Beyond Belief
Season 6 . 40 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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S6:Ep1, Occult America with Mitch Horowitz (Preview)
Episode 1
45 mins
Occult historian, Mitch Horowitz explains the role that esoterism and mysticism has played in shaping the culture of America. Since the dawn of the ages mankind has been fascinated by the unknown, the mysteries and the occult, the U.S. is no different.
Episode 2
43 mins
In another realm of being, a grand library holds a record of every event that has happened and is yet to transpire. Bill Foss guides people on a journey to explore these arcane annals, a place known as the Akashic records.
Episode 3
43 mins
Bobby Akart explains, the integrity of the electrical grid may be America’s greatest vulnerability. If we act now, we could prevent the collapse of the grid.
Episode 4
43 mins
As a clairaudient and empath, Paul Selig has the unique ability to channel the people his clients ask about. This is not about fixing problems or finding resolution. Rather it is about coming into an understanding of what is going on and uncovering the truth.
Episode 5
44 mins
For many people, getting money from nothing would seem like an impossible dream. For a few private bankers, who hold a stake in the Federal Reserve, this is a dream come true. G. Edward Griffin peels away the layers of obscurity to expose the inner workings of the Federal Reserve.
Episode 6
40 mins
The debate continues to rage as to the cause and solution to climate change. Tim Ball has come forward, openly rejecting the scientific consensus that the growing levels of carbon dioxide is dangerous.
Episode 7
48 mins
Things changed dramatically for Eben Alexander, a neurosurgeon once skeptical of the paranormal, when he had a near death experience. This experience placed him in the unique position to pursue the scientific truth of what happens to us when we die.
Episode 8
41 mins
Jim Harold, a popular paranormal podcaster, has been privy to a plethora of personal anecdotes of paranormal encounters. He recounts a number of the strange tales he has heard. Many of these accounts do not fall into the category of simple ghost tales.
Episode 9
43 mins
Documentary filmmaker, Seth Breedlove investigates accounts of small town monsters. From eyewitness accounts to amateur video, no stone is left unturned in search of these mysterious creatures.
Episode 10
43 mins
G. Edward Griffin reveals details which provide scientific support for the great flood and Noah’s ark. Plus, he offers his unique insight into what really happened with the JFK assassination and why we do not yet have an official cure for cancer.
Episode 11
44 mins
Since the dialogues of Plato, humanity has had an obsession with pinpointing the mythic lands of Atlantis. Mark Adams is no exception, but he takes a unique stance in his search for this ancient land, using Plato’s words as the authoritative source.
Episode 12
43 mins
Marty Rosenblatt's advances in Remote Viewing have been made utilizing his background in physics and understanding the role of precognition and empathy. He explains the role of consciousness in continuously shaping our reality and how humanity’s collective mind can communicate across time.
Episode 13
44 mins
In 1947, the discovery of ancient documents hidden in a cave for over a thousand years would rattle the foundations of Christianity. Ken Hanson has studied these documents and has made it his mission to breathe new life into the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Episode 14
42 mins
In 2008 a financial crisis struck the United States from which we still have not fully recovered. Chuck Coppes expounds upon the history of money and central banking, which lay at the heart of this continuing crunch.
Episode 15
39 mins
Many of us assume that intelligence is something that we are born with and that the IQ score is the limit of our mental capacity. But we have always had the capability to get smarter.
Episode 16
34 mins
In this show, Dr. John R. Hall describes how to overcome the adverse effects of Psychotronic weapons, like satellite-powered mind-control technology.
Episode 17
44 mins
Peter Phillips has intensely studied the intricate working of the top financial elite and has gained a unique perspective of what caused the great wealth inequality which has beset the world’s economies.
Episode 18
41 mins
Robert Hastings, a documentary film maker, has interviewed over 160 military veterans and civilians who all have reported repeated visitations by unidentified aircraft which have interfered with the operation of nuclear missiles.
Episode 19
44 mins
Are we so dependent upon our technology that we would fail to survive should a major natural disaster strike? Matthew Stein believes that this is true. To that effect, he details six possible scenarios which could lead to the downfall of civilization and offers suggestions which could prevent a potential disaster.
