What Is a Starseed’s True Meaning? Defining Characteristics and Types

What Is a Starseed’s True Meaning? Defining Characteristics and Types

If ever you’ve looked up at the night sky and felt a connection with a bright planet or glowing star system, you might be feeling your soul’s connection to a past life or future self. Given that human bodies come from stardust and have been infused with divine light, you might feel this connection deeply in your bones. Is this an illusion? Or are you born from a distant star, a true descendant of a faraway light body or planet, a Starseed?

After hundreds of years of analysis and, lately, more precise evaluation, it’s estimated that there are over 10 billion galaxies in the known universe. Many say that there are over 100 billion stars in The Milky Way, our home galaxy. 

When you piece that together in an equation, it looks something like this:

10,000,000,000 X 100,000,000,000 = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 STARS!


That’s 1 billion-trillion stars in the observable universe. While that number is massive, imagine the billions of realms and planets that are hidden from view. Imagine the distances we have yet to travel. Consider the possibility that time does not exist and that all matter changes or expands in each moment. Could it be that the number of stars, galaxies, planets, and realms is dynamic, and therefore, incalculable? This would make your birth on planet Earth either a planned event, a pre-birth choice, or a happenstance.

When we wonder about our origins, we might consider that Earth is one of many experiments during a time when collaborations of extraterrestrial races seeded stars and planets to grow new worlds. When we die and then choose to reincarnate, it seems we have many options. As amorphous, traveling souls, we not only have this planet to consider, but many others throughout the billions of galaxies, realms, and universes and within many continuums of spacetime. It’s in this way that our souls may have been birthed a thousand times in a thousand different galaxies. We might also be living simultaneous, co-joined lives in a variety of places and within several spacetime platforms.

Earth is an evolving, stable, three-dimensional planet with an equal balance of physical and angelic experiences. Because of this, millions of Starseed may have chosen to live among us, hoping to serve or benefit from our style of vulnerability, Earth’s karmic cycles of rebirth, and our planet’s continual expansion.

How Did Humans Source Information On Starseeds?

The concept of Starseeds comes to us through channelers and seers who regularly connect with the Akashic records. These records comprise the energetic imprints of all intentions, thoughts, emotions, relationships, creations, and events ever to have occurred, throughout every race, in all the realms, throughout all of spacetime. While much of this information is relatively easy to channel and comprehend, there are several perspectives on how Starseeds come to Earth and the many types of Starseeds.

What Is A Starseed?

According to the channelers, Starseeds are advanced spiritual beings from other planets and realms who possess spiritual and scientific knowledge that dates back hundreds of thousands of years. It seems that while most Starseeds are benevolent beings who seek to help all living beings throughout all realms and universes, some Starseeds seek to control interplanetary resources for the benefit of their home planets. 

Most agree that Starseeds are traveling souls from other planets who incarnated on Earth to inspire and heal human beings and to participate in the planet’s evolution. It’s also possible that these Starseeds are physical descendants of aliens from other worlds, who traveled to Earth to be our planet’s lightworkers.

Starseeds might also have been birthed through inter-consciousness conception or virgin births, akin to the stories about Jesus. Another possibility is that any soul can become a Starseed when another Starseed infuses the soul with intentional light. This can occur when souls are in utero or at any other point in their lives. 

Regardless, it seems that Starseeds do exist in one form or another. We might never know which Starseed concepts are closest to the truth. 

How Do You Know If You Are A Starseed?

You’re an old soul who has been around. You may have a quiet sense that you came from somewhere beyond this planet and can imagine your physical appearance from prior lives in other worlds. Maybe you fantasize about life in other galaxies with the hope of incarnating elsewhere in future births. You might also be wondering how you got here and if you’ll ever return. Even with these real feelings of alignment with other worlds, you might never know whether or not you are genuinely Starseed. 

We all seek belonging, alignment, or kinship with a person, family, group, culture, or society. To fill our hearts and inspire us, we crave acceptance and strong connections. To help us identify where we might belong, we adorn ourselves with labels that make us feel special or unique. We might say, “I’m a seven on the Enneagram,” or “I’m a recovering Catholic,” or “I’m a conservative Democrat.” We might even say, “I am Starseed, Pleiadian, to be precise.” 

