Beyond Belief
Season 14 . 12 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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S14:Ep1, Origin of Life with Bruce Damer (Preview)
Episode 1
47 mins
How did life originate on our planet? This question has perplexed Bruce Damer, who proposes that the building blocks of life are self-assembling and thrive in increasing networks of cooperation.
Episode 2
41 mins
What will it be like to live in a 5G world? Ben Stewart weighs in on the potential health risks, privacy concerns, and the hope that 5G can bring to our future.
Episode 3
40 mins
Mark Stavish discusses the importance of learning lucid dreaming as a means of raising expanding consciousness to achieve a successful transition into the afterlife. He shares methods that you can use to start lucid dreaming, tonight.
Episode 4
52 mins
Kristy Robinett is a messenger between worlds, using her abilities to help the police solve difficult cases. She shares with us what she has learned from her years of working with spirits.
Episode 5
38 mins
How will humanity return to the moon? Brooks Agnew discusses the next steps humanity will be taking as we build permanent infrastructure on the Moon and expand onto Mars.
Episode 6
46 mins
Could ancient Egypt have been far more advanced than we give them credit for? Chris Dunn presents his theory that the great pyramid of Giza was built as a powerplant for advanced technology.
Episode 7
46 mins
An experience with an unearthly creature, at age 3, set Kate Thorvaldsen’s life on an amazing trajectory. This was just the first of three major life-changing encounters. She shares her unique perception on paranormal activity across the planet.
Episode 8
47 mins
You have a celestial team of angels waiting to help you become angel-empowered and create the best life possible. Corin Grillo is an angel channeler who comes, just in time, to offer you tools to connect with your angels.
Episode 9
45 mins
If aliens from other worlds are here, Paola Harris has been hot on their trail. She highlights some of the key cases that she has investigated over the years, including what she learned from many pivotal figures.
Episode 10
41 mins
Judy Wood expounds upon ways that the media has misled us in times of calamity, such as 9/11, and more. She helps us find ways to mitigate herd mentality by being able to accurately evaluate the facts.
Episode 11
44 mins
Brad Olsen has returned from a 26-day expedition through this frozen land in search of evidence of E.T. craft and remnants of antediluvian civilizations. He shares images of anomalous structures that do not appear to be naturally formed.
Episode 12
31 mins
Could we be headed into the foretold time when implanting of microchips and integration with A.I. becomes mandated? William Henry states that we need to make some important decisions regarding the future of humanity.