Episode 20
40 mins
A strange howl in the dead of night changed one family’s life, forever. From that moment on, the Parker family has been besieged by Bigfoot-type creatures living near their home.
Episode 21
42 mins
Charles Ostmann sees a future where nanotechnology, artificial telepathy and artificial intelligence may be essential to surviving an imminent planetary catastrophe.
Episode 22
47 mins
There is more to a past life regression than simply learning who you were in another lifetime. Ann Barham helps her clients discover these gifts and challenges, and guides them in overcoming the unprocessed emotions which may still be causing problems within this lifetime.
Episode 23
37 mins
January 14, 2016, ham radio operator Pat Daniels intercepted a radio transmission from American Airlines flight 434 reporting an encounter with a strange flying object. As soon as Erica Lukes got wind of this transmission, MUFON was on the case submitting FOIA requests.
Episode 24
46 mins
Skeptics and believers alike continue to debate whether or not humans have actually set foot upon the moon. After refusing to follow orders to destroy original photographs from the Apollo missions, Ken Johnston has amassed a collection of images which may end the lunar landing debate.
Episode 25
44 mins
After more than 20 years of filing requests John Greenwald has acquired more than a 1.5 million pages documents exposing secrets concerning UFOs and the true story of Operation High Jump.
Episode 26
46 mins
Join George Noory and Joe Nickell in this new episode of Beyond Belief as they explore the stories behind films such as The Exorcist, Amityville Horror and the Conjuring and he offers his take on what is really going on.
Episode 27
26 mins
Many others have tried to engage with extraterrestrials and have had little to no success. Now there is hope for everyone. Rebecca Hardcastle teaches people how to reach out with their minds and successfully initiate communication with benevolent extraterrestrial entities.
Episode 28
39 mins
Disclosure is coming and insiders say that many high level officials in the Pentagon want to move forward, but much of the world is not ready for what will be revealed. David Wilcock returns to explain what we can do to tip the balance of power in favor of disclosure and secure the continued ascension of humanity.
Episode 29
42 mins
Tales of Noah, his mighty ark and the horde of animals surviving a worldwide flood have been woven into the fabric of western culture. But new information comes to light which may offer a completely different arc to this pivotal moment in human history.
Episode 30
39 mins
A vast treasure trove of undiscovered delights await the ardent seeker, tucked away in the darkest depths of deep space. Robert Nemiroff brings to light many of the brilliant wonders lurking, in what appear to us, as the darkest regions of the night sky.
Episode 31
27 mins
Imagine being able to push aside the constraints of time and space and instantly visit any location at any point in time. This is exactly what Sonja Grace describes doing in her new book, Spirit Traveler.
Episode 32
37 mins
Planet X is still on fast approach toward Earth and Luciferian forces are hard at work to keep us in the dark.
Episode 33
47 mins
Lamar Waldron reveals the result of his lengthy, in-depth investigation into the death of JFK. What has been uncovered will give you a new perspective on the intricacies of the political processes to which many Americans remain blissfully unaware
Episode 34
40 mins
What if there was a way that you could extract information from the spirit world that you could use to better understand your life? This is the premise behind Richard Martini’s idea of hacking the afterlife.
Episode 35
38 mins
The many mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships in the Bermuda Triangle have baffled countless individuals. After a forensic examination of aircraft losses, David Pares believes he has found a pattern to these strange vanishings.
Episode 36
31 mins
Documentary filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell, brings to light several controversial subject matters by examining the life and workings of the people who are actively shaping the future for humanity.
Episode 38
40 mins
New advances in technology will make the connection between the internet and our minds seamless. One day this will open the way for enhanced consciousness, and as Nick Begich explains, could leave our minds vulnerable to external control.
Episode 39
41 mins
You may be familiar with out of body states used for past life regressions and future life progressions. What if you never had to leave your body to have the same experiences? Bruce Goldberg explains how.
Episode 40
41 mins
Since time immemorial, people from every walk of life sought counsel from those who could see the future. But now, our understanding of human consciousness and its connection with the universe shows us that anyone can receive this information and respond to it.
Episode 41
40 mins
According to Roberta Grimes, life, taxes, death, and the afterlife are all certainties. She has sifted through more than 200 years of recorded near-death contacts to dissuade any lingering doubts about the existence of the afterlife.