Beyond Belief
Season 21 . 18 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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S21:Ep1, Inside Ancient Civilizations (Preview)
Episode 1
40 mins
What secrets are we now uncovering that could rewrite our understanding of human origins? Author and researcher Matthew LaCroix returns to provide insights into the foundations of the oldest civilizations on Earth.
Episode 2
38 mins
Our individual spiritual awakening may be sparked by crisis. Channeler and spiritual medium Sheila Gillette reveals her personal journey which awakened her channeling ability as the voice of the twelve archangels known as the THEO group.
Episode 3
42 mins
How can a former FBI Agent shift paradigms within UFO and paranormal investigations? Utilizing his human lie-detector skills in relation to embellishment, trauma and PTSD, former FBI Agent Ben Hansen now hunts ghosts and UAP rather than human traffickers.
Episode 4
46 mins
How should we approach the inevitable rise of AI and transhumanism? Sir Charles Shults III is an aerospace engineer who was knighted for his research in robotics and AI, in addition to previous work developing nuclear fusion systems.
Episode 5
46 mins
Can we awaken the very core of our being to align with our purpose in the universe? Zacciah Blackburn, director of the Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, helps unlock secrets of consciousness through meditation and sound healing.
Episode 6
45 mins
Are we all starseeds? Author Eva Marquez shares how to unlock our cosmic DNA to remember our starseed origins and higher purpose. Marquez explains that this cosmic DNA can awaken our multidimensional consciousness and lost connection to the stars.
Episode 7
46 mins
How are stories of angels misunderstood? Sharing how each individual has different experiences with the supernatural, editor and historian Michael J. Lichens offers insight into his research on the angelic realm, miracles, and mysticism.
Episode 8
47 mins
How can we synthesize the wisdom of Tarot cards with Western psychology? Clinical psychologist Art Rosengarten, Ph.D., shares decades of Tarot research fueled by his combined interests of Eastern spirituality, Western philosophy, and Jungian psychology.
Episode 9
38 mins
Is the internet helping or hindering humanity’s creativity? Learn why bestselling author Matt Richtel argues that creativity is humanity’s most vital trait. Explore the science and statistics of how social media impacts creativity.
Episode 10
43 mins
Could accessing the Akashic Records change how we perceive our past and future? Expert medium and spiritual guide Bonni McCliss delves into the nature of the Akashic Records, a technique for accessing them, and how the information affects us.
Episode 11
45 mins
Freddy Silva explores the mystical land of Scotland to reveal its ancient and mysterious past. From secret societies like the Knights Templar, to giants, megalithic monoliths, and ancient star connections, Silva helps to reveal Scotland’s hidden history.
Episode 12
42 mins
Expert Laurie McDonald returns to discuss her hypnotherapy sessions with clients who have experienced everything from ET abductions and spiritual transformations, to unlocking repressed memories and forgotten supernatural abilities.
Episode 13
45 mins
How can everyday citizens stand up to regain their sovereignty from elite power structures? Actor and producer Sean Stone rejoins George Noory on Beyond Belief to share on the revelations of these revolutionary times in which we are living.
Episode 14
44 mins
How are ETs and UAP linked with skinwalker phenomena and classified government projects? Ufology expert and Colorado MUFON director Katie Paige shares her experiences witnessing unexplained cattle deaths, government cover-ups, and years of UFO research.
Episode 15
41 mins
What happens when we have a near-death experience? New York Times best-selling author and filmmaker Paul Perry provides a glimpse into the afterlife by sharing reports from numerous near-death patients describing experiences that changed their lives.
Episode 16
43 mins
What are the different types of time travel? Author Von Braschler offers his research exploring astral dimensions and how consciousness operates. From Einstein and Newtonian physics to esoteric perspectives, Braschler shares how we can move through time.
Episode 17
39 mins
How can the Akashic Records hold the boundless energy and information of every soul’s past, present, and possible futures? Rohini Moradi discusses how she discovered the Akashic Records by accident and learned to go beyond the physical body.
Episode 18
39 mins
How can spirit mediums connect the physical and etheric realms to help us resolve traumas? Medium and Wayfinder Erika Gabriel shares her experiences working with law enforcement solving crimes, including helping a spirit identify their own killer.