Beyond Belief
Season 4 . 62 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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S4:Ep1, Why We Haven’t Made Contact with Micah Hanks (Preview)
Episode 1
31 mins
Micah Hanks espouses that we are not alone in this universe and that it is only a matter of time before scientists breach the technological singularity. Then we will finally become capable of contacting a myriad of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations.
Episode 2
23 mins
Nothing could have prepared Susan Masino for her son recalling vivid details of a past life on board the ill-fated Titanic. She recounts her son’s turbulent journey of discovering who he once was and offers advice for parents whose children may be re-experiencing events from their own past lives.
Episode 3
30 mins
Every bit of stress, frustration and anxiety we experience is all part of a divinely orchestrated plan. David Wilcock explains how different types of stress actually help us to pay off karma so we can progress to the next level of ascension.
Episode 4
31 mins
At the moment of your birth, the heavens aligned in such a way as to define who and what you would become. However, this astrological alignment is only one small component of your life. Sandra-Leigh explains how the science of the stars merges with personal freewill to create unique expressions of destiny.
Episode 5
48 mins
December 7, 1941 is a day said to live in infamy – but even more infamous is the history that we have not been told. In his analysis of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Douglas Dietrich discloses details that cast an entirely different light upon the U.S. and Japan’s involvement in World War II.
Episode 6
29 mins
All major news media outlets are being flooded with reports on the Islamic militant group known as ISIS – a group reportedly so vile that even Al Qaeda wants nothing to do with them. Chris Geo, an independent journalist, discusses the influential role ISIS takes as the world’s antagonist du jour.
Episode 7
29 mins
At a very young age, Laura Lee discovered that the afterlife is for real. After years of struggle and loss, she was finally able to accept her psychic abilities. Now she uses her gifts to help others find peace and joy in their lives.
Episode 8
28 mins
Whether we know it or not, ethereal beings of light play an integral part in all of our lives. No matter what form they take, these entities are here to help guide us through our most difficult ordeals. Laura Lee explains how we can request and receive guidance from the angelic realm.
Episode 9
30 mins
We dwell within a world awash with myriad strains of viruses and bacteria. Some are beneficial and vital for human life, others are detrimental and deadly. Occasionally, one of these strains catches the attention of the media and a new threat of a pending worldwide pandemic is born. Such is the case with Ebola. Dr. Gary Ridenour dissects the Ebola virus, explaining what it does, where it came from and how it spreads.
Episode 10
30 mins
With a changing climate and increasing instability of infrastructure, disaster may be looming uncomfortably near. Prepping is actually easier than you may think. Chris Geo guides us through the process of preparing our homes, vehicles and lives lest the unthinkable becomes reality.
Episode 11
31 mins
As we are now perched upon the precipice of another major change, the latest scientists are making some unexpected discoveries as to the cause of our current climate calamity. Robert Felix explains how the normal rise and fall of various natural cycles are converging to create a new ice age.
Episode 12
30 mins
Streaking across the sky, strange rocket-like projectiles seem to appear out of nowhere, only to vanish just as mysteriously. Micah Hanks recounts tales from those who have encountered these ghost rockets and speculates about their mysterious origin.
Episode 13
30 mins
As reports of Ebola begin to wane from news reports, our suspicions are renewed as to the actual danger posed by this potential pandemic. Gary Ridenour discusses the extent of the current Ebola outbreak, what the U.S. government is doing about it and what it would take to halt the spread of infection.
Episode 14
31 mins
There are those who vehemently refuse to believe in the existence of the paranormal; until they have their own strange and mysterious experience. Susan Masino shares some of her personal experiences with haunted locales and offers advice for anyone who may come face to face with the paranormal.
Episode 15
29 mins
The end is nigh…maybe. Many ancient traditions have prophesized various courses of events that lead to the end of humanity as we know it. David Wilcock explains what the end times’ prophecies are really about and cautions that they have already begun.
Episode 16
32 mins
Not everyone believes in life after death. But what does it take to make a believer out of a skeptic? This is what happened with Sandra Champlain who explains how she discovered that we don’t die.
Episode 17
31 mins
Ty Bolliger, espouses looking beyond established medical practices by exploring the benefits of natural foods, nutritional supplements and positive thinking as ways to stay healthy in hopes of staving off cancer.
Episode 18
31 mins
Our reality may indeed be stranger than we can ever imagine. Since the dawn of time, human beings have reported encounters with strange creatures that continue to defy logical explanation. Chad Lewis shares various encounters with lesser known creatures, including duendes, thunder birds and hell hounds.
Episode 19
30 mins
Who are we and how we got here are two of the biggest existential questions that continue to elude even the most brilliant of thinkers. Gregg Braden explains the importance of crossing science with ancient teachings in order to truly unravel our greatest existential mysteries.
Episode 20
27 mins
With the omnipresence of computers connected to the internet, troves of security personnel strive to keep our personal information safe and secure. Charles R. Smith lays out the hidden battlefield of computer security and describes the motivations behind various factions of cyber-warriors.