Whether they’re based in truth or not, we love our temporary self-identities: the personality constructs with which we build our personas, relationships, and lives. When traditional titles and archetypes fail us, we hunt elsewhere, even into the stars.

This is not to say that your reality as a Starseed is incorrect. It’s to offer the idea that some, if not all, of our birth, imagined, and assumed identities could be illusions.

Starseed Awakenings

Under the right circumstances, a Starseed awakening can happen. This is a profound spiritual awakening where an individual with a soul originating from a distant star system becomes aware of their true cosmic nature or has experienced a traumatic life event.

During this awakening activation process, Starseeds start to remember and reconnect with their past or future lives in other galaxies and planets, sensing a deep connection to the universe. They often experience a heightened sense of intuition, empathic or psychic abilities, and an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the cosmos. This awakening triggers a transformative journey of self-discovery and purpose as Starseeds feel a strong sense of duty to their mission on Earth, using their unique gifts to bring love, healing, and positive change to humanity and the planet.

Starseed Types

While most Starseeds appear to have come to Earth to teach and heal its citizens, not all Starseeds are intent on helping us evolve. Some of them have come to this planet for their benefit or to support a darker mission. Regardless of how exotic, not every soul has intentions based on light and love. 

Here are some of the more popular and known types of Starseeds.

  • Sirian: These souls come from the planets orbiting Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is the brightest star in the Earth’s sky. Its original inhabitants came from Vega, in the Lyra constellation, the supposed home of Earth’s ancestors. Sirius B is a smaller star and home to the water beings like the Miengu and Merpeople. These two planets initiated the awakening of all human beings. It is said that Sirius A gave us Ascended Masters like Jesus and Mother Mary. 
  • Pleiadian: These Starseeds come from the Pleiades, a star cluster also known as Seven Sisters, Messier 45, and The Eye of the Bull, found within the constellation Taurus. You can see a rendition of this cluster in the Subaru automobile logo. Pleiadians are the record keepers for Earth and claim the planet is more than 600 billion years old. The Pleiadians exist within a fifth-dimensional frequency, which is where love and creativity are born. They are a matriarchal society that elevates women, children, and families. The Pleiadians behave much like humans, except they are far more emotionally and spiritually evolved. Some might use their advanced skills to maneuver human beings, although most have come to Earth to help it expand its consciousness and evolve.
  • Arcturian: These profound beings come from Arcturus, the most advanced civilization in our galaxy. They are fifth-dimensional beings and built a society that became the original prototype for how to live on Earth. Arcturian Starseeds are emotionally and mentally advanced and were intended to be spiritual shamans and healers for humanity. Some say that when human beings die, they pass through Arcturian energetic architecture in their journeys from death to rebirth. Like all fifth through ninth-dimensional societies, Arcturus has the feeling of an angelic realm. Yet, it can be a helpful landing station for etheric forms, nonphysical consciousness, and rebirthing souls to again become accustomed to a grounded, physical reality. Arcturus is the brightest star in the Bootes constellation.
  • Andromedan: This loving, benevolent, and telepathic race is from the spiral-shaped Andromeda Galaxy, otherwise known as MS31 or M31. These beautiful beings have one mission: to bring peace and love to the races enslaved by the Reptilians. Not only heart-centered, but Andromedan Starseeds are also intellectually advanced and masters in all categories of science. This balance of the left and right brain gives the Andromedan a unique position in the universe.
  • Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow: Individuals from these three soul groups often possess special or supernatural abilities, including telepathy, clairvoyance, light-emanation, energy-cleansing, deep empathy, and reality-shifting. Indigos or Indigo children are infused with the power of Archangel Michael and can be stubborn in their intolerance of unfairness. Crystals are infused with the light, joy, and clarity of Archangel Gabriel and tend to be more fair and kind than their Indigo and Rainbow siblings. Often diagnosed with some form of autism, Rainbow children are the latest wave of healing souls to come to Earth. With a natural detachment from the physical world, these three groups see interactions with this world as spiritual exercises instead of personally advancing events. As the story goes, these lightworkers were encouraged by their soul groups in distant galaxies to serve humanity on Earth selflessly.
