Build strength in your body to deepen your yoga practice, feel more balanced in everyday functional movements, or simply to feel stronger. Find a variety of online yoga practices designed to help you feel strong in both your body and mind. If strengthening practices are new to you, Gaia has accessible level 1 classes in a variety of yoga styles to help you feel healthy and strong in your body. If strengthening movements and yoga styles are familiar, Gaia has a growing library of challenging strength-building classes to inspire you to show up and work hard. Enjoy the path of progress and watch as your yoga practice continues to evolve. Observe the mind-body connection as you explore the various vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, kundalini, and fusion classes for every level and time duration. Experiment with Gaia's roster of incredible world-renowned yoga teachers as you challenge your body and mind. Remember to listen to your body on your journey to establishing a strengthening yoga practice.

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