Episode 21
29 mins
The art and science of Astrology takes years to attain mastery. However, beginning to understand the basics is easier than you may think. Heather Arielle guides us through the basic components of an astrological chart and uses George’s natal chart to show us how she interprets them.
Episode 22
27 mins
Every situation we face in our lives is nothing more than energy. Therefore, it is possible to create real change in your life by learning how to manage the energy of your life. Coach Bob Glotzhober explains how we can make conscious choices in how we use the energy in our lives to enact real life changes.
Episode 23
31 mins
Before the dawn of time, an ancient race of beings descended from the heavens and declared our world and its inhabitants their own. L.A. Marzulli, who is on the trail of these beings, called the Nephilim, cites evidence supporting his case that we share this world with the progeny of fallen angels.
Episode 24
31 mins
July 1996, TWA Flight 800 took off from JFK International Airport in New York. Twelve minutes later it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean as flaming wreckage. Jim Sanders has studied every detail of this tragedy and presents his explanation for the downing of Flight 800.
Episode 25
32 mins
Many people are convinced that we are nothing more than physical bodies that wither and die. Others believe that at the moment of death, the essence of our true self takes an ethereal form that can live forever. Sandra Champlain suggests that death is merely an illusion.
Episode 26
28 mins
Statistically, 41% of the Earth’s population will face cancer within their lifetimes. Current studies suggest that 85% of those cases will be caused by environmental toxicities. Ty Bollinger helps to reduce these numbers by teaching people how to support their bodies’ natural mechanisms for killing cancer.
Episode 27
28 mins
The stability of our normal, mundane reality becomes disrupted when something that should not happen, does. Chad Lewis has traversed the world seeking the truth behind the paranormal nature of our reality and he has come to share what he has learned.
Episode 28
30 mins
The truth of our reality, and our unity, may be concealed in the most unlikely of places. Gregg Braden believes he has found a connection between ancient languages and our DNA that may be the secret to dispelling the illusion of separateness.
Episode 29
30 mins
Two of the most powerful financial institutions, the US Federal Reserve and Wall Street, are often in the news but little is revealed of their inner workings. John Curtis reveals the ins and outs of how financial tyrants of the world benefit from the ups and downs that they create.
Episode 30
23 mins
As the legendary land of Lemuria sank beneath the waves, its inhabitants scatted themselves to start new civilizations. Some of these civilizations flourished, while others floundered. Olav Phillips shares his findings of little known archeological evidence of prehistoric civilizations in and around California.
Episode 31
29 mins
Each one of us has access to the most sophisticated thing in the known universe that can handle any difficult situation that comes our way – our brains. Coach Bob Glotzhober offers techniques that you can use to change your approach to the conflicts that arise on a day to day basis.
Episode 32
27 mins
Ancient tales of strange beings which intermingled with human beings seem to be mirrored in modern reports of alien abduction. L.A. Marzulli draws a correlation between the ancient accounts of the Nephilim with modern alien abductions and extrapolates what is to come for humanity.
Episode 33
27 mins
March 8, 2014, flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur en route to Beijing, China. Less than two hours later, it disappeared never to return. Jim Sanders addresses various theories put forth concerning the disappearance of Flight MH370 and offers what he considers to be the most likely scenario.
Episode 34
33 mins
Without a doubt, the theft of personal information can be devastating for an individual. But a cyber-attack upon military networks or the power grid can devastate entire populations. Charles R. Smith relays the impact that global cyberwarfare would have upon the wellbeing of our modern civilization.
Episode 35
29 mins
Many of the world’s greatest leaders trusted astrology to guide them through their biggest decisions. Today, all it takes is a computer and a little knowhow to access that same source of wisdom. Heather Arielle explains how transits in your astrological chart can indicate windows of opportunities, upcoming challenges or potential disasters.
Episode 36
19 mins
Decades after his death, is the ghost of the suspected Zodiac Killer haunting the newspaper office where he once worked? Olav Phillips discusses details of the Zodiac Killer’s MO and reveals startling details from the unsettling paranormal investigation that may have confirmed the Zodiac Killer’s identity.
Episode 37
36 mins
In the near constant cacophony of information, we unwittingly become ideal consumers and social advocates for partisan politics. But how does this all happen? Eldon Taylor reveals techniques used by advertisers to subtly program our minds in ways we could never imagine.
Episode 38
30 mins
75,000 years ago, the motherland of civilization emerged as the land we now call Lemuria came crashing to a close with a great deluge and is now waiting to reemerge in a new golden age, the Satya Yuga. Frank Jospeh Hoff discusses the riddle of Lemuria and what its return holds for the whole world.
Episode 39
17 mins
Paul Elio defies the lack of ecological and economic innovation held by major automotive manufacturers and energy producers with the development of the anti-car, the Elio -car – a groundbreaking approach to solving the economic and ecological problems of our carbon-fuel-based culture.
Episode 40
31 mins
Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Features news producer, discusses various indications that Nibiru is returning and describes the effects it will have upon our planet. Astronomer Carlos Ferrada spoke of a planet-sized celestial object with an orbit similar to a comet which may be Planet X or Nibiru.