  • Lightworker: The Lightworkers are special souls from a variety of planets and realms who have agreed to incarnate to help Earth and other worlds evolve. They always take births that up-level humanity and raise the consciousness of everyone around them. Their primary purpose is to spread kindness, goodness, and love to every living being they meet. Lightworkers are not beholden to any planet, culture, society, or mission. They work solely for the light.
  • Orion: The Orions will ask questions about every detail. They’ll try to create living beings here on Earth who are focused on the mind. They are obsessed with science and research and sadly lack an understanding of their hearts. The Orion’s mission on Earth is to help improve our understanding of the value of science. Their personal, group, and spiritual mission is to learn from humanoids how to be more trusting and faithful. While some Orion Starseeds have spiritual aspirations, others are agents for the Reptilians and other races that seek to control Earth rather than emancipate it.
  • Feline: These beings from the Lyra constellation can be found depicted in the artwork of Earth’s ancient civilizations, most notably Egypt, with its feline-headed gods and goddesses. These beings are psychic and telepathic and tend to develop spiritual skills rather than ones that feed or benefit their physical realities. They live mostly in the higher dimensions, seeking light, clarity, and abundance through connections with the eternal consciousness. The Felines bring grace to humanity and hope to inspire creativity in all of Earth’s living beings. 
  • Maldek: Maldek was a planet in our solar system with attributes similar to Earth. Its citizens depended on robotic technologies, much like the trends here on Earth, and they eventually became lazy and sick. In their lust for power, they destroyed their planet, which caused some of them to seek a new home here on Earth. The Maldek learned from their mistakes and hope to inspire humanoids to make better choices in politics, technology, health, and communication. 
  • Lemurian and Atlantean: These two lands, long ago lost in Earth’s seas, were advanced civilizations that developed philosophical, spiritual, and healing technologies. It is said that they were the first Starseed tribes to form direct exchanges with races from other planets. Given their innovation and commitment to advancement, Lemurians and Atlanteans flourished here on Earth. Similar to Maldek, these cultures eventually destroyed themselves through greed, laziness, and disease. Even though these situations were devastating, the many ideas, technologies, and spiritual attributes they developed were not lost. Some of these cultures’ most advanced souls were rescued and became Starseeds for other planets throughout the universe, including current and future incarnations here on Earth.
  • Reptilian: Also known as Lizard People, Saurians, and Draconians, these shape-shifters seek to control Earth in the pursuit of selfish benefit. David Icke has reported on the Reptilians, noting that they seek political power on Earth to manipulate human societies, cultures, and human development. Many believe that some Reptilians are living among us with altered physical appearances. Others say that Reptilian spirits enter the bodies of our most prized politicians and sway them away from values and decisions that would benefit the people of the Earth. Luckily, the Reptilians have many enemies who live in the light and have the mission to combat all darkness.

Starseed Indigo child staring at night sky

Starseed Characteristics

Physical Traits and Abilities

There is much chatter about the specific physical attributes of Starseeds. While some say that Starseeds are tall and thin,or have big eyes and broad foreheads, a soul seeking its expansion will not require one physical type over another. It would be fair to say that Starseeds come in all shapes and sizes. The soul inhabits a physical form because it is drawn into the bosom of a living being through resonance and alignment. Physical attributes are not consistent along these lines and have little meaning when it comes to our spiritual evolution and awakening. 

The same can be said for the abilities of Starseeds. All living beings have a unique purpose, each of which gives birth to soul-specific skills and talents. Starseeds do not commandeer any category of industry, and not all of them have the same abilities, attributes, or talents. Starseeds can be machinists, teachers, dancers, artists, politicians, or frustrated stock analysts, as well as depressed, joyful, wild, contained, limited, or expansive, just like the rest of us. 

