lot of energy, especially because Jupiter is going to highlight all that warrior energy. So, when Jupiter touches Mars all our fire is highlighted; we feel a very strong drive; we feel like our energy is on fire, and it’s very beautiful because 2022 has been a year, so far, that has been very sensitive. “

“We felt very emotional, especially since the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, and now by Mars aligning with Jupiter in Aries, it’s the energy of brand new beginnings. It’s the push that we needed to leave behind all those waters — all those Piscean waters — and now we’re headed toward building and creating a new life because we have all that fire within us and all the cosmic energy guiding us toward starting something new.”

This conjunction in Aries starts on May 29, but we may start to feel it sooner than that. How can we use the energy?

“So, we’re going to start feeling this energy one week before, and it’s important that to prepare for this energy we try to calm ourselves down, we try to have a little compassion with others, but we use it to go after what we’ve wanted for such a long time, but we were a little shy to do it, or we lacked the confidence, or we lacked the strength,” Arraut said. “So, use it wisely to go after your wildest dreams, use it wisely to do everything that excites you in your life, in that you didn’t feel confident enough to go after.” 

What can those of us who are apprehensive about taking the next step into the unknown do at this time?

“I really suggest you take advantage of this transit to start a new life create a new project, give birth to something new, do all these things that you were afraid to do before, or those things that you were like ‘I’m waiting for the right time to do this,’ because this is the time to launch, this is the time to use all this fire, all this force, all this strength, to give an impulse to whatever area in your life that you want to,” Arraut said.

Although the conjunction begins on May 29 and you may feel it about a week before, Arraut says the energy will last for about a month after the conjunction. So get your ducks in a row and get ready to take that cosmic leap into your next phase of life.

Alignment of Jupiter, Neptune in Pisces Hasn't Occurred in 160 Years

Jupiter, Neptune Align in Pisces

Jupiter and Neptune will be in conjunction in Pisces, which hasn’t happened in more than 160 years. What does this mean for humanity and the planet? And how should you greet this cosmic phenomenon? 

The two planets will soon be in conjunction, where they appear to be close to each other when observed from Earth, and they will be in Pisces, something we have not seen since 1856.

Astrologer Mercedes Arnus Arraut explains what this means to us.

“Jupiter is the planet of news, knowledge, (and) media, and Neptune is the planet of spirituality, higher reals, higher dimensions, the ethereal — things that you cannot explain, the mystical,” Arraut said. “Something very interesting is that Pisces, the constellation where both Jupiter and Neptune unite, is the realm of both Jupiter and Neptune because before Neptune was discovered the Pisces constellation was ruled by Jupiter. So the fact that both these celestial bodies unite in both of their realms in Pisces, it’s very redundant energy where this mystical Pisces energy is going to be blooming all of our lives.”

This conjunction is in April, but we may be feeling the effects now.

“So the time this conjunction peaks is in the middle of April. This doesn’t mean we’re only going to feel it in April, because starting the Piscean month, which starts the 18th of February, we’re going to be having a boom of Pisces energy because the Sun is going to be walking towards this constellation — throughout this constellation — and both highlighting the energy of both Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces,” Arraut said.

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