Episode 41
33 mins
David Paulides presents facts surrounding several cases of people who went missing in national parks; cases which have left every investigator completely confounded. Every year an increasing number of people disappear and any clues found defy logical explanation for the vanishings.
Episode 43
31 mins
Larry Dean Hunter is an unorthodox investigators of Egyptology and he presents his heterodox history for the Giza Plateau. The evidence he has gathered profiles a vastly different history than what is accepted by orthodox Egyptology.
Episode 44
31 mins
Dianne Arcangel offers unique support for those who are grieving by acknowledging the continuance of life beyond the body. Even with an awareness of life after death, grief can be a constant companion for loved ones who find it difficult to deal with the emotions of bereavement.
Episode 45
28 mins
Astronomer, Robert Herrington took strong interest in his discoveries of a strange planetoid moving in a strange orbit around the sun. Unfortunately, he paid dearly for his discoveries and his work went largely unnoticed, until now.
Episode 46
29 mins
Our skies are indeed the stratum for UFO activity is accruing amply. Chase Kloetzke presents her case that the public is ready for disclosure of extraterrestrial activity, however the evidence must be presented in a way that is not rejected or ridiculed.
Episode 47
29 mins
Michael Heiser relates who the prophets of the Old Testament were and the role they bore in ancient society. The Old Testament is filled with the words and deeds of the ancient prophets. But who were these sagely mages and how can their words still influence the spirituality of countless generations.
Episode 48
29 mins
Humankind has long been at the mercy of the weather, but that is beginning to change. After a thorough investigation into chemtrails and weather modification techniques, Sharon Schloss reveals what many have suspected about the strange crisscross patterns which dominate our skies.
Episode 49
50 mins
Paul Eno shares some of his encounters while investigating reports of paranormal phenomena. The mere mention of a poltergeist or any type of haunting is enough to frighten most people away from suspected locales. Others see this as a prime opportunity for intelligent paranormal research.
Episode 50
25 mins
Wynn Free reveals the subject of his investigation which confirms the return of Edgar Cayce in a new lifetime. Though the man named Edgar Cayce died in 1945, it seems that his work is continuing with a new body and name.
Episode 51
25 mins
Eldon Taylor explains how to break free from the illusion of limited choices and lead a life that is the manifestation of your own free will. Unbeknownst to the masses, this limitation is self-imposed in order to avoid the ridicule and shame thrust upon us by those who are afraid to explore new vistas of choices themselves.
Episode 52
29 mins
David Paulides reveals evidence of high-level cover-up operations surrounding mysterious disappearances of people in national parks. In each case he describes, the evidence offers no explicable reason why the person went missing.
Episode 53
28 mins
Michael Heiser delves into the dilemmas faced by the Council of Nicaea as they pieced together the texts that would become known as the New Testament. Few people know of the battles that raged during the construction of that ancient book.
Episode 55
23 mins
With every new UFO sighting reported, MUFON investigators are not far behind doing their best to collect credible evidence and validate eyewitness reports. Signs may be hidden amongst the collected data suggesting that these visitors are working to fulfill a common alien agenda.
Episode 56
28 mins
Mainstream Egyptologists are baffled by the enduring enigma of what technology was used to construct the pyramids on the Giza plateau some 5,000 years ago. Perhaps there is evidence which reveals that a different construction method was available in a time period much earlier than ever expected.
Episode 57
29 mins
As we continue to explore the problem of chemtrails obscuring our skies and altering the environment, the inevitable question becomes: How can we protect ourselves from this plight? Plucked straight out of the annals of forbidden science, the answer may lie with the condemned technology of Wilhelm Reich.
Episode 58
48 mins
It may seem like magic to many, and sometimes it is, but the true power of the human brain is unfathomable. From controlling pain to miraculous healings, Jim Karol demonstrates that the potential of the human mind is as limitless as the number of stars in the universe.
Episode 59
39 mins
Many people are woefully unprepared for the complexities of the road that lies before them when death touches their family. Fortunately, there are individuals who are adept in helping people to plan a good goodbye and easing the burdens of their passing.
Episode 60
1 hr 3 mins
While not everyone may have been born with a proclivity for psychic abilities, the protocols used for Controlled Remote Viewing are easy enough that anyone can learn them. All it takes is diligent practice to unlock your potential for Remote Viewing.
Episode 61
36 mins
Over the past several months many alternative healers have met untimely and mysterious deaths. One may assume that these are simply random acts of violence perpetrated against hapless victims. But a deeper examination of the details reveals that these cases may indeed share a common thread.
Episode 62
39 mins
If you ever needed proof that one’s life can be gone in a flash, look no further than spontaneous human combustion. Larry Arnold has diligently investigated S.H.C. since 1973 and he shares, with us, just how bizarre this phenomena is.
Episode 63
39 mins
Edward Leedskalnin claimed to have discovered the long lost techniques used by the ancient Egyptian builders and proved it by building the Coral Castle. Unfortunately, he took his secret technology to the grave.
Episode 64
43 mins
During the 1940’s, eyewitness accounts of strange sightings sparked a buzz in the hearts and minds of the general public. The U.S Government also became very interested in these reports. Thus began the first official government organizations charged with collecting and concealing all information concerning UFO sightings.