Beyond Belief
Season 8 . 22 Episodes

Join George Noory, from Coast to Coast AM, each week, as we explore the amazing and unusual world we live in. He brings us thought-provoking discussions on paranormal phenomena, conspiracies and all things unexplained.

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S8:Ep1, Conversations with Colonel Corso with Paola Harris (Preview)
Episode 1
41 mins
In 1998, Paola Harris sat down with Colonel Phillip Corso, author of the famed book, “The Day After Roswell.” 20 years later, she finally released details of what she learned from that fateful meeting.
Episode 2
38 mins
Since the days of the Cold War, Remote Viewing has been a secret staple of U.S. Intelligence operations, but it can be so much more than that. It is a set of protocols that anyone can use to tap into patterns of information which surround us.
Episode 3
36 mins
Standing at the forefront of the discovery of anomalous humanoid mummies in Nazca, Peru, Jaime Maussan remains firm in his commitment to report the truth of this historic finding. He leaves no stone unturned in bringing to light the most recent results and addressing the concerns of the critics.
Episode 4
45 mins
Anthony Sanchez brings to light secret underground facilities where government agencies collude with extraterrestrial beings to reverse engineer technology from alien civilizations. Why are these secret facilities located in these particular places and who are the strange beings helping the scientists?
Episode 5
40 mins
Psychic medium Marla Frees uses her gifts to make healing and transformative connections between the deceased and those they leave behind.
Episode 6
38 mins
Many drips of disclosure have already been released to the public through mainstream media. All we have to do is know what we are looking for in order to find it. Despite the slow trickle of information, with enough people pursuing the truth, one day we will get the answers we have all been seeking.
Episode 7
40 mins
Dr. Robert Wood leaves no stone unturned, from eyewitness testimonies to documents from technological companies and MJ-12, in his dauntless search to uncover the truth. To him, alien crash retrievals have led to more successful reverse engineering of alien craft than many people realize
Episode 8
45 mins
Dr. Eben Alexander has found that life goes on beyond the moment of death and help others access the many layers of the spiritual realms, without an NDE. This leads to the realization that we co-create the universe with the great infinite creator.
Episode 9
36 mins
Habitable life on this planet is far older than scientific credit is given and the research of Brad Olsen reveals that hominid life is far more diverse than anyone could have ever imagined. But to protect the accepted narrative of mainstream science, these findings have been quickly swept away.
Episode 10
45 mins
Imagine a one-world government where politicians no longer have power and the wealthy can no longer exert influence over world events. Patrick Wood sounds the clarion call announcing the shift of power from the hands of the elite into a new world run by technology.
Episode 11
43 mins
A former FBI special agent, John Desouza, may have been the real X-Files guy. He comes forward to reveal results from his investigations into paranormal phenomena, including UFO sightings and encounters with strange beings.
Episode 12
42 mins
Welcome to a phantasmagoria of bizarre events which form a big paranormal circle of psychic phenomena. Joshua Warren, a paranormal investigator, has discovered a connection between ghosts, UFOs and cryptids.
Episode 13
44 mins
The Star Child investigation, as once led by the late Lloyd Pye, may finally be resolved as new information is brought forward by Chase Kloetzke and Kerry McClure. Results of new tests are in and we finally have some answers as to its origin.
Episode 14
45 mins
Jay Weidner and Jay Dyer, of Hollywood Decoded, expound upon their understanding of esoteric symbolism to show us the secret messages embedded within blockbusters such as the Matrix, 2001, X-Files and Avatar.
Episode 15
48 mins
Jason Martell deciphers clues left by ancient cultures which reveal that the sun is but one star in a binary system. As the ages pass, the precession of the equinox may foretell the return of our sun’s mysterious companion.
Episode 17
45 mins
Andrew Collins explores the alignment of Göbekli Tepe with the constellation of Cygnus. As we examine the stone spires, we see that they may open a portal connecting Earth with celestial realms.
Episode 18
44 mins
The research of John Brandenburg suggests that Mars was once teeming with life, cut short by the detonation of two massive nuclear weapons. As the eons have passed and the radiation dispersed, the red planet is once again safe for habitation.
Episode 19
43 mins
Jordan Maxwell has studied the enigma of esoteric symbols and has caught the attention of some very powerful people because of his willingness to reveal the secrets behind these cyphers. His determination to reveal these secrets has led to life of trial and tribulation.
Episode 20
44 mins
Andrew Collins explores the possibility that the Nephilim and the Watchers from the Old Testament were celestial beings that became the progenitors of a dominating species of human. With the discovery of the Denisovan hominin comes the very real possibly that these were flesh and blood beings.
Episode 21
48 mins
Once a year, the most powerful people on the planet gather, behind closed doors, to discuss the economic and political future of humanity. They discuss various global projects that are competing for survival and dominance in a game where only the world’s elite are allowed to play.
Episode 22
29 mins
The Knights Templar quest was not for financial gain, but to uncover the greatest spiritual treasure of all time – the lost art of resurrection — which spurred them to their greatest and least known achievement.
Episode 23
55 mins
Researching the lost art of resurrection, Freddy Silva has uncovered the spiritual truths buried in sacred texts concerning the true meaning of rebirth. Truths that were once held only for the initiated few are now being brought forth for all to experience the spiritual evolution of the soul.