Emotional And Social Awareness

When it comes to emotional intelligence and empathy, Starseeds may be more expanded in these categories. Given the vast arrays of ideologies and experiences they most likely have had and having lived in a variety of worlds, it stands to reason that Starseeds could possess brighter hearts and the keenest intuition. That said, any soul can digress, and any digressed soul can expand, at any moment, and upon one congruent decision.

Intelligence And Consciousness

When Starseeds are part of spiritual lineages that seeks to help humanity, then they may have higher levels of intelligence and a more expanded collective consciousness. Some Starseed may have the sole purpose of assisting human beings as healers or spiritual masters. Others may have come to Earth to burn karma or heal themselves. 

While it might seem novel or romantic to assume that all Starseeds are more evolved than human beings, it’s folly. Every soul, whether from this world or another, is fulfilling a purpose. Every soul is pursuing knowledge, experience, or expansion on some level. Whether you are Starseed or from Jersey, your birthright is to invite intelligence, seek an expanded consciousness, and fully awaken at any moment.

Other Worldly Feelings

Anyone who has released their birth story, and the related accouterments, have initiated themselves into a more profound clarity. They have opened their hearts and minds, freeing them from the most base constraints. A Starseed may have a more expanded soul and, therefore, can appreciate and align with the nature of other worlds. If this is true for you, it’s quite a gift. 

No matter where you’ve come from and no matter who you are, you can open yourself to the expanded collective consciousness that pervades all matter and non-matter. You are not limited by your label, race, or heritage. You are much more than you might realize. 

If you seek the other worlds, call them to you. Satiate your passions and curiosities. In the end, though, the things you are calling might distract you from the expansion you seek.


While it might be interesting and exciting to imagine that Starseeds are more evolved than Earth’s human beings, the truth is that any of us can expand at any moment. A Starseed might have the ancestry that points to expansion, but they may or may not have the intention to pursue their highest self. 

It’s easy to become distracted by the latest spiritual systems or the most charismatic spiritual media stars. It’s even easier to want to leave our lives and bodies so that we can transcend the universe and become Everything. 

To truly transcend, we don’t have to go anywhere. We can do it from our living rooms.

We’re built to enjoy our minds and all the fantasies they conjure. We are constructed in such ways that one thought can lead us into heaven, while another leads us into hell. When it comes right down to it, as a species, we’re not very stable.

Whether you’re Starseed, Muslim, Lutheran, Japanese, Iranian, brown, red, tall, fat, wonderful, itchy, angry, or hilarious, your current “you” is a temporary construct that you continually co-created with your pre-birth guides, and the parents and cultures you chose for this life. None of these things are concrete. They are temporary sets of constructs and conditions.

Your “you” is a layer atop a beautiful, powerful, vibrant soul, and you have unlimited potential in any direction. Your soul is not small letters; it’s an all-cap YOU, all the time. When we’re too distracted by our small yous, we can miss out on our fulfilling a purpose and embodying the universe. 

Always be careful with the labels you place on yourself. Every label is temporary, only partly true, and only at this moment. Each of these temporary self-identities has limitations and consequences. Try not to hold onto them so tightly.

We are in this life because we were called to this life. Live it as if you are here, in the now. Looking to the stars can be fun, but looking within is where you’ll find the gold. “Within” is where you’ll find your higher self.

Psychic Abilities May Stem From a Field of Consciousness

Psychic Abilities May Stem From a Field of Consciousness

Ever have the feeling that you know you’re being watched? Or the feeling of thinking about someone just before they call? Some believe these feelings are merely coincidental or just happenstance, but the fact that they are common and something everyone can relate to, leaves open the possibility that there could be a metaphysical mechanism at play. Now, researcher Rupert Sheldrake says he believes these occurrences are due to a psychic phenomenon that is evidence of a collective consciousness and he’s found this theory to show statistical significance.

Sheldrake is most famous for his theory of morphic resonance, a concept that revolves around psychic capability, which he believes is innate in humans and animals. Morphic resonance states that processes and behavior in nature, particularly learned behavior, can be inherited and transmitted psychically. This theory has made him somewhat of a pariah in the scientific community, which labelled him a heretic for entertaining such a seemingly nebulous concept. Nevertheless, he embraces the criticism and continues to pursue his research.

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